Sometimes I don't believe labels...

For example a bottle of glue will say extra strong and be really watery and hardly stick. Well, for once the label was right. Super Tacky Glue is really super tacky. So much so, I can't get the darn glue off my fingers. I've scrubbed my hands and there is still a feeling of glue in my pores. It definitely dries clear (thankfully) but is actually hurting! It looks like nothing is there but I feel these tiny tugs when I stretch my fingers (feels like skidding if you fell down). The good thing is it's really going to work well on a current project I'm trying to finish.

Speaking of projects, I've been experimenting with polyurethane. I was writing to an artist a few weeks ago and she uses resin on her paintings. I thought this was esp. fantastic as it A. looks really cool B. looks like fun C. is equal to 10 layers of polyurethane. But since I don't have any extra cash at the moment and I've got a small can of the poly stuff, I decided to give it a try. I used it on my computer desk and I put some on a oil pastel painting I did (4 by 4 inches). I'm not sure if I like the results on the oil pastel because I used a much too heavy brush and ended up smearing some of the oil pastel. But I'll probably touch that up and up another layer. When it dried, it was perfect. I LOVE IT! I also used oil pastel on a wood horse cut out I did and covered this with polyurethane too. It left drip marks on the other side (meant to be viewed from both, I'm going to put some sequins on the drip marks and cover that side too...again using a smaller softer brush.

I also have some concrete ideas for some artwork I want to do involving some protest pieces. Since I'll be home tomorrow (thank the stars no doctors week is a different story), I'll be able to do some work.

We went to the library today. Got some good books, An Unquiet mind (recommendation from a friend), children's books, and even found School House Rocks video! That was pretty cool. Jon enjoyed that with the girls while I did some art stuff.

Today felt a bit blah as I had physical therapy for my arm and missed out on some quality time alone while the gals were at the once a week for two hours "daycare". I like it as it's right next door. I didn't get to do very much except the arm thing. My arm still hurts, however and I think it might be something that needs to be x-rayed. ugh.

I wish there was a local yoga class to take. Now that is something I'd like to do again. It stinks that the local YWCA closed down...even though it was on the other side of town, it was a community place to have events, etc. Very unfortunate. I'd start some sort of class like that but now, of course, there's no place for it. Very stinky, if you ask me.

Jon and I had a bit of a quarrel...same stuff most couples w/kids say...I work more than you do. Give me some time to get things done, etc, etc. I feel badly because I know we're both tired. It just irks me big time when he says I plunk the kids down in front of the TV and do my work (like it's a video game or something). So, I told him to sleep on the couch. Then I said sleep in the basement...nah, the coal bin (it's really dusty/dirty in there). After that, he realized what he said and he did apologize and said he was grumpy; and I know am I.

I'm supposed to get some stuff ready to mail but I'm tired already. I also want to caulk the bath tub and get that started/finished. Why is there only one of me?

But I'll be glad when we have a finished tub...I'm just talking nonsense and when I get sleepy I mumble and everything feels 100 times harder.

I've also decided to ignore the news. I know what is supposed to be done (and looks like Connecticut has the idea! Yeah, Lamont!),VOTE!

Peace to all and good night!


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