Unusual Bear: Top Knot

Beads with his top knot, originally uploaded by emily999.

About four years ago when I lived in S. California I used to visit the junk shops a lot. I happened into one and there was this odd bear doll. 20 inches long and made of brown cotton with a fake fur loin cloth, black scarf and interesting beads, I couldn't put it down. It was fascinating. The eyes are cloth covered buttons and the nose is a sweet little round snout. He's in fairly good shape and appears to be stuffed with polyester and cotton as this is what the tag reads. Also, from some company called "Inland Whale Toy Co." Made in Mexico.

I find this bear odd, beautiful and very unique. I'm puzzled by it's origin and wonder if there are any brothers and sisters out there. If not, I'm all right with that. Still, I like looking at the button eyes and pondering the cultural aspects and his handsome form.

Anyway, I call him Top knot as he sports a little bun-like bunch on the top of his head. If anyone knows anything about this fellow, I'd love to learn more. Thank you!


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