That's how I feel today...not in any crafty sort of sense but in a more literal way. I had a cyst removed on the back of my head. It's been there for 20 years (!). It was a long time coming and I finally had the bravery to get it taken off. I feel really good about this and a bit like Frankenstein! But not in a bad way...just the stitches.

I have to say, it was a bit of a messy ordeal but I got through it rather well. Jon came with me and I felt a lot better and not so scared. I figured now was the time to get it removed and not worry about it any more. I saw it and oddly, it looked like a small hearing aid. Very strange and plastic like. I'm glad it's over and what's more they didn't have to shave any hair and Jon was with me the whole time. Probably took about 15 minutes to take it out and here I was dreading this for 20 years. Amazing.

I know I'll feel pain once the numbing wears off but for now, I'm all right. They're going to test the cyst and hopefully, it will be fine. Now, I can feel "normal" going to a hair salon and not worry about my bump growing into something more.

I'm trying to take each day at a time as I seem to have so many doctors appointments lately. Mostly for physical therapy and blood work. But it's primarily preventative care.

I've got some new ideas for things I want to make and I'm feeling really good about this. But I need to finish some projects and get them out and about. Also, have to prep for the Sunday reading and get the music together for that. I feel good about it, actually. Esp. now that I've taken care of some over due business.

I made Mr. Nelson a sleeping pad's wool. So, he's avoiding it, of course. I'm also trying out new litter for my rats's corn cob litter. It smells rather good and I hope it works well since I bought two huge bags (it was cheap). My rats pulled up their newspaper shredding and made a nest on the upper level. Apparently, this is nesting behavior when they think they are pregnant. Believe me, they are not pregnant. Silly girls.

I feel a little's going to be Autumn already and Summer is starting to fade away. How quickly it went! Some leaves are already changing; shame on those early bloomers. I feel sad to think of how quickly time passes, racing along as it does. But in all that, it's a comfort to embrace all the here and now. There is still time to let your feet dangle in a stream and enjoy the wind in the trees. I hope everyone gets a moment to do this.

We may go for a weekend to some friends...I think that would be nice to do...get out and move around before the frosts visit us again.


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