Feeling the pain...

Well, the numbing wore off and Oh, baby, oh! The pain is quite surprising. I'll take that shot of numbing agents, please. If anyone knows me well, they know I hate shots but for this I would gladly be poked by a needle (ugh). Let's just say, it was a miserable night...I slept with an ice pack on the back of my head which is not easy, I tell you!

Well, it's Friday! Thankfully...but I'll be less stressed once all the reading and testing pass as well as my stitches healing a bit more. However, I did do some art stuff today. Polyurthaned some small art pieces, and put some fabric strips on this little end table (pics to come). Mostly puttered and moaned about my head aching.

Jon felt pitty for me and got me the new copy of Oprah...lots of positive inspiration...and very good business advice which I'm trying to glean from.

Finished "An Unquiet Mind"...very eye opening and confirms a lot of things. I actually feel like this helped solve a rather large puzzle in my life...

Art wise, I'm working on several new paintings...Halloween dreams and more! Trying to inspire my mom to do more dolls...she's been a bit down lately. But I hope she'll cheer up with the little package of fabric I'm sending her! Plus, we finally tracked down a long hunted for doll pattern!!!

My mom made this doll for me when I was about 10...the Raggedy Ann she made for Lydia...Norrie has one too.


I like those dolls!
nobody girl said…
happy FFMB anniversary! i thoroughly enjoy your artwork.

theremin, clogger
Barbara said…
Happy FFMB Anniversaty! Carol's got a party going!

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