Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bits and pieces of growing up

red sky in the morning

Well, my kids are off at a sleep over at their friends. When did this happen? That's what I keep thinking. How'd they grow up so dang fast? I know they still have a bit more to go (thankfully). Today, when they got their backpack ready and sleeping bags rolled into their under their arms, I thought, wow. I'm so glad they are my kiddos and so proud of them. Yeah, we have some tantrums and melt downs, but they are normal kids. They are curious, silly, a tad macabre at their parents, I guess. lol

out takes family

Sometimes they really surprise me. Once we went to a shop and a person was handing out flyers for store specials. I was like, Thank you. We all passed by and then Lydia whisphered, I gave her a crazy ugly face. hehehe And I was like, "What?" I was rather surprised by her being so contrarian (like her grandpa) and had to laugh.

Speaking of which, I talked to my dad and told him he likes to argue. He was like, No, I don't. I never argue! I said, you're arguing right now and started laughing. It was nice and he started to laugh too. :)

Jon is finishing up the tree house. It's looking good. We're going to put a swing on the bottom and a tarp on the top. It should be pretty awesom. The gals wanted to sleep out in the tent up there. They actually did but about midnight we got scared, woke them up and had them go inside. lol I'm a chicken. Plus, poor Norrie was covered in bug bites. She attracts them like a magnet. Takes after my mom and hubby. Geesh...they look like welts. I'm glad they got to try this out...if it was me as a kid, I'd have stayed up half the night and wanted to go inside as soon as I heard a noise.

out take kids

I'm so nervous about my painting at SAMA. I'm so honored to be in the juried show. It would be icing on the cake if I got some prize and even more so, if it sold. Still, I'm just glad it was accepted.

There is another show coming up in Bedford. I'm planning on making a large wood carving and maybe, hopefully, a large mixed media collage. I need to get busy on this as well. I'm so glad to be doing more art work and getting my work shown. :)

Also, my blog called "The Art Cafe" at the Altoona Mirror, is doing well. I put out a call that I'm looking for local artists (and any artist, really) to share their work. I got about 8 responses and 3 people have filled out the questionaire & submitted photos. It's a great way to share work and get some much needed attention to local artists in the area.

I guess I was a little down because we postphoned the Art Sale I had planned today. Gives me more time to make new things and finish other pieces. Still, it's nice to get your work out there and sell art directly to people. :) Honestly, it's tempting me to do something sort of radical in the way of exhibiting my work. It would require some cost in making a mini-gallery. It's sort of a dream of mine. We shall see. ;)

Ma and Pa Gottshall

Ride Across the Sky

Ride Across the Sky by Emilyannamarie
Ride Across the Sky, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

in my Etsy shop now

queen anne's lace

queen anne's lace by Emilyannamarie
queen anne's lace, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

flower sniffing

sniff the flower by Emilyannamarie
sniff the flower, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cloud watching~

I was stressing earlier...have to turn in my collage/mixed media art today, finish up the church newsletter, get chores done, tend to the needs of the kiddos, organize my art stuff and wanting to do some art. Then, on top of that, I found out that the district will not be supplying a bus to the school because we are going to one that was offered out of our district. They, the principal, is trying to coerce parents into sending kids to their school by not allowing us use of the bus (which we had all of last year and the year before). I'm sorry but I will not uproot my child to fit into their district lines and because now, the school does meet state standards. They were the ones who offered a different school because they got very low scores in the first place. Emotionally, this would be disruptive to my kids who have made friends, know the routine, etc. I just find this annoying and honestly, petty to blame the parents for the districts failure in the first place.

So, I'll be driving them the extra 10 minutes to school. lol I will have to do more kid pick up but I plan on volunteering at the school anyway, so not a problem. :)

Yesterday, I went to the ENT and found out I definitely have migraines. I just thought it was harsh headaches. I'm glad to get this taken care of. I would like to get another opinion on some of the other issues, so I'm going to try look around. I think it's very important to get several opinions before making a decision...especially about your health.

This post is called cloud watching because after I read the letter from the district, I started feeling really bad. Like I was doing something wrong as a parent and was being punished. This is, obviously, crazy thinking and I needed to get my head on straight. The perfect solution is to stare at the sky; which I did...and do feel much better.

On a side note, it's interesting to see how kids try to resolve conflicts...or don't. You can see how things start to fester and next, explode. Just like us grown-ups. I was watching the kiddos right now, and my younger daughter's friend brought over a video game. Instead of sharing, the two younger kids basically hogged it the whole time and made the older one sad. So, I had to have her tell them what she felt and to ask to play. Isn't that true of grown-ups? We forget people's feelings at time, and need to stand up and say how we feel so other's will be more sensitive or at the very least patient. I think it's snack helps at all age levels. ;)

Speaking of feelings/ideas, at least I can try and talk to my school about bus services and if we really won't have access to them or not. I'm annoyed at the tone of the principal at the low scoring school...previously low scoring, I guess. One of the joys of parenthood. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in the afternoon and other stuff

We're fine, first of all. Seems like everything is fine house wise. It was a surprise and annoying reminder that the world is full of chaos and stuff can happen in a heart beat.

My first instinct was to run for the door frames and get the kids to safety. One was in the bathroom...she heard the windows creaking and the other two were on the couch. The dogs went balistic as I shouted for everyone to get to safety. I probably scared everyone more then they would/should have been.

If this is the only earthquake we have in a while, then, I'll be much happier. I like think of this one as a stress reliever. That is what these tremors mean. My MIL felt one a few days ago...probably mini-earthquakes leading up to this big one. That happened around 4am in the morning. Thankfully and hopefully, this will be the last of it for awhile.

The kids got a little emotional for some reason. The eldest wanted exciting things to do...basically, she was bored and annoyed. You'd think having an earthquake would be enough excitement...geesh! Anyway, I had the idea of painting/decorating their treehouse. That worked! :) So, they are covered in paint and happy as clams. :)

I had all these ideas of cleaning up but ended up bringing them supplies, paint, blankets, stuff to decorate, cookies, water bottle/cups and things that are much needed for a treehouse retreat. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

my little pony

my pony a video by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

my little ones...wish I could shrink them back down to this age. I see why some people have big families! Such sweet moments

Sunday, August 21, 2011


harmonica a video by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Art yard sales and feeling so, so

We had our 2nd Annual Art Yard Sale and it went great! We sold some work, made some contacts and got a lot of positive feedback. Always a good thing.

The down part was moving all that art around got my headcold active again and I have an ear infection. yuck/painful. Last night was horrible as I felt like someone was drilling in my head and no amount of motrin helped. HORRIBLE. I'll try nasal cleansing in a bit but it feels like everything is just bothering me. I see antibiotecs in my future. The good thing is I haven't been on them in a year! I'm so pleased by not having to have them in a very long time.

Here are some pics of the Art Yard Sale:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2nd Annual Art Yard Sale

2nd Annual Art Yard Sale

Art Yard Sale is on!

Yes, no rain!

Art Yard Sale is On! :) Made our first sale! A Sheep painting, lots of paintings still available...prices range from small art $5 to extra large $40, to XXL Art$100. Come on by, 900 block of Altoona. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


(I did the above collage, a few years ago...thought I'd share it)
Every weekend seems like a rainy forcast. I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring. Today was a pretty good storm...hail, rain, thunder and all that good stuff inbetween. I feel sort like someone decided to sit on my wrists and ankles...the humidity was pretty intense. Thankfully, everyone was ready to nap and take it easy afterwards.

Honestly, I did some baking and I could be wrong, but the air was dryer in the house during this time...I wonder if this helped me with the barametric pressure. I did have the air conditioner on too, I know this helped. However, 4 hrs later, I did need a nap.

We've been watching a few movies...we saw True Grit a few days ago. Great movie...really went by the book and has a very strong sense of style. I loved the photograhy and the use of shadows. The dialog was excellent and it felt like it was a good glimpse of the times.

Also saw a children's film w/ the kids called "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase". The kids complained it was boring for the first 2 minutes and then got into the movie quickly. I was surprised to see a girl in the 1800's sporting a rifle but it's explained in the movie...lots of good strong female youths and overall very intersting and insightful. Reminds me of classic fairytale stories but with a modern twist. Highly recommend for families.

I'm feeling discouraged about the weather for tomorrow but maybe it won't be rainy. Maybe it will be nice...maybe. It's late and I know I'm just going to go on and on about feeling annoyed so, I'll just share a picture instead.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rice porridge sort of day

Jon went to work. I gave him a big soup container of rice porridge (Chinese/Vietnamese meal). I used a similar one to the link above. Basically, I soak rice in extra water w/chicken bullion cubes. Add ginger and cilantro and if you have them, fresh limes. My recipe is very simple and hearty for when you have a cold. It's easy to make (when you're sick, you don't want to do a lot of cooking) and the smells starts to work on your sinus almost immediately. Gotta love that ginger!

We also have 7-up; this makes me especially happy. My parents would always give us some 7-up or lemon type soda, watered down with ice cubes, as kids. I loved that.

I'm so glad today is sunny and warm. Just the right temperature forcing you from that down feeling you get when ill. Thank goodness.

Folgers in your cup

For some reason, this song nearly always makes me feel better. This is especially true when I feel sick. I guess it just hits those feelings of wanting to get going/get over this cold. lol

I did a little wii workout and honestly, it made me feel like my old self. I'm still coughing and feel muscle weak (I guess that's normal w/ colds) but doing something physical really challenges you to get out of your blah state.

I have Rachel Ray playing right now. Something about pesto...seems like a good thing. I need to make some rice chicken soup. Nothing fancy...boiled rice, extra water, 2-3 bullion cubes (chicken) and some spices. If I had ginger, that would really be good.

Poor Jon is feeling yucky. That's about what I went through...the first few days grumpy/icky tummy feelings, start to feel tired/cough and then full blown cold/tired feelings for about 3 days. First signs of feeling better, desire to clean and starting to feel you need to do something.

It feels weird having the TV on and being a "grown-up" show. Harry is still sleeping. He's got the cold too. Poor baby. The girls are starting to perk up and I hope this clears up potential school colds...toughens them/all of us, up.

The good thing about resting is, I found an old magazine about Halloween art and got inspired. I felt like, oh, yeah! I love to create things...let me try this process. It was a good feeling, reminding me of techniques I haven't done in a while and I felt encouraged to try them. So, it was worth resting and getting better. :)

I also called my best friend and we finally connected. Talked for an hour...was great to touch base and make plans.

I still feel like my brain is on slow motion...but otherwise, catching up. Think we'll take the doggies for a walk (haven't done that in about 5 days...that's just sad).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why can't I just doze off?

I tried to nap and ended up cleaning the dust bunnies (and there were a lot) under our bed. Geesh. I also had to use some absorbing junior on my fingers/ankles and toe pads. I guess there is a storm blowing in from the south.

I'd like to do some baking but my energy is low and I end up feeling frustrated and tired. Jon is home sick too and everyone's energy is sluggish. Well, except for Norrie who is getting over her cold quickly (she had it first).

The above is a sign I carved and it's on Etsy. I think it came out rather well. :) I have more I'll be putting up more later. I wanted to do some new artwork but again, feel exhausted. I know I'd feel better after a nap.

I think I feel more aches and pains because I didn't take makes a huge difference. If I feel better later on, I'll do some new ACEO's and post some sale items on eBay and Etsy. Wish me luck. :)

Still sick/nightmares/Politics

I don't know about other people, but when I get sick, I have the worse nightmares. They really are awful and keep me up most of the night (also, feeling like you're drowning because of nasal drips, doesn't help). I propped my pillows up and have been sleeping upright. It's hard on my neck and back but at least I can breath. I feel awful right now.

The nightmares were just what that. I don't even want to go into detail...frightening. The only thing I will say is it looked like it was filmed in London or Scotland. The ground seemed so cold and blue as if I was watching a BBC movie. I know it had to do with certain news related events and it must have really bothered me. I talked to Jon about it and felt a little better...the basic part of it is, it bothers me that there are people who hurt those who are weaker.

There feels like so much politics and else were. When I think of all the finger pointing and how people are scattered and confused, it saddens me. There is nothing confusing if the answer is stop fighting and help one another. If there is constant nitpicking...why are people doing this? Is it fear? Blame? Is it because the truth is everyone needs to help and not just a few?

I keep thinking of past presidents and how they called out to people of the time to help. How it was an honor to be an American citizen and what a power it is to vote. It makes me sad that we forget this...we are distracted by so much...we forget what is important.

I will always side with the people who remember fairness. I will side with those who fight for those who are weaker and need help.

I didn't intend for this post to get emotional or about voting...I guess I needed to express my thoughts. I'm grateful for so much. But I know a lot of what I have was hard earned by our great grandparents, by people who were willing to fight for rights and supported the person who wanted fairness.

Monday, August 15, 2011

3 wks till school!

I'm getting the school bug and so are the kids. :) I think we're going to have a great year and get a lot of things done. I was looking at the school calendar and it seems like time really goes fast in the next few months. When you think about it, only 4 months till Christmas! Time does move quickly...makes you want to pack a lot of things into the day. Well, not too much!

Physically, I've got a cold. I'm annoyed as I have an ENT appointment tomorrow and am debating rescheduling as I want a good test of what my hearing is like at this point. I'll call them and see what they think.

I'm also going to try and everything organized for starting school again and do on-line classes. I can handle this. I got a Praxis book to study and it reminds me of the Cbest in California. Not too different, actually. I wish I could just take the test and not worry about classes, etc.

I'm also getting ready to bring my artwork to the drop off next week. I'm nervous but excited too...I guess all artists feel this way. :)

I really wish I felt 100% better as I keep getting these small waves of energy and then, just sort of collapse again. Yesterday, I slept so much from this cold. I want to do a work out but don't want to wear my self out too.

So much to do and the dogs are being so annoying as they have been cooped up in the house from the rain. They get annoyed with each other, thankfully, and not with me.

All this rain makes it harder to feel like doing much as well...just so gloomy. You just want to watch TV or nap. Geesh. I hate that feeling.

I'm used to doing a few things at once and here I feel like doing 1 thing and going to bed. bleh...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

feeling sick

I thought it was the eye drops from getting my eyes dialated at the doctors yesterday. I felt really tired and worn out. After a 2 hr nap, I was grumpy and we got ready for our friend to come over. It actually went much better once we were eating and relaxing. After she left, I felt tired but happy. The kids all have runny noses and I could tell were not their usual selves. Harrison was doing all right but today is coughing and has more of a runny nose.

Well, last night I woke up and my eyes were bloodshot and I felt miserable. I kept dreaming I was eating sand paper and wanted to get it out. It was awful. I woke up to head pounding, dizzy/ear pain and the worst sounding thunder storm I've heard in some time. It sounded like guns shots right outside the window. I wanted to cry and was really scared. I've never had the feeling before from a thunder storm. I was worried about the kids and had Jon go and check on them...they were all fine and happy. It figures I'd be the only one to feel upset. sigh

Right now, I feel so tired...I had some soup and toast as well as coffee but I just want to go back to sleep. There's a baseball game later today and I just want everyone to stay home and take care of me. I know, selfish. However, if it rains, they'll have to stay home. :) Yes, I'm evil.

I'd like to do some artwork but I feel so yucky. It's frustrating. Hope everyone else is having a better Sunday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What is an ACEO?

Recently, I was asked this question and I thought I'd answer it. The acronym means, Art Card Edition and Original. ACEO's can be original artworks or work that has been printed into several editions. The size is 2.5 by 3.5 inches and can fit in a baseball collection sleeve. They were originally meant for artists (known as ATC's) to trade to one another as a way of sharing their work and as a form of business card. It later changed from this into one where people, regardless of being an artist or not, wanted to trade, make or collect them.

The interesting thing about ACEO's is they are not a new idea. They stem from the miniature art form of uniquely small works and highly coveted by collectors. There are no rules for the Miniature art piece, hence, they can be small sculptures, etc.

With the ACEO's the only rule is the piece needs to be 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Some artists try to find ways of going around this or creating new levels with their work. It's always interesting to see what people come up with and I highly recommend start creating a collection...or exploring the art form for one's self. It's a lot of fun and very interesting to see the variety of art.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeling a bit down

but trying to keep my spirits up. When I feel sad/angry/upset, I clean and get stuff done. I can't really do too much art stuff and feel like I have to move around. Exercising helps. I didn't do too much of this as the stupid Wii is low on batteries. I'll probably do some yoga now that dinner is cooking.

It's almost a relief that Odie is gone. Mainly, because he was suffering. I didn't realize that cockatiels go into an anorexic state in the last hours. This explains when my much older cockatiels passed away about 14 yrs ago. I didn't realize they hide all illness signs and do this "macho-like" attitude to ward off predators. Hence, it being too late for the vet. :(

The good thing is it's Friday. The weird thing about all of this is I had a dream this morning about cockatiels. I dreamt they there were wild cockatiels flying all over and we were trying to catch them. But we saw they were so happy, we didn't bother them.


Odie by Emilyannamarie
Odie, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

creative fun...

creative fun... by Emilyannamarie
creative fun..., a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

needing to think of something positive. Our poor Odie bird passed away last night. He was about 17 yrs old. I miss him. He was a bit of a fighter and liked to nip, but he also liked to whistle a tune and was fun to be around with. He survived many a run in with dogs, cats and kids. He was a good, brave bird.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slide Show and new Guinea pig Stamps!

I've created a slide show from Flickr (oh, how I do love you, Flickr!). It was very easy and fast. Also, I have some great GUINEA PIG STAMPS are BACK! I'm opening a new shop in Zazzle and was approved for Guinea pig Stamps!! Here's the link!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These days are going waaayy too fast

Tomorrow is Thursday...then, the weekend. We start school in September this year. I still can't believe it's around the corner. The kids are anxious and ready to go and I'm like, "hey, now...let's slow down here a bit and go back to July and do some daydreaming". I feel like I was shorted a whole month because of the stinkin heat waves! Dang it. I want to go to canoe creek and splash around in the water, do a picnic and not worry about getting up at the crack of dawn and lugging the house into order. UGH! I don't even want to write that down...but it's there.

And now, I've got our bird to worry about. The good thing is, he's drinking water and I hope is nibbling food. I feel like the day went haywire and now, I can breath.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm hoping Odie is better and I hope I get more artwork finished up and put on Etsy.

Anyway, it's late and I've gotta get some sleep. Have a good evening...oh, one last thing. I saw a news article about the possibility of a new cancer treatment where the cancer is attacked by these cancer eating cells. If it's true, and I hope to God it is, this would be a miracle. Praying it is and leaving you all with this good thought in mind. :)

My little animal planet

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious. I trimmed our cockatiels beak yesterday. Nothing went wrong, he was fine and seemed cheerful. Well, this morning was a different story. He was at the bottom of his cage, covered in dried blood and looked like he was attacked by an animal. I was really upset. I think what happened was he started to grind his beak and it opened up a vein and he freaked out. Poor guy! I think he'll be fine...I cleaned him up, put cornstarch on the beak (stops bleeding) and have him in a smaller cage so he won't fall until his beak is healed. I held him for a half hour to warm him up as I worried the temps fell last night and he was on the back porch. So, I think he'll be fine. Just need to watch him keep him cozy.

I feel sort of like someone punched me when you've done a good job and something bad happens you weren't expecting. It's an awful feeling...esp. when it involves a little critter. The good thing is he's stable, warm and resting. Just hope he feels up to eating but I guess that will come once his beak feels better. I'm guessing in an hour or two. For some reason, I'm always so timid when it comes to cockatiels...I guess they are so small compared to dogs/cats and guinea pigs; I worry about hurting them. Plus, getting nipped by his beak wasn't a good thing either. I feel I've overcome this fear a bit just in the last 2 hrs.

Then, while I was writing an email out to my hubby, the kids watched some Animal Planet. Well, they had a segment on some survival type thing and a dog was used as food. My eldest left the room before this happened but my middle child watched it and I said turn that off right now! The damage was done, tears fell, comforting had to happen and explanations of how some cultures do this, how we eat pigs and cows, etc. etc. It was not easy. We then gave our dogs some attention and treats. This helped and she played outside to wash that ugly side of nature away. We even said a prayer for the dog to go to dog heaven and be reborn safely. Plus, I said it was my fault for not checking what was on, I know that Animal Planet is not just about cute critters...a little too realistic for our tastes. lol sigh

I need to get ready for the rest of the day. I had an awful night last night...thought I had a stomach flu or something and a headache. Was starting to feel better but all of this bird stuff has made me feel upset again. A shower will help. The good thing is the weather is finally normal and we can enjoy outside w/out breathing problems.

One thing I realized as I worked with Odie is how I remember my dad treating his pigeons and being patient and tender with them. It helped me to not get nervous and be calm to help Odie. Thanks, Dad! :)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Making a Hula Hoop Rug

I ran out of tee-shirts. I'm hunting for some in my studio and storage boxes in the basement. So, now, I'm including sweatshirts and sweatpants...oddly, I saved quite a few worn pairs down there. Maybe I was thinking of layering for winter?? Anyway, They've been getting the strip treatment and I've been adding it to the rug. It does make it much heavier and I have to weave it lying flat or it bunches up too much. This is a very comfortable rug and is being tested right now by Mr. Nelson (our dog). I may have to make a couple of these.

This is the link I'm using. I have serious doubts a kid could make it so nicely...maybe I'm cutting the shirts too wide? Either way, it's annoying to see such perfection but that's a magazine for you. lol

Anyway, I'm tired out. I did a work out, made dinner (Cheese fondue and rice salad) and took care of the kids. I felt like a chef/dishwasher all day. I'm just glad I got stuff done and made everyone mostly happy. I didn't go outside at all as it felt humid and I didn't want to deal with that.

I'm very glad I talked to my parents yesterday. I feel recharged about a lot of things and have different strategies to help them.

Some great news with my brother and his girlfriend. But I'm not allowed to say anything...yet. :)

Otherwise, a pretty nice Monday with home puttering and the kids. It was nice staying home yesterday as well. I got a lot of chores done with the kids at art camp (for a few hours in the evening). We're going to miss it when it's done.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start listing a few new things on Etsy. I feel like I have some plans and I want to get them going art wise. Anywho, that will be done tomorrow as I'm ready to sleep. Plus, my wrists hurt from all this weaving, I think. lol

Saturday, August 06, 2011


Blessings by Emilyannamarie
Blessings, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Lady bugs, hope and happiness signs

cat, vegetable garden and chicken

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving by Emilyannamarie
Pumpkin Carving, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Abstract painting, "Rain"

Late afternoon sunshine

But this morning, it was a different story. It was like a huge cloud decided to sit on top of our little side of the hill and rain cats, dogs and the whole Noah's ark! Oh. We set up on the porch, had about 10 visitors and then packed up. The good thing is we gave it a good try and know what we need to do next time.

It didn't help that I got up at 5 am...took a two hour nap. Feel much better. All this pressure wasn't good for my sinus, either. I'm excited to start sharing, so I'll go and download some pics.

Up at 5am on a Saturday morn

I worried about all the rain that was supposed to happen...and it did. We had our Art Sale on the porch for about 2.5 hours. Just too damp and I was exhausted prepping, etc. I got anxious and yelled and once we got things out, I was like phew! But it was a steady rain and this kept people at bay...and boy, it was so humid.

I'm glad we did it. It was good to see what I need to get done, I photographed all the work and Jon pulled out all my large paintings (some weren't quite finished! ah! That's all right. Next time, I'll cover what I don't want out with a sheet so he won't grab stuff off the

I also want to experiment with different ways of hanging my work/displaying. I usually use hook system w/wire for the back. I'm thinking maybe I could drill through the piece and use curled wire in the front. I'll see what happens.

Also, I got a trip down memory lane...found a lot of work I forgot I had and will start to add it to Etsy. Glad I have other options to doing Art Sales that are quite so out in the elements. sigh

Well, I'm ready for a nap. For some reason, I feel like doing some chicken art. Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Working out and feeling it

I feel sore and slightly stiff. I did a longer work out then, we went for a long walk in this humidity. It really helped get the kids tuckered out. The only problem was I forgot dog bags for the "clean up". Mr. Nelson (our bichon) was good but Penny did it twice. The second time was worse as she some how did it on her leash and it was not pretty. It stressed me out because there was a family watching as they unloaded their car. I am ashamed to say, I swatted Penny. I hope I didn't look like a crazy person. Probably. Sigh.

The good thing is Harrison took a nice long nap, I got a bunch of things done (not finished and I feel really tired)for the Art Yard Sale. Unfortunately, the weather might not cooperate and I'll have to have it on the front porch. If it's really down pouring I'll postpone till August 20th. I hope the weather is nice, I really, really do! Either way, I'll be putting work up on my Etsy shop and some at the local Art Gallery.

My wrists are aching which is a sign a storm might be on the way. :( Darn. I'll keep painting, I won't give stop till later tonight. I'll probably do some photographing as well. I'm been trying to finish these sweet angel sculptures I started some time ago. I have other wood things I need to saw out but my jigsaw is acting up (I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to put the blades back in! It used to be second nature and now, I'm like, "?" Maybe it was the heat from last week).

Speaking of heat, we had to cancel this family reunion we planned on going to in State College because of the heat. Then, the following week, I got out of sorts from the weather and didn't make it to the Baker Mansion Civil war event (which I'm still annoyed at not attending...I wanted to meet some people who were going to give a lecture on some very interesting, I missed the Civil War Church service! :( So, I'm annoyed at me). Oh, well. There will be other, I hope,events.

So, I'm trying this low calorie thing. I just want to see if I can do it. The problem is once I hit about 3pm or so I just want to nosh and zone out. It's annoying. I've been asking around for low calorie snacks. Facebook friends are really coming up with some good ones...Black Bean Brownies and the frozen chocolate graham crackers/fat free whipped cream. Yum! These might just be what I need.

My reason to lose some weight is I don't want to get diabetes (I've got the dreaded apple shape) and I just want to fit in my clothing better. I want to be healthier for my family and also not to feel so self conscious about my size (being 6 feet tall is not something I can change but my weight, I can). I'm pleased to say I have done 2 days of food journaling.

mom and me

mom and me by Emilyannamarie
mom and me, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

I can't remember if I posted this one or not. Well here it is again. :)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

bridge at the park

bridge by Emilyannamarie
bridge, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

run, run as fast as you can

The gang

The gang by Emilyannamarie
The gang, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

sheep under the stars

sheep under the stars by Emilyannamarie
sheep under the stars, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

size 24 by 48 inches. Just need to paint the border and detail. :)

Primitives and Seed pods

I've been getting into the whole primitive feel/look lately and have been looking for inspiration. I found some recently when I was looking at the Homespun Peddler . They have a great resource for people who like the folk feel and that grunge look. Plus, the articles in the Seed Pod newsletter have a lot of good information for the general crafter as well. I've been gathering info for trying "new" traditional techniques in crafting. It's going to be a lot of fun. :)

Yesterday, I painted/touched up 6 paintings...24 by 48 inches. I need to fine tune a few things but I'm very pleased with my progress. Ideally, I'd like to have at least 8 new paintings to show on Saturday. I'll have quite a few wood carvings as well. It should be interesting in how people respond. The only problem is the weather. So far, it looks like it's going to be a rainy day. I'm very nervous about this as I worry I won't have enough covered space on the front porch should it be rainy or if it's too wet, the grass will be a problem. Last year, we kept slipping down the hill and some of my work was didn't fair well. I'm already planning on 2 more Saturdays for the Art Yard Sale...August 20th and 27th from 9 to noon. I like spreading them out just in case, some people can't make a Saturday for some reason. Also, it gives me a little more time to create a few extra paintings.

Lately, I've been exercising and it's been a real hurdle. I don't know if my form isn't correct but about 4 hours after I work out, my back starts to ache. Sort of in the middle to lower back. I've been doing more yoga, I wonder if I over stretch? I also do an 8 pound weight for my triceps curls. I'm starting to think a trainer might be a good idea to spot me and see what I'm doing wrong.

While painting, I watched this show called "Heavy". It's about overly plus sized people working out in a 4 month period of time. It was very inspirational in showing how emotionally challenging as well as physically challenging it is to get into shape. A lot of people think it's just a matter of doing it but there are a lot of reasons people might be overweight. I was impressed by how support and positive attitude thought creates motivation for change. It made me feel better about what I'm doing and helped me see what I'm doing wrong too. I've decided to start a food journal to take charge of what I'm eating and be aware of this. This is probably where I'm weakest...forgetting to eat snacks and then over indulging. So, I'm going to do this and see if it helps. I like how the show is a 4 month account and focus's on the fact that it takes years to get fit. It's not an over night cheap trick. It really made me feel a lot better about my progress and how to keep going and not give up.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My stars

but this weather is making my toes ache! It feels like I keep hitting my toes against a wall...that sharp ache. How annoying. It's raining and gray and I do so love it when the weather rainy in the summer...even if I'm achy. It does hamper my varnishing ability and photo taking. I was planning to do this...although, I could finish more work and have a nice big selection of artwork to photo tomorrow.

I looked at the forecast for Saturday and it's stormy all day. We are planning our big Art Yard Sale but might have to move it to the porch. No problem. I just hope it's mostly stormy in the afternoon. The Art Yard Sale is from 9 am to noon and if you are interested drop me an email and I'll send directions. All work not sold will be posted on my Etsy shop as well. :)

Well, I wanted to write longer but I hear a certain howler monkey upstairs (who over slept) and needs to get cleaned up/fed and played with. Have a great day! :)


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