(I did the above collage, a few years ago...thought I'd share it)
Every weekend seems like a rainy forcast. I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring. Today was a pretty good storm...hail, rain, thunder and all that good stuff inbetween. I feel sort like someone decided to sit on my wrists and ankles...the humidity was pretty intense. Thankfully, everyone was ready to nap and take it easy afterwards.

Honestly, I did some baking and I could be wrong, but the air was dryer in the house during this time...I wonder if this helped me with the barametric pressure. I did have the air conditioner on too, I know this helped. However, 4 hrs later, I did need a nap.

We've been watching a few movies...we saw True Grit a few days ago. Great movie...really went by the book and has a very strong sense of style. I loved the photograhy and the use of shadows. The dialog was excellent and it felt like it was a good glimpse of the times.

Also saw a children's film w/ the kids called "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase". The kids complained it was boring for the first 2 minutes and then got into the movie quickly. I was surprised to see a girl in the 1800's sporting a rifle but it's explained in the movie...lots of good strong female youths and overall very intersting and insightful. Reminds me of classic fairytale stories but with a modern twist. Highly recommend for families.

I'm feeling discouraged about the weather for tomorrow but maybe it won't be rainy. Maybe it will be nice...maybe. It's late and I know I'm just going to go on and on about feeling annoyed so, I'll just share a picture instead.


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