why can't I just doze off?

I tried to nap and ended up cleaning the dust bunnies (and there were a lot) under our bed. Geesh. I also had to use some absorbing junior on my fingers/ankles and toe pads. I guess there is a storm blowing in from the south.

I'd like to do some baking but my energy is low and I end up feeling frustrated and tired. Jon is home sick too and everyone's energy is sluggish. Well, except for Norrie who is getting over her cold quickly (she had it first).

The above is a sign I carved and it's on Etsy. I think it came out rather well. :) I have more I'll be putting up more later. I wanted to do some new artwork but again, feel exhausted. I know I'd feel better after a nap.

I think I feel more aches and pains because I didn't take dayquil...it makes a huge difference. If I feel better later on, I'll do some new ACEO's and post some sale items on eBay and Etsy. Wish me luck. :)


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