feeling sick

I thought it was the eye drops from getting my eyes dialated at the doctors yesterday. I felt really tired and worn out. After a 2 hr nap, I was grumpy and we got ready for our friend to come over. It actually went much better once we were eating and relaxing. After she left, I felt tired but happy. The kids all have runny noses and I could tell were not their usual selves. Harrison was doing all right but today is coughing and has more of a runny nose.

Well, last night I woke up and my eyes were bloodshot and I felt miserable. I kept dreaming I was eating sand paper and wanted to get it out. It was awful. I woke up to head pounding, dizzy/ear pain and the worst sounding thunder storm I've heard in some time. It sounded like guns shots right outside the window. I wanted to cry and was really scared. I've never had the feeling before from a thunder storm. I was worried about the kids and had Jon go and check on them...they were all fine and happy. It figures I'd be the only one to feel upset. sigh

Right now, I feel so tired...I had some soup and toast as well as coffee but I just want to go back to sleep. There's a baseball game later today and I just want everyone to stay home and take care of me. I know, selfish. However, if it rains, they'll have to stay home. :) Yes, I'm evil.

I'd like to do some artwork but I feel so yucky. It's frustrating. Hope everyone else is having a better Sunday.


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