My little animal planet

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious. I trimmed our cockatiels beak yesterday. Nothing went wrong, he was fine and seemed cheerful. Well, this morning was a different story. He was at the bottom of his cage, covered in dried blood and looked like he was attacked by an animal. I was really upset. I think what happened was he started to grind his beak and it opened up a vein and he freaked out. Poor guy! I think he'll be fine...I cleaned him up, put cornstarch on the beak (stops bleeding) and have him in a smaller cage so he won't fall until his beak is healed. I held him for a half hour to warm him up as I worried the temps fell last night and he was on the back porch. So, I think he'll be fine. Just need to watch him keep him cozy.

I feel sort of like someone punched me when you've done a good job and something bad happens you weren't expecting. It's an awful feeling...esp. when it involves a little critter. The good thing is he's stable, warm and resting. Just hope he feels up to eating but I guess that will come once his beak feels better. I'm guessing in an hour or two. For some reason, I'm always so timid when it comes to cockatiels...I guess they are so small compared to dogs/cats and guinea pigs; I worry about hurting them. Plus, getting nipped by his beak wasn't a good thing either. I feel I've overcome this fear a bit just in the last 2 hrs.

Then, while I was writing an email out to my hubby, the kids watched some Animal Planet. Well, they had a segment on some survival type thing and a dog was used as food. My eldest left the room before this happened but my middle child watched it and I said turn that off right now! The damage was done, tears fell, comforting had to happen and explanations of how some cultures do this, how we eat pigs and cows, etc. etc. It was not easy. We then gave our dogs some attention and treats. This helped and she played outside to wash that ugly side of nature away. We even said a prayer for the dog to go to dog heaven and be reborn safely. Plus, I said it was my fault for not checking what was on, I know that Animal Planet is not just about cute critters...a little too realistic for our tastes. lol sigh

I need to get ready for the rest of the day. I had an awful night last night...thought I had a stomach flu or something and a headache. Was starting to feel better but all of this bird stuff has made me feel upset again. A shower will help. The good thing is the weather is finally normal and we can enjoy outside w/out breathing problems.

One thing I realized as I worked with Odie is how I remember my dad treating his pigeons and being patient and tender with them. It helped me to not get nervous and be calm to help Odie. Thanks, Dad! :)


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