Up at 5am on a Saturday morn

I worried about all the rain that was supposed to happen...and it did. We had our Art Sale on the porch for about 2.5 hours. Just too damp and I was exhausted prepping, etc. I got anxious and yelled and once we got things out, I was like phew! But it was a steady rain and this kept people at bay...and boy, it was so humid.

I'm glad we did it. It was good to see what I need to get done, I photographed all the work and Jon pulled out all my large paintings (some weren't quite finished! ah! That's all right. Next time, I'll cover what I don't want out with a sheet so he won't grab stuff off the easel.lol).

I also want to experiment with different ways of hanging my work/displaying. I usually use hook system w/wire for the back. I'm thinking maybe I could drill through the piece and use curled wire in the front. I'll see what happens.

Also, I got a trip down memory lane...found a lot of work I forgot I had and will start to add it to Etsy. Glad I have other options to doing Art Sales that are quite so out in the elements. sigh

Well, I'm ready for a nap. For some reason, I feel like doing some chicken art. Have a great weekend!


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