Feeling a bit down

but trying to keep my spirits up. When I feel sad/angry/upset, I clean and get stuff done. I can't really do too much art stuff and feel like I have to move around. Exercising helps. I didn't do too much of this as the stupid Wii is low on batteries. I'll probably do some yoga now that dinner is cooking.

It's almost a relief that Odie is gone. Mainly, because he was suffering. I didn't realize that cockatiels go into an anorexic state in the last hours. This explains when my much older cockatiels passed away about 14 yrs ago. I didn't realize they hide all illness signs and do this "macho-like" attitude to ward off predators. Hence, it being too late for the vet. :(

The good thing is it's Friday. The weird thing about all of this is I had a dream this morning about cockatiels. I dreamt they there were wild cockatiels flying all over and we were trying to catch them. But we saw they were so happy, we didn't bother them.


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