Folgers in your cup

For some reason, this song nearly always makes me feel better. This is especially true when I feel sick. I guess it just hits those feelings of wanting to get going/get over this cold. lol

I did a little wii workout and honestly, it made me feel like my old self. I'm still coughing and feel muscle weak (I guess that's normal w/ colds) but doing something physical really challenges you to get out of your blah state.

I have Rachel Ray playing right now. Something about pesto...seems like a good thing. I need to make some rice chicken soup. Nothing fancy...boiled rice, extra water, 2-3 bullion cubes (chicken) and some spices. If I had ginger, that would really be good.

Poor Jon is feeling yucky. That's about what I went through...the first few days grumpy/icky tummy feelings, start to feel tired/cough and then full blown cold/tired feelings for about 3 days. First signs of feeling better, desire to clean and starting to feel you need to do something.

It feels weird having the TV on and being a "grown-up" show. Harry is still sleeping. He's got the cold too. Poor baby. The girls are starting to perk up and I hope this clears up potential school colds...toughens them/all of us, up.

The good thing about resting is, I found an old magazine about Halloween art and got inspired. I felt like, oh, yeah! I love to create things...let me try this process. It was a good feeling, reminding me of techniques I haven't done in a while and I felt encouraged to try them. So, it was worth resting and getting better. :)

I also called my best friend and we finally connected. Talked for an hour...was great to touch base and make plans.

I still feel like my brain is on slow motion...but otherwise, catching up. Think we'll take the doggies for a walk (haven't done that in about 5 days...that's just sad).


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