Still sick/nightmares/Politics

I don't know about other people, but when I get sick, I have the worse nightmares. They really are awful and keep me up most of the night (also, feeling like you're drowning because of nasal drips, doesn't help). I propped my pillows up and have been sleeping upright. It's hard on my neck and back but at least I can breath. I feel awful right now.

The nightmares were just what that. I don't even want to go into detail...frightening. The only thing I will say is it looked like it was filmed in London or Scotland. The ground seemed so cold and blue as if I was watching a BBC movie. I know it had to do with certain news related events and it must have really bothered me. I talked to Jon about it and felt a little better...the basic part of it is, it bothers me that there are people who hurt those who are weaker.

There feels like so much politics and else were. When I think of all the finger pointing and how people are scattered and confused, it saddens me. There is nothing confusing if the answer is stop fighting and help one another. If there is constant nitpicking...why are people doing this? Is it fear? Blame? Is it because the truth is everyone needs to help and not just a few?

I keep thinking of past presidents and how they called out to people of the time to help. How it was an honor to be an American citizen and what a power it is to vote. It makes me sad that we forget this...we are distracted by so much...we forget what is important.

I will always side with the people who remember fairness. I will side with those who fight for those who are weaker and need help.

I didn't intend for this post to get emotional or about voting...I guess I needed to express my thoughts. I'm grateful for so much. But I know a lot of what I have was hard earned by our great grandparents, by people who were willing to fight for rights and supported the person who wanted fairness.


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