rice porridge sort of day

Jon went to work. I gave him a big soup container of rice porridge (Chinese/Vietnamese meal). I used a similar one to the link above. Basically, I soak rice in extra water w/chicken bullion cubes. Add ginger and cilantro and if you have them, fresh limes. My recipe is very simple and hearty for when you have a cold. It's easy to make (when you're sick, you don't want to do a lot of cooking) and the smells starts to work on your sinus almost immediately. Gotta love that ginger!

We also have 7-up; this makes me especially happy. My parents would always give us some 7-up or lemon type soda, watered down with ice cubes, as kids. I loved that.

I'm so glad today is sunny and warm. Just the right temperature forcing you from that down feeling you get when ill. Thank goodness.


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