These days are going waaayy too fast

Tomorrow is Thursday...then, the weekend. We start school in September this year. I still can't believe it's around the corner. The kids are anxious and ready to go and I'm like, "hey, now...let's slow down here a bit and go back to July and do some daydreaming". I feel like I was shorted a whole month because of the stinkin heat waves! Dang it. I want to go to canoe creek and splash around in the water, do a picnic and not worry about getting up at the crack of dawn and lugging the house into order. UGH! I don't even want to write that down...but it's there.

And now, I've got our bird to worry about. The good thing is, he's drinking water and I hope is nibbling food. I feel like the day went haywire and now, I can breath.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm hoping Odie is better and I hope I get more artwork finished up and put on Etsy.

Anyway, it's late and I've gotta get some sleep. Have a good evening...oh, one last thing. I saw a news article about the possibility of a new cancer treatment where the cancer is attacked by these cancer eating cells. If it's true, and I hope to God it is, this would be a miracle. Praying it is and leaving you all with this good thought in mind. :)


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