My stars

but this weather is making my toes ache! It feels like I keep hitting my toes against a wall...that sharp ache. How annoying. It's raining and gray and I do so love it when the weather rainy in the summer...even if I'm achy. It does hamper my varnishing ability and photo taking. I was planning to do this...although, I could finish more work and have a nice big selection of artwork to photo tomorrow.

I looked at the forecast for Saturday and it's stormy all day. We are planning our big Art Yard Sale but might have to move it to the porch. No problem. I just hope it's mostly stormy in the afternoon. The Art Yard Sale is from 9 am to noon and if you are interested drop me an email and I'll send directions. All work not sold will be posted on my Etsy shop as well. :)

Well, I wanted to write longer but I hear a certain howler monkey upstairs (who over slept) and needs to get cleaned up/fed and played with. Have a great day! :)


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