Making a Hula Hoop Rug

I ran out of tee-shirts. I'm hunting for some in my studio and storage boxes in the basement. So, now, I'm including sweatshirts and sweatpants...oddly, I saved quite a few worn pairs down there. Maybe I was thinking of layering for winter?? Anyway, They've been getting the strip treatment and I've been adding it to the rug. It does make it much heavier and I have to weave it lying flat or it bunches up too much. This is a very comfortable rug and is being tested right now by Mr. Nelson (our dog). I may have to make a couple of these.

This is the link I'm using. I have serious doubts a kid could make it so nicely...maybe I'm cutting the shirts too wide? Either way, it's annoying to see such perfection but that's a magazine for you. lol

Anyway, I'm tired out. I did a work out, made dinner (Cheese fondue and rice salad) and took care of the kids. I felt like a chef/dishwasher all day. I'm just glad I got stuff done and made everyone mostly happy. I didn't go outside at all as it felt humid and I didn't want to deal with that.

I'm very glad I talked to my parents yesterday. I feel recharged about a lot of things and have different strategies to help them.

Some great news with my brother and his girlfriend. But I'm not allowed to say anything...yet. :)

Otherwise, a pretty nice Monday with home puttering and the kids. It was nice staying home yesterday as well. I got a lot of chores done with the kids at art camp (for a few hours in the evening). We're going to miss it when it's done.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start listing a few new things on Etsy. I feel like I have some plans and I want to get them going art wise. Anywho, that will be done tomorrow as I'm ready to sleep. Plus, my wrists hurt from all this weaving, I think. lol


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