Earthquake in the afternoon and other stuff

We're fine, first of all. Seems like everything is fine house wise. It was a surprise and annoying reminder that the world is full of chaos and stuff can happen in a heart beat.

My first instinct was to run for the door frames and get the kids to safety. One was in the bathroom...she heard the windows creaking and the other two were on the couch. The dogs went balistic as I shouted for everyone to get to safety. I probably scared everyone more then they would/should have been.

If this is the only earthquake we have in a while, then, I'll be much happier. I like think of this one as a stress reliever. That is what these tremors mean. My MIL felt one a few days ago...probably mini-earthquakes leading up to this big one. That happened around 4am in the morning. Thankfully and hopefully, this will be the last of it for awhile.

The kids got a little emotional for some reason. The eldest wanted exciting things to do...basically, she was bored and annoyed. You'd think having an earthquake would be enough excitement...geesh! Anyway, I had the idea of painting/decorating their treehouse. That worked! :) So, they are covered in paint and happy as clams. :)

I had all these ideas of cleaning up but ended up bringing them supplies, paint, blankets, stuff to decorate, cookies, water bottle/cups and things that are much needed for a treehouse retreat. :)


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