Working out and feeling it

I feel sore and slightly stiff. I did a longer work out then, we went for a long walk in this humidity. It really helped get the kids tuckered out. The only problem was I forgot dog bags for the "clean up". Mr. Nelson (our bichon) was good but Penny did it twice. The second time was worse as she some how did it on her leash and it was not pretty. It stressed me out because there was a family watching as they unloaded their car. I am ashamed to say, I swatted Penny. I hope I didn't look like a crazy person. Probably. Sigh.

The good thing is Harrison took a nice long nap, I got a bunch of things done (not finished and I feel really tired)for the Art Yard Sale. Unfortunately, the weather might not cooperate and I'll have to have it on the front porch. If it's really down pouring I'll postpone till August 20th. I hope the weather is nice, I really, really do! Either way, I'll be putting work up on my Etsy shop and some at the local Art Gallery.

My wrists are aching which is a sign a storm might be on the way. :( Darn. I'll keep painting, I won't give stop till later tonight. I'll probably do some photographing as well. I'm been trying to finish these sweet angel sculptures I started some time ago. I have other wood things I need to saw out but my jigsaw is acting up (I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to put the blades back in! It used to be second nature and now, I'm like, "?" Maybe it was the heat from last week).

Speaking of heat, we had to cancel this family reunion we planned on going to in State College because of the heat. Then, the following week, I got out of sorts from the weather and didn't make it to the Baker Mansion Civil war event (which I'm still annoyed at not attending...I wanted to meet some people who were going to give a lecture on some very interesting, I missed the Civil War Church service! :( So, I'm annoyed at me). Oh, well. There will be other, I hope,events.

So, I'm trying this low calorie thing. I just want to see if I can do it. The problem is once I hit about 3pm or so I just want to nosh and zone out. It's annoying. I've been asking around for low calorie snacks. Facebook friends are really coming up with some good ones...Black Bean Brownies and the frozen chocolate graham crackers/fat free whipped cream. Yum! These might just be what I need.

My reason to lose some weight is I don't want to get diabetes (I've got the dreaded apple shape) and I just want to fit in my clothing better. I want to be healthier for my family and also not to feel so self conscious about my size (being 6 feet tall is not something I can change but my weight, I can). I'm pleased to say I have done 2 days of food journaling.


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