Cloud watching~

I was stressing earlier...have to turn in my collage/mixed media art today, finish up the church newsletter, get chores done, tend to the needs of the kiddos, organize my art stuff and wanting to do some art. Then, on top of that, I found out that the district will not be supplying a bus to the school because we are going to one that was offered out of our district. They, the principal, is trying to coerce parents into sending kids to their school by not allowing us use of the bus (which we had all of last year and the year before). I'm sorry but I will not uproot my child to fit into their district lines and because now, the school does meet state standards. They were the ones who offered a different school because they got very low scores in the first place. Emotionally, this would be disruptive to my kids who have made friends, know the routine, etc. I just find this annoying and honestly, petty to blame the parents for the districts failure in the first place.

So, I'll be driving them the extra 10 minutes to school. lol I will have to do more kid pick up but I plan on volunteering at the school anyway, so not a problem. :)

Yesterday, I went to the ENT and found out I definitely have migraines. I just thought it was harsh headaches. I'm glad to get this taken care of. I would like to get another opinion on some of the other issues, so I'm going to try look around. I think it's very important to get several opinions before making a decision...especially about your health.

This post is called cloud watching because after I read the letter from the district, I started feeling really bad. Like I was doing something wrong as a parent and was being punished. This is, obviously, crazy thinking and I needed to get my head on straight. The perfect solution is to stare at the sky; which I did...and do feel much better.

On a side note, it's interesting to see how kids try to resolve conflicts...or don't. You can see how things start to fester and next, explode. Just like us grown-ups. I was watching the kiddos right now, and my younger daughter's friend brought over a video game. Instead of sharing, the two younger kids basically hogged it the whole time and made the older one sad. So, I had to have her tell them what she felt and to ask to play. Isn't that true of grown-ups? We forget people's feelings at time, and need to stand up and say how we feel so other's will be more sensitive or at the very least patient. I think it's snack helps at all age levels. ;)

Speaking of feelings/ideas, at least I can try and talk to my school about bus services and if we really won't have access to them or not. I'm annoyed at the tone of the principal at the low scoring school...previously low scoring, I guess. One of the joys of parenthood. Sigh.


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