3 wks till school!

I'm getting the school bug and so are the kids. :) I think we're going to have a great year and get a lot of things done. I was looking at the school calendar and it seems like time really goes fast in the next few months. When you think about it, only 4 months till Christmas! Time does move quickly...makes you want to pack a lot of things into the day. Well, not too much!

Physically, I've got a cold. I'm annoyed as I have an ENT appointment tomorrow and am debating rescheduling as I want a good test of what my hearing is like at this point. I'll call them and see what they think.

I'm also going to try and everything organized for starting school again and do on-line classes. I can handle this. I got a Praxis book to study and it reminds me of the Cbest in California. Not too different, actually. I wish I could just take the test and not worry about classes, etc.

I'm also getting ready to bring my artwork to the drop off next week. I'm nervous but excited too...I guess all artists feel this way. :)

I really wish I felt 100% better as I keep getting these small waves of energy and then, just sort of collapse again. Yesterday, I slept so much from this cold. I want to do a work out but don't want to wear my self out too.

So much to do and the dogs are being so annoying as they have been cooped up in the house from the rain. They get annoyed with each other, thankfully, and not with me.

All this rain makes it harder to feel like doing much as well...just so gloomy. You just want to watch TV or nap. Geesh. I hate that feeling.

I'm used to doing a few things at once and here I feel like doing 1 thing and going to bed. bleh...


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