Sunday, July 31, 2011


today was my birthday and it was pretty darn good. I feel really good as so many good birthday wishes were shared...on facebook and during the day. :) It really made my day special and filled with love.

I had all these plans...get up early (which I did), go to the Civil war Church service, go to church, go shopping and have lunch w/ the family. I got up early and fell asleep at 8am. I cannot believe I did this. I feel really annoyed as I was up at 6 and even had coffee! I should have worked out, I think this would have got me going. As it was I fell asleep, Jon tried to wake me up, but I mumbled something that today is my birthday and went back to sleep. I am ashamed...but it was SO good to sleep in! So, I'm only half ashamed. lol

Oddly, it was a day of birthday gifts in the form many cookbooks. We actually went to a flea market and I found a vintage one. Then, I went to Ollies, and got 2 there. I got another from my sister-in-law, as well. I guess I will be cooking a lot. :)

I almost got a wood plane but it was a bit out of budget...esp. if I didn't know if it would work. So, I had to pass on that. It was very handsome, I have to admit.

Yesterday, Jon got me some more wood and I'm excited to create some new paintings. Some will be abstract and some will be my more garden themes.

Norrie's birthday was on Friday and we had to clean up the house...which meant putting away a lot of what I need to finish (art pieces). I'll probably have quite a few things done soon. They will be listed on Etsy and hopefully, accepted to the local art gallery. Plus, we have the big Art Yard Sale coming this Saturday. I really hope it doesn't rain...I'm nervous about this. We might have to make it a porch Art Sale. We shall see. If it does, I'll aim for 2 Saturdays in a row. :) It's only for a few hours but should be a lot of fun.

I need to download a ton of pics and get more sleep. I'm really tired. It seems like a very long day with my upside down sleeping habits. sigh~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inch by inch

Well, some good news about my family. My dad's prostate is shrinking w/ treatment, prayers and positive thinking. :) I'm very happy about this. Also, some of the doctors want more proof for bone cancer. One doctor said it was everywhere but the other one isn't convinced. So, they are doing more tests and I'm praying they come out negative. I'm so, so grateful for all the care my dad is getting and from all the people praying and reaching out to them. It's a huge comfort being so far away. I talked to my mom and said I wish we were closer and I wish they were closer too.

When I can get my dad to talk about himself on a personal level like his ability to whistle or pigeons or his hobbies, he's really interesting and coherent. I love these moments. I hope to encourage this thinking too.

I wanted to go out today to Baker Mansion and hear a speaker on the Underground Railroad and Slavery but as it is, I'm at home.I'm annoyed at my self as I overslept. Honestly, I think we were exhausted from the party yesterday. The event is all day, so we will probably go as a family and check out the reenactors.

The party was a lot of fun...we had cake/pizza and the kids got to tie dye shirts. I even had fun with that. I have a little left and might try my hand at it later on. After all the cake, presents and kids left, we relaxed to a huge rain and thunder storm that blew in. It was incredible and seemed to wash away all the humidity earlier. It did make me feel even more sleepy and I took a nap when Harry went down. That sleepy feeling didn't go away until this morning. Hence, the late wake up. Annoying.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I sort of hope we have another rain storm...I always wanted that as a kid. Since we've moved back East, I've had a few birthdays with rain. I still think this is amazing. :)

My wrists hurt from the weather...the humidity is returning. The skies are blue, the leaves on the trees reflecting yellow from the sun and a dark green in the depth of shade, the birds are singing their mid morning praises and there is a happy bustling sound of people and cars outside. Sounds like a pleasant Saturday. :) Have a good day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Someone is turning 8 and I think that's GREAT!

Happy early birthday to my sweet gal! I love you bunches!

The Man who knew too Little

A great comedy film w/one of my favorite actors, Bill Murray. It is so very refreshing to find a film that doesn't make you flinch from gore, bad language, over the top visuals of people in their body suits, and so on. This film was made in 1997 and would make a Mormon proud. lol One of the strengths of this film is how well written it is and of course, the actors understanding the delivery of lines and the sense of appreciation of time. Nothing is rushed and the pace flows so that the viewer can enjoy the details of the film without feeling like something is missing or unresolved. It's very enjoyable and takes up the tradition of classic comedies like "Bringing of Baby" or some good old Cary Grant films when they had the Hays code of the 1930's. Honestly, I feel this sort of "restriction" is actually a good way of creating fresh material as it forces people to look at a story from different angles and not subject the viewer to a bunch of useless verbiage/visual distortions.

Surely, there are films that need to show these things but not every film/television show. Plus, it just is boring after awhile. I want to see more films like "The Man who knew too little." If you have netflix, it's playing there. Otherwise, take a breather from the chaotic films out there and rent this little gem.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EHAG Give Away!

There is a give away at EHAG. This is a fun Halloween group I really enjoy being a part of. :) Hope you take a look and join in the fun!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The smell of zucchini bread in the oven~~

I'm baking today. It seems with the rain, I've gotten my energy back and feel refreshed, alive and ready to conquer the day! This is such a relief after the last few weeks of dry heat, nasal pain (from dust/pollen/heat)and stress. I'm so glad the weather is being kind and making things easier in life. My dreams were even bothered by the heat and changes of rain pressure. I had some really awful ones this morning about my dad and his cancer. I guess I am anxious about results. I even dreamt I had his symptoms and had the same thing. It was a horrible feeling. I'm hoping things will be controllable and I'll call so I won't worry so much. Communication is such a blessing with phones/Internet. Even if there is some misunderstandings, it's a good thing.

I was really pleased to hear my sis and mom are going out. This is amazing. I'm so glad for them and I hope healing continues. It took them long enough to patch up their relationship. lol

Well, after my nightmare I sat up in bed and did some reading...Emily of New Moon by L. M. Montgomery was just the soothing (even if a bit upsetting, there is a lot of death in there)thing I needed. I felt like at least someone knows how it feels to fear the loss of a parent and shows it so truthfully. I actually fell asleep after this and didn't have any nightmares.

I saw a movie and I think it really upped my anxiety and rattled my feeling of well being. I won't mention the title as it was very upsetting. I'm surprised I watched the whole thing honestly. It was very jaded.

I really needed something fresh and uplifting, movie wise. I'm still trying to find it, honestly. Netflix is a bit limited (on the instant flix list). I did get a movie in the mail today called, "Get Low". It sounds interesting and sort of Mark Twain w/a funeral for someone who didn't die but observed it and went into solitude. I have some family members who sort of make me think they would love to do this too. sigh...

I ripped off half of the wisteria bush on our back porch. It was just too much and I wanted to see in the backyard and get more light. It's much better now. :) My arms are aching, however.

I can hardly wait for the bread to be done. It smells so good! I hope it's as tasty. When I worked a few days a week at the local retirement center, Garvey Manor, they would often pipe vanilla smells into the heat vent. One of the perks/good ideas they had. It really made the place seem more homey.

Is this the second post I've done today? I should call my mom and my bestfriend. We shall see. I feel sort of tired after all we did. Plus, my two house elves are becoming very good helpers. They might still throw fits, but they are quite endearingly sweet messy helpers. :)

Oh! The oven timer is going! Time to see if the bread is ready. :)


Finally raining! I hope it's not just one downpour but a steady, Earth soaking, stream filling, puddle forming rain that lasts for several hours. The ground was so dry and I felt sorry for the trees and all the little plants that had dried up. I missed a few pots as well and was sad to see them go. If you missed 1 day of watering, they were fried. Awful!

Since we are home bound, I think I may do some baking. It's still warm but I think it might be a good way to use up the bountiful amount of zucchini we have. lol People have given us some too, so this adds to the pot. Maybe I'll make some soup too.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to church but were running way too late (Harrison had a huge accident in the crib, again, and by the time I had cleaned him off and my self, it was a quarter till 11). Annoying. They were going to have church in the rectory w/ air conditioning. I was excited about this...also, I want to have a tour of the church and see the different sections that were original to the building. I'm still hoping to find evidence of John Brown and the Underground railroad in there.

We did have 1 downpour yesterday. Jon and I ran outside, danced and spun around like kids. It was great! I want to do that again. Plus, we filled up a lot of tubs of water. I need a rain barrel.

Later, the gals and Jon went to a baseball game and I stayed home w/the sleeping little Mister Harrison. He was so tired (a friend of the kids came over and she is great to have over...lots of energy). I got to see some films, do a bunch of wood carving (yes!) and sharpen my tools. So pleased.

I found out there is a wood carving group that meets up the street from me and I plan on going this week. I'm VERY excited and so pleased. I need to have contacts to help w/ techniques, tools and so on. :) Maybe I'll make them a simple blog...cause they don't have anything on-line.

I have to get my self going...time to clean up some stuff (wood shavings on the dining room table), do some sketching, and maybe some chores. I did a half hour on the Wii exercise thing and felt so good. I have to do that again too. I'm pleased the kids got out to a ballgame.

Two great things: Jon is off in a few days for a much needed vacation time and my sister is going out to lunch with my mom for the first time in years! :) It's a great day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I got this popcorn recipe from The Beehive Cottage

Very easy and fun! I would either make double the amount of popcorn (I use one of those bubble shape poppers where you add a 3 tbl of oil (olive in our case). I thought I used too much butter as it was a bit more moist then I'm used to. Maybe the marshmallows? Either way, I love the taste...brings me back to when my mom and the PTO at school would make popcorn balls and sell them at events. So yum!

I also made a Taco casserole or lasagna (for the kids, they are into calling foods a certain way or picky city). I basically used a taco kit for the spices/crunch of the tacos, spinach, 1 can of corn, 1 large jar of pizza sauce, a can of olives, mini tomatoes, cheddar cheese, crunched up taco shells and this custard I made. The custard had about 6 eggs, 1.5 cups of milk, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, lemon salt, and garlic powder. I poured this between layers and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I made two batches. It was very good. :)

I also used up the potatoes I boiled yesterday and made a simple potato salad w/ pickles, lemon salt and mayo. I may add some celery, tomatoes and eggs. I'm just too tuckered out from all the other stuff I made today. As you know, it's been HOT everywhere, including here.

Earlier, we wasted the day searching for the missing DVD's that a little House Elf hid. We found them stuffed in the player...3 DVD's. How annoying! The good thing is I did a lot of cleaning and dusting. The bad thing is with moving furniture, I pulled a back muscle and had the worse feeling I've ever had...even worse than pregnant! That's saying a lot too. Feels better now. I do not know why I'm in a baking mood...I think it's just wishful thinking that it will get cooler or else procrastination about submitting to a magazine I've been wanting to do. Probably this. sigh

I hope the player works so I can do some yoga stretches for my back. I need to do this soon I think. ow!

Ehag Interview!

Just wanted to share my Ehag interview! Check it out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harrison on TV

100_8685 a video by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.


and then, I realized I'm down to 1 canvas. That's sad. I do have a lot of my ornaments that need to be painted/designed, etc. So, I'll probably do this.

I got really upset the other day. I was like, how dare they? How DARE they?!? Here I am minding my own business and then someone says, you know, it's almost the end of summer..." This really made me upset. I do not want to be reminded that fall is coming. Yes, I know that. Yes, I know summer will end and I know that the cold weather will be here. Today it's hot and spicy. People are complaining all over facebook about it. I say, go outside, dunk your head in some water, let it drip all over you and find some shade and be quiet. Just sit or lay down on a blanket. That's what you should do. If you are at work, take 15 minutes to do what if your makeup is ruined and your hair's a mess. For pete's sake, it's summer and you need to do something summery. It's a good habit to get in to and a good tradition.

When I had classes jam packed together and worked nearly full time, I still found time to find a patch of grass and stare at the sky. It would make you forget everything for 10 minutes and I'd be refreshed. Sometimes, a little clear space in the sky is all I need or want.

With this weather, people are giving away zucchini's left and right. I have something like 4 (two of my own and two someone gave us). I love this. Plus, I have about 15 mini green tomatoes I picked from our garden. I'll do something with all of this.

I like the heat even though it makes me worry about my garden and pets. It's this nice warmth...not too humid. I only have 2 air conditioners running in the kids rooms. I must be getting used to the heat or something.

Well, I need to do some creative stuff. I'm going to cover an old metal trunk I have with quilted fabric and pad it. It's beat up and I wanted to do something nicer than duct tape. lol I also have to finish a stack of frames I'm covering with fabric and notions, and I want to teach the kids some weaving (on a hula hoop, can you believe it?). I might opt for some tree branches till I get a new hoop.

Have a good day!
Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".

- Mary Anne Radmacher

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Needed to hear and share some good things~

Monday, July 18, 2011

trails and water fountains

100_8764 by Emilyannamarie
100_8764, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

It was very hot...a sampling of things to come.

shavers creek walk

shavers creek walk by Emilyannamarie
shavers creek walk, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

The gang that keeps me sane, most of the time. :)


Butterfly by Emilyannamarie
Butterfly, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Inspired by Klimt paintings~ I'm going to list this on Etsy, I think.


Welcome by Emilyannamarie
Welcome, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Stuff I did to brighten up our front door. I might paint the chair.

It's hot

Yeah, I know. Most of the USA is hot and I shouldn't complain. I feel sort of sick to my stomach from it and my sinus's hurt. Yesterday, I felt dizzy from the heat and it bothered my inner ear. Awful. I spent most of today inside, thank goodness. It's helping a little.

I'm nervous for my dad as well. Talked to him and it was hard to follow him/understand but I just kept being patient and just try to calm the rough patches by saying "thank you" and reassuring him he's a good dad, etc. I'm firm but at the same time, I don't let it get under my skin as I know it's not him. I talked to my mom and she said there are side effects from the medication. This explains some of his grandiose thoughts. I admit it's exhausting after 30 minutes when he goes on about money or some slight he's remembering. I just continue to pray and think positive thoughts. It's hard to do, I admit but worth it. When he is there, I love hearing stories about our childhood, about his youth and good memories. I try to focus on this.

I must be tired right now as I feel sort of like it's hard to breath. I do feel a bit like it's not fair. I feel sort of like so much was stolen and it isn't fair. I started to imagine what it would have been like had none of this happened. My worst case scenario is I was would have gotten into a bad crowd in Hollywood High and acted out or something worse. This keeps me from making "what if's" too much. lol

And yes, it does help to know other people have some similar issues and can relate. I'm certainly not the saddest story or the only one of grief. By far, I feel very fortunate to be able to tell my dad I think he's great and I love him. It's a blessing, really. And I'm grateful for this.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Etsy Shop

I'm finally listing some goodies on my Etsy shop. :) I'll be adding more work as I photograph things. I'm excited to share all the wonderful goodies my mom and I have created. Hope you'll take a peak. Remember the holidays are coming and now is the time to get great original artwork that is unique and fun.

Nearly full view of vegetable garden

I'm loving this series of garden paintings. :) I'm working on several more and a few other goodies. They will be available at Etsy or at the Art 4 Gallery in Hollidaysburg. email me for questions.

redtail hawk

redtail hawk by Emilyannamarie
redtail hawk, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Shavers Creek

100_8764 by Emilyannamarie
100_8764, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

from last Sunday

flowers from Jon

flowers from Jon by Emilyannamarie
flowers from Jon, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


My work was accepted for the Artists in our Midst juried art show! I submitted a large mixed media piece (48 by 31 inches), titled "Looking into the Pond". I'm a bit reluctant to say how long this piece took to finish...about 3 yrs. It started with a visit to Canoe Creek during the fall. As I looked over a bridge into the water, I saw multi-colored leaves that had floated/swirled and been frozen in a thin layer of ice. I was amazed and thought, this is what I want to capture and share. For a long time, I thought about this expressing it on a Masonite backing. I originally wanted stones and sticks to surround the pond but it was too heavy. I went with a paper mache type structure edged with gold and light blue. The leaves are all paper cut and collaged onto the surface and there is a bit of resin to give it strength and longevity. Plus, I like the slightly frosted this is what I wanted to capture-that time standing still feel.

This all happened when I learned about my dad's illness and I wanted to finish 2 other pieces. My energy was low and I ended up only submitting this one. The people running this were very kind to let me submit by email otherwise, I would never have made it for the cutoff. I'm so pleased this was accepted; this is an honor in it self and I'm very pleased.


I talked to my parents the other day and my dad isn't happy I've been sharing what's been happening. He has some issues about this. However, I will still be sharing my feelings about everything. My main feeling is, keep the positive thoughts going and prayers. My brothers informed me of more information that my mom and dad "forgot" to tell me and it made me worry again. However, that medical issue has been resolved, for now, and I hope things remain stable. I honestly think that it's the medical issue that is effecting his thinking abilities...not just dementia/bipolar issues. He seems to have a flare up (saying illogical things) and then a trip to the ER. I guess it's good to see a pattern...just very upsetting on several levels. So glad he is getting treatment, I have the best Mom in the world and that I have loving and support family there to help. I hope they all know this.


For my self, I've been plagued with the most annoying nightmares. Every night for the past 3 days I've dreaded going to sleep. I don't know if it's from eating some take out the other day or the weather (probably the humidity). I've also had to use nasal spray and I wonder if this is causing nightmares. Either way, they are disturbing...usually school related and having to learn how to go to college by walking on stone bridges meant to transport water. Scary! lol Now that I'm writing about it, they are pretty funny. I do know I was reading a thriller before I went to sleep...maybe that's not a good idea. I swear I am a sponge when it comes to reading/watching films. And I did watch a bunch of Harry Potter's in a row. Maybe I'm a bit too sensitive to stuff. Today is a much nicer day and I think I'll keep everyone outside as much as possible. Even do some painting out there (on canvas). Jon gets annoyed w/ my detailed nightmares as I usually can remember all sorts of odd things. A day outside sounds like it will help this suffocating feeling.

Well, I've got a day to start...unlike my car which is stalled. I think the battery is dead. It will get fixed. sigh...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainy day

It rained quite a bit on Friday...pouring for several hours. Much needed and appreciated. Today, it's hot and muggy yet it feels like rain is going to come. Maybe I'm just dreaming of it. lol

We did so much this weekend, I'm still catching up to myself. We had our friend, Joyce, come over and wanted to get as much cleaned up for her visit as this was the first time since she moved here that she was going to see our home. I'm always like that when people are coming over...I act like a military Sergent and try to get everything in tip top shape, which is nearly impossible with little people running around tearing books off shelves, throwing blocks around and just being kids. Sigh. This time I seemed to remember this and just sort of said, "what the heck" and rolled with it (until nap time). I was exhausted by the time she came over and sort of just wanted to go to sleep. But it was a lot of fun, nonetheless. We saw two movies, Howls Moving Castle and Return of the Cat, ate pizza, chatted, stayed up way too late (the kids that is) and had a great time. We will be repeating, of course. :) :) But maybe with less house cleaning madness. lol

Then, Sunday rolled up and we went to church (a tad late, but still very there), drove off to Shavers Creek which was much warmer then we expected (and made certain parties a tad grumpy...not me!), and we saw lots of birds, had fun in the reptile house and came home. There was a family dinner but Harrison and I were too tuckered out and slept/relaxed. I watched a Harry Potter marathon, an opera (very good on PBS, Don Pasquale, I think) and didn't do anything productive. lol I made up for that later by washing dishes and a few house chores. Jon had brought me dinner and it was just what I needed. :)

I can see becoming a fan of Anna Netrebko (the opera singer in Don Pasquale). She was so good! And I loved the Don Pasquale character played by John Del Carlo. Everyone was so good and the sets/lighting, love! I wish I had a book to view the sets/costumes in detail. This was something I needed to see.

Today, Little Harrison slept till 10 am...he was really tired. Oh, and I have to talk about the owls at Shavers creek. We got to see many owls there and there was a talk going on where they bring them out on caretaker's arms. It was SO interesting. I wish we could have watched the whole thing but a certain 2.5 yr old was zooming on some sort of hidden energy pack and wouldn't let us sit too long. Still, I got some great pics and will post soon. It's really quite amazing to see owls up close. Then, seeing Harry Potter movies with the owls, just adds a whole new layer. :) Such fun! Now, I'm excited to see the new film coming out this week, I believe.

I felt really recharged after going out for that drive. It's nice to get away, even for a day. Makes you love your home all the more. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The house is mostly quiet...the dogs are passed out (they escaped the yard when Jon left the gate open. Guess it was too hot to run too far as they only got up to the top of the alley)& Harrison is passed out from running at church (up the wheelchair access and drawing chalk pictures on the cement) and Shavers Creek. The gals are with dad at the relatives. I'm not sure if I want to watch a movie or nap. Both sound good. I have another idea of going out to the garage and do some wood cutting but it's like 120 degrees in there. Um, maybe not. I can just feel my glasses fogging.

What I think will do is price some paint stuff I want to purchase, look around for a movie, grab the rest of my ice tea and do some sketching. There's a bunch of stuff to do but it's a Sunday afternoon...a rare quiet moment. Napping doesn't sound too bad, actually. have a good one~~~

Friday, July 08, 2011


fluff by Emilyannamarie
fluff, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

I sent this to the Ellen Show on Facebook. :) I'm hoping it will get shown on the Friday Funnies. :)

I feel really tired...did the Wii at 8am (30 min!), went for a walk w/the kids & dogs before the huge downpour (barely made it home), drove the kids back and forth to their friends, dealt with a tantrum in the pouring rain (wanted to stay w/ sissies at their friends house) and went to a store for a break from the scream cries. I also did some wood carving but no painting (yet). I am tired...and there were the chores inbetween all of this. Yes, I am tired

Deep breath

The older I get the more I realize how it's much better to stop what your doing and reflect for a few minutes. Sometimes, it's better to push your self away from your art table or computer screen and go and stretch your legs on a walk, go to a friends house, write in a journal for 30 minutes or do something you did from your childhood such as climb a tree, play in the sand, etc. It breaks us away from negative feelings and gives us perspective...hopefully. If not, it's time to go and get some professional help.

One thing I have learned is most people are as crazy as me and my family. I used to think it was just us. Now I know better. lol It's nice to be on the same page...even if it's grates on your nerves.

I think there is a lot of fear of changes going on and that makes some people lash out. My dad felt this way when he discovered (and is still denying) he has cancer. I felt this way when I found out I had a fibroid...lashed out and felt badly. Once I had the operation (which I was terrified), I felt so much better it was like a new me. It's a year later and I'm still amazed at how much more I can do. All because I was willing to do this huge change. It might not be a marathon or collecting tons of donations for a charity, but I did something for me to feel I CAN do those things in the future. :)

I hope people are brave enough. I hope they are willing to change to move on and deal with issues that are scary and uncomfortable. If we all talk about things and work at them, stuff gets better.

Well, I need to think about other things like making pizza for lunch or PB and J's. I'm so glad it's Friday, that I'm getting more involved with my old art groups and doing more art. :) Plus, I'm selling more at the Gallery. :) Lots of good things to pad the mud slinging. Thank Goodness!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Talked to my parents

They seem like they are both in shook still and tired. The doctor's visit went well and the doctor was hopeful for treatment. I'm glad. It seems the more my dad goes to the doctors, the better he sounds and acts. He's still fiesty but it's better then the nightmare of a month ago. Thank God and all the good out there.

I feel tired...getting up at 5:45 will do that to you. I think I might just hit the sack in a little bit. I want to do some art work but the small coffee I had a little bit ago, isn't helping in the least. Oh, well.

I'm so relieved that my parents are doing better...that my dad is getting treatment. I just hope my mom feels better and won't stress out. Love you both!

On a different note, so glad to have tried the Chile Pablano was really good. I'll post it tomorrow as I'm tired. A friend told me how to get the skins off of the peppers...microwave them and steam them in a bag for a few minutes! Genius! Plus, you don't have to scrap blackened pepper skins...and heat the house more then you need to. Love it!

Haunted Collection and more

Yesterday, I felt so blah and down from my headache. The heat (probably over doing it in the yard a pinch), pressure from the storm that never was, and feeling tired (probably from the 4th of July weekend/smoke from fireworks) did me in. I was fine the first half of the morning but come 2:30pm, I was ready for a nap but nobody else was (except for Harrison...thank goodness). I crashed on the couch.

The kids were going crazy and having a grump fest. I finally did some TV cruising and found the "Haunted Collector". I have to admit it was fun to watch with a nice detective twist (love that). I didn't really think it was too scary (nothing yucky or over the top) so I left it on there while the kids watched. In some ways, it was sort of historical with research being done and finding about local stories/legends. They had "ghost detecting" machines for certain ghost sounds/readings. I thought this was interesting and a little funny. I kept asking if the kids were scared...was it too scary (some of it was filmed in the dark w/ a green glow to everything). They said they were fine. Well, we watched something like 5 shows. Jon came home and started to immediately roll his eyes at the show and we were like, they are using science to find something. We turned it off when Harry got up and once it got darker, the kids "suddenly" felt scared...very scared. Suddenly, they felt there were ghosts. I was like, oh, great. Now what did I do? At 9:30 I feel asleep and the kids tried to go down but kept getting scared. Jon realized it was also really hot on their loft beds and put the fan on to circulate air. This helped and soon they were in dream land. I told them they should not dream of bunnies. It worked. :) I got this idea from a movie called "The Good Witch" (on neflix). It's a cute movie about a witch who comes back home to her home town to see if she is accepted. It's cute because her shop is called, "Bell, Book and Candle". This is an older film that is about a witch who falls in love with a mortal and loses her powers. :)

For some reason July makes me think of Halloween. I guess I've heard so many "Christmas in July" sayings it got me thinking of Halloween and cooler months ahead. lol

Plus, there are some really interesting shows out there about the whole "ghostly" worlds and so on, out there. I love stuff like that. It's fun because there is always that "what if" feeling mixed with historical stories and antiques. Love it. :)

Well, today we are clearing our palette with going out to the Farmer's Market (just got back, actually), get a few supplies from Lowe's (Check) and a diet of friendly cartoons like "My Little Pony". This cartoon has really evolved since I saw it as a kid. It's 100% better! It's much more practical with resolving feelings and being aware of other people's feelings. I was very surprised. I can't recommend it enough. Plus, they sing! Isn't that cute? ;) lol

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

printing w/kids

printing w/kids by Emilyannamarie
printing w/kids, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

watching and working

kids print making

Untitled by Emilyannamarie
Untitled, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Family Print

Family Print by Emilyannamarie
Family Print, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

One of my new prints.

Large Garden painting

Large Garden painting by Emilyannamarie
Large Garden painting, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Garden art Seaon: Summer

garden art season: Spring

garden art season: Fall

garden art season: Winter

These are from a series of paintings I'm doing celebrating the change of the seasons

4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

snake fireworks

4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

found a firefly

4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.


4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.


4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

this little guy kept us moving while he zipped around

4th of July

4th of July by Emilyannamarie
4th of July, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.


fireworks by Emilyannamarie
fireworks, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Just one of the many fireworks we got to see...lots of celebrating for our country's birthday! :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Sunday

I feel like I had 2 Sundays. The first was waking up late and finding messes everywhere from various little critters and the elfin ones. Boy, was it a big P -U. Bleh.

The second Sunday was much calmer, peaceful lunch on the front porch with strawberries and getting ready for a July 4th party. I prefer this Sunday and will focus on that. :) We had a great time at the annual Wilkinson's 4th of July party...filled with sweet people, music, laughter, meandering children and lots and lots of food. :) It's very relaxing on their property which has ample shade trees, gardens and lovingly decorated. There is a little waterfall with a small pond. We rescued a little bird that tried to get a drink and got stuck in there. The kids were pleased (and I was too).

There were fun prizes and lots of activities to do from ball and tennis. I probably would have done more but it was so HUMID. After we started getting ready to go, it poured down rain...and it became very pleasant after this. However, by then, the kids were so tired. Harry yawned three times and by the time we got out of the driveway, he was asleep.

I'll have to load some pics and I hope I got some of the garden..I was so focused on Harry, I probably forgot. Darn it.

Our two mess makers were good while we were out and thankfully, Jon left them in the house so they weren't soaking wet when we got back. I gave them new raw hides for their good behavior. I admit I haven't walked them in 2 days. I think they need some exercise as they have even gotten on each others nerves.

One of the best things about going to their home is seeing the gardens and decorations. The food is high up there too. Homemade goodness shared, makes life feel full. :) It was just a fun time. So very glad to go and see familiar faces. I know my mom missed going and I miss her. I hope next year will be calmer then this year and both my parents will come. That would be amazing.

Yesterday, I found out I had quite a bit of wood workings I need to finish up. So, I organized them and finished a few. I think I will have to keep the "Welcome" sign for my self. I love how it came out. This is the one I stayed up till to 2am finishing. Although, I think I might add some wood branches for a rustic feel. If it comes out, I may make a few more and see if I can sell them on-line or at the art gallery. Maybe both. They are a bit more frilly then the style I usually do.

I've been scouring some Art books looking at various abstract and pop culture art. It's so refreshing to look at those artists that opened up new ways of looking at the world. I've been looking at Claes Oldenburg's work. Fun and engaging pieces. I'm trying to find this one artist who was a painter and loved experimenting with lines. I was really into this style when I was younger and yet, I can't remember his name. How annoying. I'll keep looking.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

EHAG Emporium

Here is my piece titled, "Sammie". It is in honor of July 4th.

by Emily Dimov-Gottshall


A 13" by 8.5"
papier maché and paper clay sculpture
supported on a wooden base.
A mixed media crow with wooden legs and wire metal feet.
Painted in a deep purple and sealed with gloss acrylic spray
Signed and dated on the bottom.


$150, shipping $10



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