The house is mostly quiet...the dogs are passed out (they escaped the yard when Jon left the gate open. Guess it was too hot to run too far as they only got up to the top of the alley)& Harrison is passed out from running at church (up the wheelchair access and drawing chalk pictures on the cement) and Shavers Creek. The gals are with dad at the relatives. I'm not sure if I want to watch a movie or nap. Both sound good. I have another idea of going out to the garage and do some wood cutting but it's like 120 degrees in there. Um, maybe not. I can just feel my glasses fogging.

What I think will do is price some paint stuff I want to purchase, look around for a movie, grab the rest of my ice tea and do some sketching. There's a bunch of stuff to do but it's a Sunday afternoon...a rare quiet moment. Napping doesn't sound too bad, actually. have a good one~~~


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