Sunday Sunday

I feel like I had 2 Sundays. The first was waking up late and finding messes everywhere from various little critters and the elfin ones. Boy, was it a big P -U. Bleh.

The second Sunday was much calmer, peaceful lunch on the front porch with strawberries and getting ready for a July 4th party. I prefer this Sunday and will focus on that. :) We had a great time at the annual Wilkinson's 4th of July party...filled with sweet people, music, laughter, meandering children and lots and lots of food. :) It's very relaxing on their property which has ample shade trees, gardens and lovingly decorated. There is a little waterfall with a small pond. We rescued a little bird that tried to get a drink and got stuck in there. The kids were pleased (and I was too).

There were fun prizes and lots of activities to do from ball and tennis. I probably would have done more but it was so HUMID. After we started getting ready to go, it poured down rain...and it became very pleasant after this. However, by then, the kids were so tired. Harry yawned three times and by the time we got out of the driveway, he was asleep.

I'll have to load some pics and I hope I got some of the garden..I was so focused on Harry, I probably forgot. Darn it.

Our two mess makers were good while we were out and thankfully, Jon left them in the house so they weren't soaking wet when we got back. I gave them new raw hides for their good behavior. I admit I haven't walked them in 2 days. I think they need some exercise as they have even gotten on each others nerves.

One of the best things about going to their home is seeing the gardens and decorations. The food is high up there too. Homemade goodness shared, makes life feel full. :) It was just a fun time. So very glad to go and see familiar faces. I know my mom missed going and I miss her. I hope next year will be calmer then this year and both my parents will come. That would be amazing.

Yesterday, I found out I had quite a bit of wood workings I need to finish up. So, I organized them and finished a few. I think I will have to keep the "Welcome" sign for my self. I love how it came out. This is the one I stayed up till to 2am finishing. Although, I think I might add some wood branches for a rustic feel. If it comes out, I may make a few more and see if I can sell them on-line or at the art gallery. Maybe both. They are a bit more frilly then the style I usually do.

I've been scouring some Art books looking at various abstract and pop culture art. It's so refreshing to look at those artists that opened up new ways of looking at the world. I've been looking at Claes Oldenburg's work. Fun and engaging pieces. I'm trying to find this one artist who was a painter and loved experimenting with lines. I was really into this style when I was younger and yet, I can't remember his name. How annoying. I'll keep looking.


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