Deep breath

The older I get the more I realize how it's much better to stop what your doing and reflect for a few minutes. Sometimes, it's better to push your self away from your art table or computer screen and go and stretch your legs on a walk, go to a friends house, write in a journal for 30 minutes or do something you did from your childhood such as climb a tree, play in the sand, etc. It breaks us away from negative feelings and gives us perspective...hopefully. If not, it's time to go and get some professional help.

One thing I have learned is most people are as crazy as me and my family. I used to think it was just us. Now I know better. lol It's nice to be on the same page...even if it's grates on your nerves.

I think there is a lot of fear of changes going on and that makes some people lash out. My dad felt this way when he discovered (and is still denying) he has cancer. I felt this way when I found out I had a fibroid...lashed out and felt badly. Once I had the operation (which I was terrified), I felt so much better it was like a new me. It's a year later and I'm still amazed at how much more I can do. All because I was willing to do this huge change. It might not be a marathon or collecting tons of donations for a charity, but I did something for me to feel I CAN do those things in the future. :)

I hope people are brave enough. I hope they are willing to change to move on and deal with issues that are scary and uncomfortable. If we all talk about things and work at them, stuff gets better.

Well, I need to think about other things like making pizza for lunch or PB and J's. I'm so glad it's Friday, that I'm getting more involved with my old art groups and doing more art. :) Plus, I'm selling more at the Gallery. :) Lots of good things to pad the mud slinging. Thank Goodness!


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