Talked to my parents

They seem like they are both in shook still and tired. The doctor's visit went well and the doctor was hopeful for treatment. I'm glad. It seems the more my dad goes to the doctors, the better he sounds and acts. He's still fiesty but it's better then the nightmare of a month ago. Thank God and all the good out there.

I feel tired...getting up at 5:45 will do that to you. I think I might just hit the sack in a little bit. I want to do some art work but the small coffee I had a little bit ago, isn't helping in the least. Oh, well.

I'm so relieved that my parents are doing better...that my dad is getting treatment. I just hope my mom feels better and won't stress out. Love you both!

On a different note, so glad to have tried the Chile Pablano was really good. I'll post it tomorrow as I'm tired. A friend told me how to get the skins off of the peppers...microwave them and steam them in a bag for a few minutes! Genius! Plus, you don't have to scrap blackened pepper skins...and heat the house more then you need to. Love it!


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