I got this popcorn recipe from The Beehive Cottage

Very easy and fun! I would either make double the amount of popcorn (I use one of those bubble shape poppers where you add a 3 tbl of oil (olive in our case). I thought I used too much butter as it was a bit more moist then I'm used to. Maybe the marshmallows? Either way, I love the taste...brings me back to when my mom and the PTO at school would make popcorn balls and sell them at events. So yum!

I also made a Taco casserole or lasagna (for the kids, they are into calling foods a certain way or picky city). I basically used a taco kit for the spices/crunch of the tacos, spinach, 1 can of corn, 1 large jar of pizza sauce, a can of olives, mini tomatoes, cheddar cheese, crunched up taco shells and this custard I made. The custard had about 6 eggs, 1.5 cups of milk, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, lemon salt, and garlic powder. I poured this between layers and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I made two batches. It was very good. :)

I also used up the potatoes I boiled yesterday and made a simple potato salad w/ pickles, lemon salt and mayo. I may add some celery, tomatoes and eggs. I'm just too tuckered out from all the other stuff I made today. As you know, it's been HOT everywhere, including here.

Earlier, we wasted the day searching for the missing DVD's that a little House Elf hid. We found them stuffed in the player...3 DVD's. How annoying! The good thing is I did a lot of cleaning and dusting. The bad thing is with moving furniture, I pulled a back muscle and had the worse feeling I've ever had...even worse than pregnant! That's saying a lot too. Feels better now. I do not know why I'm in a baking mood...I think it's just wishful thinking that it will get cooler or else procrastination about submitting to a magazine I've been wanting to do. Probably this. sigh

I hope the player works so I can do some yoga stretches for my back. I need to do this soon I think. ow!


So glad you gave the popcorn a try and like it! I make a lot of homemade popcorn to pour it over. More popcorn, less it being runny. After a while it dries and hardens a bit! Thanks for trying it!


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