Rainy day

It rained quite a bit on Friday...pouring for several hours. Much needed and appreciated. Today, it's hot and muggy yet it feels like rain is going to come. Maybe I'm just dreaming of it. lol

We did so much this weekend, I'm still catching up to myself. We had our friend, Joyce, come over and wanted to get as much cleaned up for her visit as this was the first time since she moved here that she was going to see our home. I'm always like that when people are coming over...I act like a military Sergent and try to get everything in tip top shape, which is nearly impossible with little people running around tearing books off shelves, throwing blocks around and just being kids. Sigh. This time I seemed to remember this and just sort of said, "what the heck" and rolled with it (until nap time). I was exhausted by the time she came over and sort of just wanted to go to sleep. But it was a lot of fun, nonetheless. We saw two movies, Howls Moving Castle and Return of the Cat, ate pizza, chatted, stayed up way too late (the kids that is) and had a great time. We will be repeating, of course. :) :) But maybe with less house cleaning madness. lol

Then, Sunday rolled up and we went to church (a tad late, but still very there), drove off to Shavers Creek which was much warmer then we expected (and made certain parties a tad grumpy...not me!), and we saw lots of birds, had fun in the reptile house and came home. There was a family dinner but Harrison and I were too tuckered out and slept/relaxed. I watched a Harry Potter marathon, an opera (very good on PBS, Don Pasquale, I think) and didn't do anything productive. lol I made up for that later by washing dishes and a few house chores. Jon had brought me dinner and it was just what I needed. :)

I can see becoming a fan of Anna Netrebko (the opera singer in Don Pasquale). She was so good! And I loved the Don Pasquale character played by John Del Carlo. Everyone was so good and the sets/lighting, love! I wish I had a book to view the sets/costumes in detail. This was something I needed to see.

Today, Little Harrison slept till 10 am...he was really tired. Oh, and I have to talk about the owls at Shavers creek. We got to see many owls there and there was a talk going on where they bring them out on caretaker's arms. It was SO interesting. I wish we could have watched the whole thing but a certain 2.5 yr old was zooming on some sort of hidden energy pack and wouldn't let us sit too long. Still, I got some great pics and will post soon. It's really quite amazing to see owls up close. Then, seeing Harry Potter movies with the owls, just adds a whole new layer. :) Such fun! Now, I'm excited to see the new film coming out this week, I believe.

I felt really recharged after going out for that drive. It's nice to get away, even for a day. Makes you love your home all the more. :)


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