My work was accepted for the Artists in our Midst juried art show! I submitted a large mixed media piece (48 by 31 inches), titled "Looking into the Pond". I'm a bit reluctant to say how long this piece took to finish...about 3 yrs. It started with a visit to Canoe Creek during the fall. As I looked over a bridge into the water, I saw multi-colored leaves that had floated/swirled and been frozen in a thin layer of ice. I was amazed and thought, this is what I want to capture and share. For a long time, I thought about this expressing it on a Masonite backing. I originally wanted stones and sticks to surround the pond but it was too heavy. I went with a paper mache type structure edged with gold and light blue. The leaves are all paper cut and collaged onto the surface and there is a bit of resin to give it strength and longevity. Plus, I like the slightly frosted appearance...as this is what I wanted to capture-that time standing still feel.

This all happened when I learned about my dad's illness and I wanted to finish 2 other pieces. My energy was low and I ended up only submitting this one. The people running this were very kind to let me submit by email otherwise, I would never have made it for the cutoff. I'm so pleased this was accepted; this is an honor in it self and I'm very pleased.


I talked to my parents the other day and my dad isn't happy I've been sharing what's been happening. He has some issues about this. However, I will still be sharing my feelings about everything. My main feeling is, keep the positive thoughts going and prayers. My brothers informed me of more information that my mom and dad "forgot" to tell me and it made me worry again. However, that medical issue has been resolved, for now, and I hope things remain stable. I honestly think that it's the medical issue that is effecting his thinking abilities...not just dementia/bipolar issues. He seems to have a flare up (saying illogical things) and then a trip to the ER. I guess it's good to see a pattern...just very upsetting on several levels. So glad he is getting treatment, I have the best Mom in the world and that I have loving and support family there to help. I hope they all know this.


For my self, I've been plagued with the most annoying nightmares. Every night for the past 3 days I've dreaded going to sleep. I don't know if it's from eating some take out the other day or the weather (probably the humidity). I've also had to use nasal spray and I wonder if this is causing nightmares. Either way, they are disturbing...usually school related and having to learn how to go to college by walking on stone bridges meant to transport water. Scary! lol Now that I'm writing about it, they are pretty funny. I do know I was reading a thriller before I went to sleep...maybe that's not a good idea. I swear I am a sponge when it comes to reading/watching films. And I did watch a bunch of Harry Potter's in a row. Maybe I'm a bit too sensitive to stuff. Today is a much nicer day and I think I'll keep everyone outside as much as possible. Even do some painting out there (on canvas). Jon gets annoyed w/ my detailed nightmares as I usually can remember all sorts of odd things. A day outside sounds like it will help this suffocating feeling.

Well, I've got a day to start...unlike my car which is stalled. I think the battery is dead. It will get fixed. sigh...


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