today was my birthday and it was pretty darn good. I feel really good as so many good birthday wishes were shared...on facebook and during the day. :) It really made my day special and filled with love.

I had all these plans...get up early (which I did), go to the Civil war Church service, go to church, go shopping and have lunch w/ the family. I got up early and fell asleep at 8am. I cannot believe I did this. I feel really annoyed as I was up at 6 and even had coffee! I should have worked out, I think this would have got me going. As it was I fell asleep, Jon tried to wake me up, but I mumbled something that today is my birthday and went back to sleep. I am ashamed...but it was SO good to sleep in! So, I'm only half ashamed. lol

Oddly, it was a day of birthday gifts in the form many cookbooks. We actually went to a flea market and I found a vintage one. Then, I went to Ollies, and got 2 there. I got another from my sister-in-law, as well. I guess I will be cooking a lot. :)

I almost got a wood plane but it was a bit out of budget...esp. if I didn't know if it would work. So, I had to pass on that. It was very handsome, I have to admit.

Yesterday, Jon got me some more wood and I'm excited to create some new paintings. Some will be abstract and some will be my more garden themes.

Norrie's birthday was on Friday and we had to clean up the house...which meant putting away a lot of what I need to finish (art pieces). I'll probably have quite a few things done soon. They will be listed on Etsy and hopefully, accepted to the local art gallery. Plus, we have the big Art Yard Sale coming this Saturday. I really hope it doesn't rain...I'm nervous about this. We might have to make it a porch Art Sale. We shall see. If it does, I'll aim for 2 Saturdays in a row. :) It's only for a few hours but should be a lot of fun.

I need to download a ton of pics and get more sleep. I'm really tired. It seems like a very long day with my upside down sleeping habits. sigh~


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