The smell of zucchini bread in the oven~~

I'm baking today. It seems with the rain, I've gotten my energy back and feel refreshed, alive and ready to conquer the day! This is such a relief after the last few weeks of dry heat, nasal pain (from dust/pollen/heat)and stress. I'm so glad the weather is being kind and making things easier in life. My dreams were even bothered by the heat and changes of rain pressure. I had some really awful ones this morning about my dad and his cancer. I guess I am anxious about results. I even dreamt I had his symptoms and had the same thing. It was a horrible feeling. I'm hoping things will be controllable and I'll call so I won't worry so much. Communication is such a blessing with phones/Internet. Even if there is some misunderstandings, it's a good thing.

I was really pleased to hear my sis and mom are going out. This is amazing. I'm so glad for them and I hope healing continues. It took them long enough to patch up their relationship. lol

Well, after my nightmare I sat up in bed and did some reading...Emily of New Moon by L. M. Montgomery was just the soothing (even if a bit upsetting, there is a lot of death in there)thing I needed. I felt like at least someone knows how it feels to fear the loss of a parent and shows it so truthfully. I actually fell asleep after this and didn't have any nightmares.

I saw a movie and I think it really upped my anxiety and rattled my feeling of well being. I won't mention the title as it was very upsetting. I'm surprised I watched the whole thing honestly. It was very jaded.

I really needed something fresh and uplifting, movie wise. I'm still trying to find it, honestly. Netflix is a bit limited (on the instant flix list). I did get a movie in the mail today called, "Get Low". It sounds interesting and sort of Mark Twain w/a funeral for someone who didn't die but observed it and went into solitude. I have some family members who sort of make me think they would love to do this too. sigh...

I ripped off half of the wisteria bush on our back porch. It was just too much and I wanted to see in the backyard and get more light. It's much better now. :) My arms are aching, however.

I can hardly wait for the bread to be done. It smells so good! I hope it's as tasty. When I worked a few days a week at the local retirement center, Garvey Manor, they would often pipe vanilla smells into the heat vent. One of the perks/good ideas they had. It really made the place seem more homey.

Is this the second post I've done today? I should call my mom and my bestfriend. We shall see. I feel sort of tired after all we did. Plus, my two house elves are becoming very good helpers. They might still throw fits, but they are quite endearingly sweet messy helpers. :)

Oh! The oven timer is going! Time to see if the bread is ready. :)


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