Inch by inch

Well, some good news about my family. My dad's prostate is shrinking w/ treatment, prayers and positive thinking. :) I'm very happy about this. Also, some of the doctors want more proof for bone cancer. One doctor said it was everywhere but the other one isn't convinced. So, they are doing more tests and I'm praying they come out negative. I'm so, so grateful for all the care my dad is getting and from all the people praying and reaching out to them. It's a huge comfort being so far away. I talked to my mom and said I wish we were closer and I wish they were closer too.

When I can get my dad to talk about himself on a personal level like his ability to whistle or pigeons or his hobbies, he's really interesting and coherent. I love these moments. I hope to encourage this thinking too.

I wanted to go out today to Baker Mansion and hear a speaker on the Underground Railroad and Slavery but as it is, I'm at home.I'm annoyed at my self as I overslept. Honestly, I think we were exhausted from the party yesterday. The event is all day, so we will probably go as a family and check out the reenactors.

The party was a lot of fun...we had cake/pizza and the kids got to tie dye shirts. I even had fun with that. I have a little left and might try my hand at it later on. After all the cake, presents and kids left, we relaxed to a huge rain and thunder storm that blew in. It was incredible and seemed to wash away all the humidity earlier. It did make me feel even more sleepy and I took a nap when Harry went down. That sleepy feeling didn't go away until this morning. Hence, the late wake up. Annoying.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I sort of hope we have another rain storm...I always wanted that as a kid. Since we've moved back East, I've had a few birthdays with rain. I still think this is amazing. :)

My wrists hurt from the weather...the humidity is returning. The skies are blue, the leaves on the trees reflecting yellow from the sun and a dark green in the depth of shade, the birds are singing their mid morning praises and there is a happy bustling sound of people and cars outside. Sounds like a pleasant Saturday. :) Have a good day!


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