The Man who knew too Little

A great comedy film w/one of my favorite actors, Bill Murray. It is so very refreshing to find a film that doesn't make you flinch from gore, bad language, over the top visuals of people in their body suits, and so on. This film was made in 1997 and would make a Mormon proud. lol One of the strengths of this film is how well written it is and of course, the actors understanding the delivery of lines and the sense of appreciation of time. Nothing is rushed and the pace flows so that the viewer can enjoy the details of the film without feeling like something is missing or unresolved. It's very enjoyable and takes up the tradition of classic comedies like "Bringing of Baby" or some good old Cary Grant films when they had the Hays code of the 1930's. Honestly, I feel this sort of "restriction" is actually a good way of creating fresh material as it forces people to look at a story from different angles and not subject the viewer to a bunch of useless verbiage/visual distortions.

Surely, there are films that need to show these things but not every film/television show. Plus, it just is boring after awhile. I want to see more films like "The Man who knew too little." If you have netflix, it's playing there. Otherwise, take a breather from the chaotic films out there and rent this little gem.


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