and then, I realized I'm down to 1 canvas. That's sad. I do have a lot of my ornaments that need to be painted/designed, etc. So, I'll probably do this.

I got really upset the other day. I was like, how dare they? How DARE they?!? Here I am minding my own business and then someone says, you know, it's almost the end of summer..." This really made me upset. I do not want to be reminded that fall is coming. Yes, I know that. Yes, I know summer will end and I know that the cold weather will be here. Today it's hot and spicy. People are complaining all over facebook about it. I say, go outside, dunk your head in some water, let it drip all over you and find some shade and be quiet. Just sit or lay down on a blanket. That's what you should do. If you are at work, take 15 minutes to do what if your makeup is ruined and your hair's a mess. For pete's sake, it's summer and you need to do something summery. It's a good habit to get in to and a good tradition.

When I had classes jam packed together and worked nearly full time, I still found time to find a patch of grass and stare at the sky. It would make you forget everything for 10 minutes and I'd be refreshed. Sometimes, a little clear space in the sky is all I need or want.

With this weather, people are giving away zucchini's left and right. I have something like 4 (two of my own and two someone gave us). I love this. Plus, I have about 15 mini green tomatoes I picked from our garden. I'll do something with all of this.

I like the heat even though it makes me worry about my garden and pets. It's this nice warmth...not too humid. I only have 2 air conditioners running in the kids rooms. I must be getting used to the heat or something.

Well, I need to do some creative stuff. I'm going to cover an old metal trunk I have with quilted fabric and pad it. It's beat up and I wanted to do something nicer than duct tape. lol I also have to finish a stack of frames I'm covering with fabric and notions, and I want to teach the kids some weaving (on a hula hoop, can you believe it?). I might opt for some tree branches till I get a new hoop.

Have a good day!


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