Haunted Collection and more

Yesterday, I felt so blah and down from my headache. The heat (probably over doing it in the yard a pinch), pressure from the storm that never was, and feeling tired (probably from the 4th of July weekend/smoke from fireworks) did me in. I was fine the first half of the morning but come 2:30pm, I was ready for a nap but nobody else was (except for Harrison...thank goodness). I crashed on the couch.

The kids were going crazy and having a grump fest. I finally did some TV cruising and found the "Haunted Collector". I have to admit it was fun to watch with a nice detective twist (love that). I didn't really think it was too scary (nothing yucky or over the top) so I left it on there while the kids watched. In some ways, it was sort of historical with research being done and finding about local stories/legends. They had "ghost detecting" machines for certain ghost sounds/readings. I thought this was interesting and a little funny. I kept asking if the kids were scared...was it too scary (some of it was filmed in the dark w/ a green glow to everything). They said they were fine. Well, we watched something like 5 shows. Jon came home and started to immediately roll his eyes at the show and we were like, they are using science to find something. We turned it off when Harry got up and once it got darker, the kids "suddenly" felt scared...very scared. Suddenly, they felt there were ghosts. I was like, oh, great. Now what did I do? At 9:30 I feel asleep and the kids tried to go down but kept getting scared. Jon realized it was also really hot on their loft beds and put the fan on to circulate air. This helped and soon they were in dream land. I told them they should not dream of bunnies. It worked. :) I got this idea from a movie called "The Good Witch" (on neflix). It's a cute movie about a witch who comes back home to her home town to see if she is accepted. It's cute because her shop is called, "Bell, Book and Candle". This is an older film that is about a witch who falls in love with a mortal and loses her powers. :)

For some reason July makes me think of Halloween. I guess I've heard so many "Christmas in July" sayings it got me thinking of Halloween and cooler months ahead. lol

Plus, there are some really interesting shows out there about the whole "ghostly" worlds and so on, out there. I love stuff like that. It's fun because there is always that "what if" feeling mixed with historical stories and antiques. Love it. :)

Well, today we are clearing our palette with going out to the Farmer's Market (just got back, actually), get a few supplies from Lowe's (Check) and a diet of friendly cartoons like "My Little Pony". This cartoon has really evolved since I saw it as a kid. It's 100% better! It's much more practical with resolving feelings and being aware of other people's feelings. I was very surprised. I can't recommend it enough. Plus, they sing! Isn't that cute? ;) lol


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