Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feels like summer...

Well, the party was great for Norrie. She had a great time and was thoroughly spoiled and tired out. She even got her hair trimmed (long over due). I was REALLY tempted into getting her one of those sweet trims where they mow the back of the hair down and it has a nice blunt feel/look and is longer in the front. But the hair dresser scared me out of that. I guess everyone was admiring her red hair so much, I started to feel guilty if I did that. So, we didn't do that. I should have just gotten them both page boys but forgot...Lydia wanted something layered, but I don't really care for that look on kids. I got a light trim (mostly to get rid of spilt ends).

We actually tried out tiki torches and they worked great...though a bit smoky. Friends came over and the gals had a great time running around and trying out the presents. Norrie was really getting a bit big on the idea it was her birthday. She didn't calm down even till today...oh, boy.

I feel tired the more I think about it all...mostly, because of all the cleaning I ended up doing. I rather like having these late evening parties, actually. It gives me more time to clean and I don't feel as stressed out. So, that was a plus.

I really need to try cleaning more each day. It isn't that much, really. Just sweeping and putting things back where they belong. I'll try that for 30 minutes a day. Sounds like exercise but not a bad thing really.

Today we got 2 workout videos from freecycle. As it turns out, the person lives 2 streets away and we ended up walking. I didn't realize how warm it was but thankfully had hats, water and sun block. We got there and then walked back...looks like good videos too though I'll have to wait on the tummy exercises for now.

I have to say doing freecycle is really great for many reasons. The first is I've learned how to drive around this town more just going to pick up stuff. The second is people do care and really want to make a difference by not filling landfills. The third is I can unload a bunch of stuff and it will find a good home.

This is what my kitchen door now looks like. Nobody said anything about it at the party. humph
I thought it looked really cute...of course, it was rather dark at the time.

Oh, and we got Autumn's ear taken care of. She had the growth removed and it wasn't as costly as I thought it would be too. Phew. The main thing is she isn't in pain and is better. Thank the stars. It was really getting rather gross...poor dear. So, I'm glad she's better.

Otherwise, the kitties are doing well. Kiwi may need to go in for a tooth cleaning and shots update. She keeps getting out of the house and today I found her by our neighbors driveway! I was shocked and immediately got her into the house. It's just annoying as she sneaks out the kitchen door. Simone and Sampson are good about staying indoors. Sometimes Sampson sneaks out too...Good grief. Shots are lined up soon.

The guinea pigs are doing well...boy are they demanding at times. I sort of like hearing them make their piggy noises (little squeals). They are so cute! Odie will talk to them (our bird) and he's doing good too. All in all happy pets. Mr. Nelson is fine as well though he has found out how to chase rabbits behind this prickly bush in the yard. Very annoying (though if he wanted to chase them out of my little garden patch, I wouldn't mind...they burrowed UNDER the fence and ate ALL my bean plants. Dang it!). I feel like farmer McGregor in Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.

The gals are slowly returning to normal and the sugar/toy high is slowly, slowy subsiding. It almost makes me not want to do presents on birthdays...not really. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Swollen feet

I can't believe that one simple serving of vegetable soup did me in. But it did...I had some soup (the condensed canned kind) and next thing I know, my feet are swelling. I feel like I'm walking on puffy cushions and tight skin. My toes were sticking out in a very unwholesome way. Ouch.

So, I'm nixing any salt (oh, I did sprinkle some on a boiled egg...dang) and am going to use limes from now on. I used this on my omelets and it was quite good, actually.

Also, my wrist swelled up, not so much from the pregnancy but from crocheting with fabric strips (I'm making another small throw rug, though this one might be a bag as it's a bit too 3-D, hmmm). Oh, well.

I feel like I did a lot but looking around the room, it's a mess. Also, we got word that our relatives are moving in tomorrow! We're having a party and now, I'm like, oh, Good God. Well, it will be an interesting couple of days with this and other things going on. Just part of life...

In the process of all of this, I'm working on new mini-paintings; about 20 or so. I think they're going to look rather charming. Lydia is making me purge my big collection even more and sell them on eBay...I was planning to anyway but it's a lot of work. Also, I have more to mail out from last weeks sales.

I wish there were more of me...esp. to hang the clothing on the line. I think this is why I got so tired out as well.

I figured out I'm about 20 weeks now (though I feel like it's more than that, honestly). I saw a photo of a sweet pregnant woman and she was normal sized. At 22 weeks she was quite "large", so I felt better. I often worry that being big already, I'll get confused for just being large or else, people will make fun of me behind my back. I just feel, being a larger person, people are overly judgmental. Sigh...

Well, it's nearly 8 pm. I hope the gals will be ready to go down soon...thought they just demanded some video game. Sigh, again...

Good day

Finally, a day without whining about what to eat. My youngest is very picky about food and I finally had the right combination, apparently (sour dough bread and soup).

Anyway, I feel exhausted...I did about 4 loads of laundry which doesn't sound like much until you realize I hung them out to dry (going up a flight of stairs 8 times or so). We had a hot and humid weekend with the fair event we did for the museum. It was all right...our food was all right. I think the Cajun corn was just not quite that great (way too spicy and I got heartburn from it). The Mexican corn Jon and I love, would have been better but would have required a bbq for that. Oh, well. The walking tacos were too greasy and compared to the other foods served, we should have stuck to really simple things like slushies, water and chips. Oh, well...lesson learned. I'm just a bit embarrassed at our unprofessional on certain occasions. But it's a learning experience (thought a costly one as we barely made a profit). I really think these things need to have at least 20 or 30 people and each has a briefing of how to behave (wear the plastic gloves and don't open containers with your teeth!). I'm laughing at this now, but at the time, I was rather ashamed.

It was so humid that day as well and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the heat. I didn't stay too long...maybe 2-3 hours and the last bit was hanging around the kid stuff as I had kid duty. Jon stayed the whole day and did way too much as there wasn't more than 3 capable adults to do the work. This was stuff like lifting 250 pound science stuff and putting it in the trailer...honestly, this stuff should be made out of cardboard for all the lifting and hernia ripping involved (esp. with only 1-2 volunteers).

I found this whole thing annoying and if could have helped I would but it's the same old thing as the UU place when we were there. Spreading people way too thin and expecting them to do the job of 30 people. I REALLY hate that. I guess I'm worried because we have 3 day event come September and I'm like, how the heck are we going to do this? And we don't have any sponsors yet. This is becoming a bit scary...

I'm hopeful but very practical when it comes to these things as it comes down to money in the long run and burning people out. Both of which, I can't afford. We shall see...Feels like we're diving into the deep end of the pool with very little experience in basic swimming. lol...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miss confidence

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ready to horse ride!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunny skies and lovely rain...

What a day! The temperature is just and warm-ish. Love this feeling. Plus, I'm really diggin' these rainy Eastern summers. What a blessing...and the smell is so wonderful. That was one thing I always yearned for in S. California...rain. I still find it amazing that it rains on my birthday in July. When I was a kid, I was pray for rain on my b-day. Never happened. Now...amazing.

I'm doing the "starting-too-many-projects-at-one-time" again. But, hey, it's much better to be doing something than nothing at all. I started to get mentally overwhelmed with all my ideas for things I want to do...I'm going to have to revise another master list.

Every Friday, I've decided to donate to sewing. We're at the museum pretty much all day and we sew and make things on that day...very relaxing and fun. Things are starting to pick up in people coming over and I may have to make some big exhibits to keep things fresh...besides the "Magic Birds". I'm making about 5 of them but they are taking longer than I thought to make because I ran out of liquid starch and for some unknown reason the market has decided to stop selling it. VERY ANNOYING. I'll check one more time as I need masking tape too. I have these visions of beautifully sparkly birds in various locations that kids need to track and find.

Besides this, I'd like to make a boat...something the kids could either use as a prop for a "play" on the small stage or else more permanent. They could have fishing rods with magnets to catch fish and so on. I think that would be cool. This and an astronaut spaceship/mission control. This would be so dang would have to have space suits and helmets.

I also need to get bigger costumes as some kids are older who would love to dress up or just a bit bigger and need a bit more room. I'll see what I can do...

I'm in a good mood as I ran outside in the rain and tried to find a luck but it was fun trying to find anything. The sun is shining and the rains are pouring; very cool!

I'm in a good mood and wish I was taking kick boxing again...I just feel like doing some kicks. Of course, this probably isn't a good idea when you're pregnant. Oh, well...

I made meatloaf with turkey last night. My goodness did it come out good. I was shocked. This is probably the second time I've ever made one. I used a basic recipe of turkey (3 lbs), an onion (minced), couple of cloves of garlic (minced), seasoned croutons (1/2 pack), two slices of bread, a 1/2 cup of water, some mustard, Worchester sauce, 3 eggs and mixed it all together, popped it in the oven for 1.5 hours at 350. Man, it was good...too good as I ate too much. At 2 am I had heartburn and was a whiney baby. But it was so good!! lol.

angry face

angry face, originally uploaded by emily999.

don't you mess with me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Magic Birds...

We're making magic birds today...this was an invention/dream of my daughters. They found mysterious black feathers with red dots on them from the museum and before I knew it, magic birds had invaded the museum. They have a collection of things they have found as evidence...they collected this through out the museum with a couple of new friends. We are planning to make a few of these birds for those impaired with imaginative qualities and have them look for clues and find them. They can document their findings in little booklets provided...Ah, the birth of the magical birds at the Children's Museum. Or as Miss Lydia calls the museum, The Children's Castle. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunny days

It's sunny and warm and perfect for hanging laundry out to dry. However, I'm getting a really bad case of itchy skin because (I believe) the laundry is picking up pollen and what knots from the grass. I am very allergic to grass, though much more under control. It is awful. It's either the grass or the fabric softener which is needed or else we have cardboard laundry. So, I may have to go back to drying in the basement (at least all my stuff and some towels). We have to dry it on a line as the dryer is out right now...and we're probably saving a bunch of money on electricity but still...ugh!

I swifter mopped the floors (haven't done that in ages) and now my feel irritated from the chemicals in there. I have to use a damp rag to wipe away that stuff or my skin will get really sensitive and start to burn. It was awful this morning...Maybe I should just use a vinegar/water solution.

I can't use any of my allergy medication and have been pretty good so far, but man there are times when I feel really cranky from skin irritations and my sneezing. Thank goodness it's past Spring. Once Fall hits, I'll be much better.

I painted the back door of the house yesterday. It needs a coating of some sort of sealer as it looks dry. I love the way it looks...has sunflowers and a blue sky. So much better than the plain worn out white it was...I've been meaning to add some color back there and this gives it the punch and cheerfulness it needed. I want to paint the front porch but this seems like a huge task...every time I feel like I'm going to start it, I chicken out and lay down for a nap. Terrible. I've got the paint (periwinkle blue) and I think I'll add some yellow stars in the corners...that would look really cool.

If I could I'd close up half the front porch and extend the front room making an extra bathroom. Maybe next year we can aim for that. What really needs to be done is the windows...they really need attention but that will have to wait as well.

Museum things that are happening...I'm trying to get as much info out about the Children's museum and our various events. We're having a tea party on August 30th and I hope people sign up for this. I tried it once but I guess it was too short notice and nobody RSVP'ed. That was annoying and a bit of a relief as I was over stretched with time/etc. Also, it was a good test to see that I REALLY need to plan a month ahead for these things.

Speaking of museum, I need to get the notes together...It's been a bit hard with the kids here and me feeling tired. I'm supposed to be the director and yet, I'm doing 10 other jobs! Hopefully, this will be remedied soon.

Deep breath...

My one cat needs to go to the vet's soon...poor thing has a huge cyst thing in her ear and she keeps scratching it open. Really yucky and I hope, not painful. I hope I can get in tomorrow.

I gave Mr. Nelson a haircut and bath...but I did a lousy job on his one leg. He started to get tired of the trim...I don't know if my razors are cheap or something or I'm doing the grooming wrong, but it takes me so long to do 1 quarter of him. I'm stuffing him with biscuits to keep him calm (he is really, really sensitive to hair trimmers) and this helps. I have to get his rear end still and even out the blotchy parts. Poor guy. At least he looks white again.

Otherwise, the animals are all doing well...I feel okay and have some energy to move around. Plus, we had a huge rain storm and it cooled everything down abit. It knocked out the power at my mom/dad-in-laws place for 2 hours. Otherwise, a nice weekend and Monday.

Some garden news, I think my turnips are nearly ready to be pulled! I could see the tops of them and I hope they aren't mini-things. My raised plot isn't very high and things tend to grow squat in there...Hopefully, this isn't the case. I'm going to try and make turnip soup. My mom made on when I was a kid and I must admit this was a turning point in my love for vegetables (as in I had none before this).

Well, it's a long day and I'm tired. Looks like we might get another storm tonight...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's another hot, hot day...had to water my little vegetable garden as it was starting to dry up. I should have done this earlier as it was nearly noon and this makes for water drying up faster, etc. Ah, well...I hope it rains tonight and I don't have to do this for a bit.

Jon covered the museum which was busy for once. People came in for a party, there was a good turn out of walk-ins and general good feelings. Jon put up a display that was there in the basement for selling various rocks and some snacks. I have to see what it looks like but it sounds pretty good. We need to get more water/drinks donated to's just that time of year (the thirst of children and parents...).

On occasion, Jon or I will look at and it has some good articles on it. This one really moved me and I want to take some of the suggestions into practice...give away what I don't need and help out at a food bank. I just felt like it was very moving when I read this and it's not that hard to do...well, maybe the money one (giving to the point of being uncomfortable...when we get a little more secure, I can do that for sure, though. I would like to work up to 10% of our income...).

Also, a lot of what was mentioned is just the things I've been craving to do and didn't know how to explain or articulate. It's almost like a moralistic type of Clean House! lol! :) I'm going to try and get on top of my clutter. It will be a challenge but a worthwhile one if I can feel less stressed in my home.

Looks like we're going to try out PA Cyber Charter School, we went over our budget and it seems like private school may be just too expensive for us right now (even with grants). We tried to see about public but the one we would prefer is filled. This has made the decision a little easier in doing the Cyber School...though, I'm a bit nervous. I think everything will be fine. I tend to worry a lot. sigh...

In some ways, I am excited about schooling the kids and getting back in the flow of other homeschoolers. So, this is going to be interesting...Now, I'll only have myself to blame! ACK!

We've been getting into the Muppets lately. We watched the youtube version of the Muppet Movie. Boy, that brought memories back. My mom took me and my sister to see that on my 7th birthday, I believe. It was in downtown Hollywood and there was a toy store near the theater. I got a Hawaiian Barbie doll. Boy, that was a cool toy store, as I recall. Just so much fun in one day. I just love that movie...and the ending is so much better than I remembered. This has a great philosophy about how when bad things happen, sometimes we can find the good in the rubble. At least, that's what I got from it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The new box

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movin right along...

Starting to feel this way with the Children's Museum...It's funny how, no matter what you do, where you go and what you do, there is always going to be some sort of stone in the road. But we just gotta keep movin' right along and be the best person we can be as we keep plugging away. One of our biggest hurtles is the money aspect. Oddly, this isn't too hard when you have friends/volunteers to help and an amazing amount of care from people when for such a long time there was very little activity/care for a place like this. I find it amazing, really, because it shows that what matters is the children above all else. We care about the children and the future and want to create this place that will inspire them with hope and insight. Sometimes, I'm just amazed at what everyone is doing to help and amazed by how many are involved...Plus, I have the donation button up for our organization...check it out at our website!

In other news, it's gotten hot again; a bit muggy and the sort of heat that when I step outdoors, my breath gets taken away for a moment at the tropical feel of it all. It's made me have an upset tummy all day and the gals grumpy. Just too warm, honestly. My glasses keep sliding off my nose and I wish I could walk around in an air conditioned bubble. Terrible, isn't it? The plants love it, of course. I was hoping it would rain it's supposed in the Northern part of PA. I have to water the garden, I guess. Right now, both kids are napping. Lydia had a fit at the museum (did not want to leave) and this was linked to being hungry (we ran out of the house to get to the farmers market before it closed for the some tomatoes, cabbage and zucchini. Going to make a light potato/tomato salad, my mom's recipe! yummmm) and over heated. I knew I should have brought food...The conversation in the car wasn't good either as Miss Lydia started a screaming fit and I said, "Your going to throw up if you keep going on like that." She said, "I don't mind!" I said," You'll mind because you'll have to clean it up." This got her attention for a minute. Then, I said "who's hungry?" Norrie piped up, "I am, PJ sandwiches!" Lydia wailed, "No, PJ'S!" I said "who wants a burger?" Lydia then said, "I do but I won't eat it. I'll just hold it." I rolled my eyes and said, "Okay, you can hold the burger and if you want to take a taste, you can." She liked that and said, "Good idea, mommy." Kids.

Anyway, I need to get Mr. Nelson groomed. He's looking a bit a mowed over stuffed toy. I'm going to try out a new dog groomers and hopefully, he won't have a bad experience. I'm going to bring a bag of treats so, they can give him positive reinforcement. Poor guy still remembers the past groomers and it was not good.

I gave some of the cabbage to the guinea pigs and they are content. I didn't think they'd like cabbage so much but they surely do...which isn't a problem because I buy it all the time but now, I have to share! Oh, well...

I was really annoyed, lately by a few changes in plans I have been having to do for my youngest B-day party. Basically, she wanted to have her party at her aunts house, the aunt said no. Then, she said she wanted it at grandma's house. Grandma said no. I was like, thank you for breaking your grand-daughters little heart. I don't get them...really. Anyway, so I told her it will be at our house and we can do whatever we want. And Norrie is fine with it. All of this happened and then, I had to move the B-day up a week from the actual B-day (which I just think is wrong, honestly. A B-day should be on the day of the birth not for convenience sake...and if it HAS to be a different day, there surely better be a small B-day cake/present for the B-day person on there actual day regardless of all other celebrations. I'm a stickler that way). Anyway, I moved it up a week...that day was wrong, apparently. So, I made it a Sunday...that day didn't work out because there were other obligations. So, I cancelled it all together. I don't care if relatives are moving in from Alaska (actually, from Natick) and things will be "hectic", I will have it on her B-day and I don't really care if anybody shows up...It's for my daughter's B-day and I'm sick of "compromising" for everyone and forgetting my daughter in all of this madness.


I think I know why I love my pets so much now...they do not get too bossy. lol! Except the guinea pigs...boy, do they tell you when they are hungry. I'll have to make a video of that sometime.

Some good news...I found out the orchid I've been trying to nurse back to health and thought was dead, is ALIVE! I'm so happy about this. There are two blooms and I hope they will open soon. I was really nervous as I had to transplant it and thought I had done something wrong...I guess not. Phew.

It seems like I've driven around for two days straight. I don't mind driving but not when it's so hot. I wish there was a farmers market every day, honestly. And I wish somebody would sell flowers...this would make my day.

Well, I have to organize some paper stuff for work and finish out the artist in residency stuff. Actually, I'm 95% done and just waiting on one more letter of recommendation. I think I'll enjoy doing this as well. I need to start working on the paypal shop for the museum as well! This is very exciting and I can show case it on the Altoona blog I write, "The Art Cafe" and other spots on-line. 20% of sales go directly back to the museum and people support local artists as well. If this does well, I hope to expand this into something similar to another art gallery I've seen. Basically, the artist ships directly to the client. So, we shall see...

The Muppet Movie - Movin' Right Along

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nearly every early morn at 3 am

I've been awakening at 3 am in the morning for the past 4-5 weeks now. I made it to 4 am and had to get up. Stuffy nose. This is the most common reason for me getting up and wanting a cup of mint tea (fortunately, I have a new box). I should run back to bed right now, but I wanted to write something even though it's 5 am in the morning. My husband things I am strange and treats sleep as gold (which it probably is).

I did my nasal cleansing and feel a lot, I hope to go back to bed soon. The thing with these early morning "breaks" or insomnia is they are always accompanied by bad dreams or some dream about something annoying in my life. Not that I have a huge bit of annoyances following me around or anything. Just stuff, I believe, I wish I could do something about but feel powerless.

This being said, I have taken responsibility with that one annoying doctor and left that practice. I went to my first new appointment (at the place I wanted to go to originally) and could not be happier with the care and treatment. It's the same midwife office I went and though not fancy or full of the bright light of the lobby like the other place, 100 degrees of difference in care of the patient. I feel like I'm in the right place and feel happy to be pregnant again. Big sigh...

In other news, the weather is slightly cooler and dry. No rain and now, I have to water all this green that's popped up. My tomatoes are wilting and a few potted plants need attention. Supposedly, there will be rain today but I don't want to take my chances.

My garden is getting plush but some of the things in there, I'm not sure if they are stuff I planted or weeds. I keep looking at this one plant which I think is a potato but for the life of me, I couldn't be sure. It looks like a strange forest in my 6 by 4 foot plot. I'm trying my hand at corn this year...I'm surprised it's growing and it sort of dominating the garden. Jon hinted at thinning it out...Hmmmm. I have lettuce under what I thought was a zucchini but is actually a gourd plant (dang, of all the seeds to take). It's exciting and I'm really surprised at what a difference topsoil and compost make. I may have to do a smaller plot or 3 next year (if funds prevail).

Thursday was Farmer's Market day and I went down there and got some tomatoes (6 for $3!), plums, cucumbers and the kids wanted hot dogs. Mr. Nelson was with us and I got him a biscuit. It's small...SO SMALL but at least something of a farmer's market. I wish it would grow at least to double it's size. I'd love to buy flowers from a place like that...I used to do that a lot in CA. My sister used to live in a cute city much like had it's share of probs and then, one day, people started to clean it up. Slowly but surely, families moved in and set up local businesses and it grew and grew. Next thing you know, it's updated and quite the spot for a lot of people. Down town Monrovia...they'd close the main street down and have street merchants every weekend. What a festival sort of, petting zoo, veggies, flowers, artists, you name it. It wasn't by any means massive but boy did it bring in the crowds of people. Jon still remembers and talks about the fried mushrooms. :) I could totally see this happening in Altoona...little by little, it could happen.

I guess I'm responding to a comment we had from a patron at the museum the other day. She mentioned how things were going down hill for this area, etc, etc. It was "the golden days" are over sort of conversation. How are you supposed to respond to that? What are you supposed to feel like when someone focuses on the most negative aspects of a place? Jon was with me and I could tell it bothered him as he has heard this his whole life. Me, I was sort of like, wow...I didn't know this place had such a colorful past...nor did I want to know! lol! I guess I'm the sort of person that is more action motivated and would rather paint a wall then complain about it (at least not too much). I'm glad Jon tried to stress the economic aspect talking to this person...not that she listened.

Ah, well. I know the world has grit and rough spots...I don't think it's fruitful to always focus on it, however. I do think we have patch up the broken tar spots in the road and carry on. That is the meaning of life, I believe. I know there is some great quote out there but I do want to get to this will have to do. Carry on with your life and leave trails safe for our little ones to follow.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

after a bit of Chocolate ice cream

we walked to the local mom and pop shop and got some ice cream cones. Good stuff on a hot summer day...

Angel close-up

Angel close-up, originally uploaded by emily999.

One of my dolls I made...will be submitting this to some design companies. Wish me luck.

fireflies 2008

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being creative

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A hot day...

Hot and muggy, actually. It feels like the air from the dryer if you open it too soon and the laundry is still semi damp but warm. That's how it feels today. We only ventured a little outdoors...just too overwhelming. I hope tomorrow isn't as bad as there is the presentation that seems to be outdoors. I hope it's a bit rainy or at least cool.

We finally got our stimulus check. It's all going to bills or fix up of Jon's car (the breaks are HORRIBLE). My brother's tried to tempt me into getting a Wii (pronounced "wee"). I kept calling it a "why". Kind of fitting, I guess. I was interested in the Wii because my older of my two younger brothers lost 23 pounds using the Wii fit. So, I was impressed by, he sent a BMI page from the Wii and I was surprised to see how detailed it was in progressing weight/exercise management. So, it seemed tempting. But not for close to $500 for the damn thing! My goodness, I was shocked at the price. I guess I'll have to wait for something else to make this happen...something like, more money! lol.

So, for now, I'll just think about it for next year or save up, slowly...very slowly. I'm not a fan of video games so, this is a stretch to say the least. I'd rather just go for a walk (just when it's not so muggy).

Anyway, I did do some painting today. I worked on my doll and she's coming along nicely. I think I made the eyes too punk-ish as in Brazt looking. I might change it. I also have to either paint the body black or add a layer of black fabric to line the dress as I wanted to use lace for her outfit (I'm imagining a Victorian feel to her). The doll is bigger than I thought it would be...about 2 feet long sitting down. It's going to be a good witch woman on a broom. I think it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

Well, the gang came back with yummies for dinner. Pizza and some Italian stuff for Jon and a chicken salad for me. Mine comes with fries...this still impresses me (this a big surprise as in CA nobody would put fries on a salad!).

Monday, July 07, 2008

Taking it easy...

Puttered around the house...amazing how kids leave trails of their curiosity everywhere. It reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid...typical, I guess. lol! No wonder my mom was always so tired...sorry, mom!!

We did some painting...or rather they painted and drew all day. I could make 5 books with the paper they went through. Must be some growing streak or something...very interesting how they like to use models and try to draw them. Norrie is into drawing the Pokemon characters...I didn't do that till I was much least that's what I recall now. I do know I LOVED making things at 5 and would create all sorts of robots, dolls from bits and pieces of fabric my mom had left over.

I'm cleaning out a big drawer which I haven't looked in for about a year, I think. It's not too bad but some stuff can be reused for something else or just tossed. I did find a wonderful collection of trades I did with fellow artists on-line. Wow! I felt like I hit the jack-pot with those...beautiful things for a postcard trade we did on Day of the Dead theme and one was for Valentines day. I want to get a nice frame and mount all the pieces in it. Just so much talent there...

Speaking of frames, my gals are into displaying their art now. They want to sell their work, like mommy as well. Just amazes me at how much they pick up from me as a parent. A little intimidating but not too much, really. Hopefully, I don't have too many annoying habits (maybe needing to exercise more, ahem...).

For myself, I didn't do much art today. Actually, I don't think I did any. I was just sort of relaxing with the kids...we went out to lunch at subway for a first and then to the market. Later, it rained and we watched the thunder storm from my bedroom window. I did call my friend, Caroline, and we chatted for an hour and got caught up on life in general. It was good to talk with her.

Besides all of the drama of doctors and life at the museum, things are pretty peaceful. I feel a lot less stress now that I'm being proactive with everything and got my feelings vented (my sis, mom, hubby, friends are very patient...thank you!).

The only thing I do feel bad about is I forgot to clean the piggies cage. Boy, does that need a cleaning. And looks like our clothes dryer is broken...dang.

We had a great time at a friends annual outdoor party for the 4th of July. It was pretty nice as there were some kids for the my gals to play with and we felt upbeat about the grant info. I wish I wasn't so shy to play my guitar but I just feel I need a few more months to get things worked out. I think it's because I have a different guitar thanks to my dad-in-law, Ed. It's got metal strings and is a bit tougher on the has a really nice rich tone as well. Just when I play, it's really soft because I'm still awkward with the pick. Ah, well...Maybe by Christmas I'll be better...or have a baby to use as a way to practice more till next year! lol!

And something for me to remember:

Perseverance gives power to weakness, and opens to poverty the world's wealth. It spreads fertility over the barren landscape, and buds the choicest flowers and fruits spring up and flourish in the desert abode of thorns and briars.
~Samuel G. Goodrich

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just when I was feeling down...

Something good happens! Looks like we got our 1st Art grant for the museum! I'm so thrilled and happy...of course, happy tears are coming now! lol! This is amazing and so exciting! I kept wondering when are they going to tell us, either way and was getting down about that too. Now, I see we've got the grant! We accept it this week...I'm so excited and thrilled. :) :)

Looks like good things are happening, once again. Plus, I found a pair of sneakers in my size for a good price. lol! You can't beat that for a happy day. :)

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

It's a good day for sparklers and such over here. The weather is a bit muggy and moist with the feeling a storm is coming on. I'm guessing tonight we'll see more rain.

I've been sort of down since yesterday as my doctor wasn't being the most, sensitive or understanding. Basically, he bluntly told me I have a large fibroid, which won't effect the pregnancy unless it moves. This scared me as I couldn't even begin to explain. I just felt like someone had thrown a brick at my heart. Of course, I'm scared and crying all over (thank God, I have a patient husband who let me cry). I know it's not too serious, yet it's scary that it could be. So, I'm trying to remain calm...still, it's upsetting.

The good thing is it was caught because of the pregnancy...they just wouldn't have known with my padding, I guess. The bad thing is it will grow more because of being pregnant. Strange how that works. I guess I'll see how things progress. I just feel very angry as I do feel like I was neglected because of my size. It was a few comments by the doctor that just made me blink. I also feel like I was stupid to go to this doctor as I have always felt a bit uneasy there.

I feel a bit better writing this out and getting my feelings down. The good thing is it's not cancerous and I just hope I won't have to have bed rest. This would drive me crazy.

Art wise, I did some small works and am trying out a different ink pen. I have used 005 to 03 but nothing bigger in terms of pen tips. I'm trying 08 and LOVE it! What a surprise.

Well, I've got a headache. The first I've had in 7 or so months. It's interesting how our own mortality effects us so much...ah, the conceit of it all. Still, I'm actually fine and it's better to know than not to know. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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Kitty Dreams

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Party

The Party, originally uploaded by emily999.


Or somewhat fierce, actually...

For illustration friday

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The piggies are staring at me...

I know I have to clean their cage but thought I'd just sit for a bit...I'm tired. Did some clean-up at the museum with my friend and it looks great. Nelson came along and was the big protector. All in all a calm day. There is a nice breeze blowing cool and sweet. What a blessed relief but it does make me a bit concerned for the fireflies. The gals caught a bunch with their butterfly net and I had the honor of setting them free. I've grown accustomed to their insect bodies and their glowing bottoms. So magical, when you think about it.

The other day, I saw a deer on 17th street...a police car was parked diagonal and was protecting/shielding it. It made me feel sad to see the deer (it was sitting there, like a regal queen in the confusion of mid-day traffic) in a place so outside where it's supposed to be. I hope the deer made it back to the wild or some safe place out of harms way. For some reason, I started crying about it all the way home. I guess I worried about the poor critter. Also, it reminded me of the tragic story about these deer near Tyrone that got on a highway and had almost made it to the woods but got startled and jumped off a bridge to their death. It was so sad. Things like that bother me and I guess most people.

Jon asked me why I didn't feel the same for cows and things like that...I guess it's because there is so little wild left and the wild we do have should be protected. That's how I feel. I know it's a bit old fashioned but I do feel this way. I don't know. Maybe it's worse raising an animal and then using it for food...I don't know what the answer is, really. I guess we should all be like guinea pigs and just eat plants! lol!

Of course, then I couldn't have my bar-B-q with hot dogs and, I'm not a purest. Ah, well...I wish I could be but I know I'd want to have turkey at some point. I guess it's best not to focus too much on that. Especially around lunch time. ;)

Looks like rain is going to happen soon. I'm glad as I'm getting used to the daily raining, somewhat. At least I don't have to water the garden. I have this dream of making little benches to sit out in the garden under some the lilac bushes or baby maples. It's a bit buggy so, I'd have to get some citronella candles or something like that. But it would be so pretty and a bit romantic, I think. I'm thinking of Anne of Green Gables, again. Maybe I'll re-read those books as I haven't read it in a while.

Well, I've got to get lunch started, the piggies cleaned up and then a nap. Hopefully, it will happen in that order. Plus, we actually have a watermelon to cut up! Yippee! I love watermelon. My dad would always eat it with crunchy peanut butter when I was a kid. Bet he still does! So, delicious!

Poem of the day:

By: Adrian Sceley Hartesty

I am a serious child.
I am a serious child with serious goals.
My life is destine to be filled with positivity.
I am a worker.
If it takes hard work to reach my goals, I will do it.
I am a clean somebody.
I know if I lie down with hogs, I will come up with mud. So I will work to keep my mind, my body and my character clean.
I am intelligent.
My brain is a storage place.
So I will fill it to the brim with knowledge and look forward with hope of what tomorrow will bring.
I am a hero.
I don’t spend time wasting time because I know there is room at the top for me.
I am the greatest somebody there is,
so start leading me now teachers,
start guiding me now teachers,
start praising me now teachers.
and you will see me rise to the highest heights.


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