Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just when I was feeling down...

Something good happens! Looks like we got our 1st Art grant for the museum! I'm so thrilled and happy...of course, happy tears are coming now! lol! This is amazing and so exciting! I kept wondering when are they going to tell us, either way and was getting down about that too. Now, I see we've got the grant! We accept it this week...I'm so excited and thrilled. :) :)

Looks like good things are happening, once again. Plus, I found a pair of sneakers in my size for a good price. lol! You can't beat that for a happy day. :)


Carolee said...

BIG Congratulations, Emily!! Sounds like things are looking up - although re the previous post (and speaking as someone who's been through a problem pregnancy) I would definitely think about finding a new Dr. - You should have someone you're comfortable with!

~ Carolee

Kim Hambric said...

Emily, Congratulations on getting that grant. I'm so glad your hard work is paying off!

Emily said...

Thank you so much, Carolee and Kim! It amazes me when something like this happens...!


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