Nearly every early morn at 3 am

I've been awakening at 3 am in the morning for the past 4-5 weeks now. I made it to 4 am and had to get up. Stuffy nose. This is the most common reason for me getting up and wanting a cup of mint tea (fortunately, I have a new box). I should run back to bed right now, but I wanted to write something even though it's 5 am in the morning. My husband things I am strange and treats sleep as gold (which it probably is).

I did my nasal cleansing and feel a lot, I hope to go back to bed soon. The thing with these early morning "breaks" or insomnia is they are always accompanied by bad dreams or some dream about something annoying in my life. Not that I have a huge bit of annoyances following me around or anything. Just stuff, I believe, I wish I could do something about but feel powerless.

This being said, I have taken responsibility with that one annoying doctor and left that practice. I went to my first new appointment (at the place I wanted to go to originally) and could not be happier with the care and treatment. It's the same midwife office I went and though not fancy or full of the bright light of the lobby like the other place, 100 degrees of difference in care of the patient. I feel like I'm in the right place and feel happy to be pregnant again. Big sigh...

In other news, the weather is slightly cooler and dry. No rain and now, I have to water all this green that's popped up. My tomatoes are wilting and a few potted plants need attention. Supposedly, there will be rain today but I don't want to take my chances.

My garden is getting plush but some of the things in there, I'm not sure if they are stuff I planted or weeds. I keep looking at this one plant which I think is a potato but for the life of me, I couldn't be sure. It looks like a strange forest in my 6 by 4 foot plot. I'm trying my hand at corn this year...I'm surprised it's growing and it sort of dominating the garden. Jon hinted at thinning it out...Hmmmm. I have lettuce under what I thought was a zucchini but is actually a gourd plant (dang, of all the seeds to take). It's exciting and I'm really surprised at what a difference topsoil and compost make. I may have to do a smaller plot or 3 next year (if funds prevail).

Thursday was Farmer's Market day and I went down there and got some tomatoes (6 for $3!), plums, cucumbers and the kids wanted hot dogs. Mr. Nelson was with us and I got him a biscuit. It's small...SO SMALL but at least something of a farmer's market. I wish it would grow at least to double it's size. I'd love to buy flowers from a place like that...I used to do that a lot in CA. My sister used to live in a cute city much like had it's share of probs and then, one day, people started to clean it up. Slowly but surely, families moved in and set up local businesses and it grew and grew. Next thing you know, it's updated and quite the spot for a lot of people. Down town Monrovia...they'd close the main street down and have street merchants every weekend. What a festival sort of, petting zoo, veggies, flowers, artists, you name it. It wasn't by any means massive but boy did it bring in the crowds of people. Jon still remembers and talks about the fried mushrooms. :) I could totally see this happening in Altoona...little by little, it could happen.

I guess I'm responding to a comment we had from a patron at the museum the other day. She mentioned how things were going down hill for this area, etc, etc. It was "the golden days" are over sort of conversation. How are you supposed to respond to that? What are you supposed to feel like when someone focuses on the most negative aspects of a place? Jon was with me and I could tell it bothered him as he has heard this his whole life. Me, I was sort of like, wow...I didn't know this place had such a colorful past...nor did I want to know! lol! I guess I'm the sort of person that is more action motivated and would rather paint a wall then complain about it (at least not too much). I'm glad Jon tried to stress the economic aspect talking to this person...not that she listened.

Ah, well. I know the world has grit and rough spots...I don't think it's fruitful to always focus on it, however. I do think we have patch up the broken tar spots in the road and carry on. That is the meaning of life, I believe. I know there is some great quote out there but I do want to get to this will have to do. Carry on with your life and leave trails safe for our little ones to follow.


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