Feels like summer...

Well, the party was great for Norrie. She had a great time and was thoroughly spoiled and tired out. She even got her hair trimmed (long over due). I was REALLY tempted into getting her one of those sweet trims where they mow the back of the hair down and it has a nice blunt feel/look and is longer in the front. But the hair dresser scared me out of that. I guess everyone was admiring her red hair so much, I started to feel guilty if I did that. So, we didn't do that. I should have just gotten them both page boys but forgot...Lydia wanted something layered, but I don't really care for that look on kids. I got a light trim (mostly to get rid of spilt ends).

We actually tried out tiki torches and they worked great...though a bit smoky. Friends came over and the gals had a great time running around and trying out the presents. Norrie was really getting a bit big on the idea it was her birthday. She didn't calm down even till today...oh, boy.

I feel tired the more I think about it all...mostly, because of all the cleaning I ended up doing. I rather like having these late evening parties, actually. It gives me more time to clean and I don't feel as stressed out. So, that was a plus.

I really need to try cleaning more each day. It isn't that much, really. Just sweeping and putting things back where they belong. I'll try that for 30 minutes a day. Sounds like exercise but not a bad thing really.

Today we got 2 workout videos from freecycle. As it turns out, the person lives 2 streets away and we ended up walking. I didn't realize how warm it was but thankfully had hats, water and sun block. We got there and then walked back...looks like good videos too though I'll have to wait on the tummy exercises for now.

I have to say doing freecycle is really great for many reasons. The first is I've learned how to drive around this town more just going to pick up stuff. The second is people do care and really want to make a difference by not filling landfills. The third is I can unload a bunch of stuff and it will find a good home.

This is what my kitchen door now looks like. Nobody said anything about it at the party. humph
I thought it looked really cute...of course, it was rather dark at the time.

Oh, and we got Autumn's ear taken care of. She had the growth removed and it wasn't as costly as I thought it would be too. Phew. The main thing is she isn't in pain and is better. Thank the stars. It was really getting rather gross...poor dear. So, I'm glad she's better.

Otherwise, the kitties are doing well. Kiwi may need to go in for a tooth cleaning and shots update. She keeps getting out of the house and today I found her by our neighbors driveway! I was shocked and immediately got her into the house. It's just annoying as she sneaks out the kitchen door. Simone and Sampson are good about staying indoors. Sometimes Sampson sneaks out too...Good grief. Shots are lined up soon.

The guinea pigs are doing well...boy are they demanding at times. I sort of like hearing them make their piggy noises (little squeals). They are so cute! Odie will talk to them (our bird) and he's doing good too. All in all happy pets. Mr. Nelson is fine as well though he has found out how to chase rabbits behind this prickly bush in the yard. Very annoying (though if he wanted to chase them out of my little garden patch, I wouldn't mind...they burrowed UNDER the fence and ate ALL my bean plants. Dang it!). I feel like farmer McGregor in Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.

The gals are slowly returning to normal and the sugar/toy high is slowly, slowy subsiding. It almost makes me not want to do presents on birthdays...not really. :)


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