Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movin right along...

Starting to feel this way with the Children's Museum...It's funny how, no matter what you do, where you go and what you do, there is always going to be some sort of stone in the road. But we just gotta keep movin' right along and be the best person we can be as we keep plugging away. One of our biggest hurtles is the money aspect. Oddly, this isn't too hard when you have friends/volunteers to help and an amazing amount of care from people when for such a long time there was very little activity/care for a place like this. I find it amazing, really, because it shows that what matters is the children above all else. We care about the children and the future and want to create this place that will inspire them with hope and insight. Sometimes, I'm just amazed at what everyone is doing to help and amazed by how many are involved...Plus, I have the donation button up for our organization...check it out at our website!

In other news, it's gotten hot again; a bit muggy and the sort of heat that when I step outdoors, my breath gets taken away for a moment at the tropical feel of it all. It's made me have an upset tummy all day and the gals grumpy. Just too warm, honestly. My glasses keep sliding off my nose and I wish I could walk around in an air conditioned bubble. Terrible, isn't it? The plants love it, of course. I was hoping it would rain it's supposed in the Northern part of PA. I have to water the garden, I guess. Right now, both kids are napping. Lydia had a fit at the museum (did not want to leave) and this was linked to being hungry (we ran out of the house to get to the farmers market before it closed for the some tomatoes, cabbage and zucchini. Going to make a light potato/tomato salad, my mom's recipe! yummmm) and over heated. I knew I should have brought food...The conversation in the car wasn't good either as Miss Lydia started a screaming fit and I said, "Your going to throw up if you keep going on like that." She said, "I don't mind!" I said," You'll mind because you'll have to clean it up." This got her attention for a minute. Then, I said "who's hungry?" Norrie piped up, "I am, PJ sandwiches!" Lydia wailed, "No, PJ'S!" I said "who wants a burger?" Lydia then said, "I do but I won't eat it. I'll just hold it." I rolled my eyes and said, "Okay, you can hold the burger and if you want to take a taste, you can." She liked that and said, "Good idea, mommy." Kids.

Anyway, I need to get Mr. Nelson groomed. He's looking a bit a mowed over stuffed toy. I'm going to try out a new dog groomers and hopefully, he won't have a bad experience. I'm going to bring a bag of treats so, they can give him positive reinforcement. Poor guy still remembers the past groomers and it was not good.

I gave some of the cabbage to the guinea pigs and they are content. I didn't think they'd like cabbage so much but they surely do...which isn't a problem because I buy it all the time but now, I have to share! Oh, well...

I was really annoyed, lately by a few changes in plans I have been having to do for my youngest B-day party. Basically, she wanted to have her party at her aunts house, the aunt said no. Then, she said she wanted it at grandma's house. Grandma said no. I was like, thank you for breaking your grand-daughters little heart. I don't get them...really. Anyway, so I told her it will be at our house and we can do whatever we want. And Norrie is fine with it. All of this happened and then, I had to move the B-day up a week from the actual B-day (which I just think is wrong, honestly. A B-day should be on the day of the birth not for convenience sake...and if it HAS to be a different day, there surely better be a small B-day cake/present for the B-day person on there actual day regardless of all other celebrations. I'm a stickler that way). Anyway, I moved it up a week...that day was wrong, apparently. So, I made it a Sunday...that day didn't work out because there were other obligations. So, I cancelled it all together. I don't care if relatives are moving in from Alaska (actually, from Natick) and things will be "hectic", I will have it on her B-day and I don't really care if anybody shows up...It's for my daughter's B-day and I'm sick of "compromising" for everyone and forgetting my daughter in all of this madness.


I think I know why I love my pets so much now...they do not get too bossy. lol! Except the guinea pigs...boy, do they tell you when they are hungry. I'll have to make a video of that sometime.

Some good news...I found out the orchid I've been trying to nurse back to health and thought was dead, is ALIVE! I'm so happy about this. There are two blooms and I hope they will open soon. I was really nervous as I had to transplant it and thought I had done something wrong...I guess not. Phew.

It seems like I've driven around for two days straight. I don't mind driving but not when it's so hot. I wish there was a farmers market every day, honestly. And I wish somebody would sell flowers...this would make my day.

Well, I have to organize some paper stuff for work and finish out the artist in residency stuff. Actually, I'm 95% done and just waiting on one more letter of recommendation. I think I'll enjoy doing this as well. I need to start working on the paypal shop for the museum as well! This is very exciting and I can show case it on the Altoona blog I write, "The Art Cafe" and other spots on-line. 20% of sales go directly back to the museum and people support local artists as well. If this does well, I hope to expand this into something similar to another art gallery I've seen. Basically, the artist ships directly to the client. So, we shall see...

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