Taking it easy...

Puttered around the house...amazing how kids leave trails of their curiosity everywhere. It reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid...typical, I guess. lol! No wonder my mom was always so tired...sorry, mom!!

We did some painting...or rather they painted and drew all day. I could make 5 books with the paper they went through. Must be some growing streak or something...very interesting how they like to use models and try to draw them. Norrie is into drawing the Pokemon characters...I didn't do that till I was much older...at least that's what I recall now. I do know I LOVED making things at 5 and would create all sorts of robots, dolls from bits and pieces of fabric my mom had left over.

I'm cleaning out a big drawer which I haven't looked in for about a year, I think. It's not too bad but some stuff can be reused for something else or just tossed. I did find a wonderful collection of trades I did with fellow artists on-line. Wow! I felt like I hit the jack-pot with those...beautiful things for a postcard trade we did on Day of the Dead theme and one was for Valentines day. I want to get a nice frame and mount all the pieces in it. Just so much talent there...

Speaking of frames, my gals are into displaying their art now. They want to sell their work, like mommy as well. Just amazes me at how much they pick up from me as a parent. A little intimidating but not too much, really. Hopefully, I don't have too many annoying habits (maybe needing to exercise more, ahem...).

For myself, I didn't do much art today. Actually, I don't think I did any. I was just sort of relaxing with the kids...we went out to lunch at subway for a first and then to the market. Later, it rained and we watched the thunder storm from my bedroom window. I did call my friend, Caroline, and we chatted for an hour and got caught up on life in general. It was good to talk with her.

Besides all of the drama of doctors and life at the museum, things are pretty peaceful. I feel a lot less stress now that I'm being proactive with everything and got my feelings vented (my sis, mom, hubby, friends are very patient...thank you!).

The only thing I do feel bad about is I forgot to clean the piggies cage. Boy, does that need a cleaning. And looks like our clothes dryer is broken...dang.

We had a great time at a friends annual outdoor party for the 4th of July. It was pretty nice as there were some kids for the my gals to play with and we felt upbeat about the grant info. I wish I wasn't so shy to play my guitar but I just feel I need a few more months to get things worked out. I think it's because I have a different guitar thanks to my dad-in-law, Ed. It's got metal strings and is a bit tougher on the fingers...it has a really nice rich tone as well. Just when I play, it's really soft because I'm still awkward with the pick. Ah, well...Maybe by Christmas I'll be better...or have a baby to use as a way to practice more till next year! lol!

And something for me to remember:

Perseverance gives power to weakness, and opens to poverty the world's wealth. It spreads fertility over the barren landscape, and buds the choicest flowers and fruits spring up and flourish in the desert abode of thorns and briars.
~Samuel G. Goodrich


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