It's another hot, hot day...had to water my little vegetable garden as it was starting to dry up. I should have done this earlier as it was nearly noon and this makes for water drying up faster, etc. Ah, well...I hope it rains tonight and I don't have to do this for a bit.

Jon covered the museum which was busy for once. People came in for a party, there was a good turn out of walk-ins and general good feelings. Jon put up a display that was there in the basement for selling various rocks and some snacks. I have to see what it looks like but it sounds pretty good. We need to get more water/drinks donated to's just that time of year (the thirst of children and parents...).

On occasion, Jon or I will look at and it has some good articles on it. This one really moved me and I want to take some of the suggestions into practice...give away what I don't need and help out at a food bank. I just felt like it was very moving when I read this and it's not that hard to do...well, maybe the money one (giving to the point of being uncomfortable...when we get a little more secure, I can do that for sure, though. I would like to work up to 10% of our income...).

Also, a lot of what was mentioned is just the things I've been craving to do and didn't know how to explain or articulate. It's almost like a moralistic type of Clean House! lol! :) I'm going to try and get on top of my clutter. It will be a challenge but a worthwhile one if I can feel less stressed in my home.

Looks like we're going to try out PA Cyber Charter School, we went over our budget and it seems like private school may be just too expensive for us right now (even with grants). We tried to see about public but the one we would prefer is filled. This has made the decision a little easier in doing the Cyber School...though, I'm a bit nervous. I think everything will be fine. I tend to worry a lot. sigh...

In some ways, I am excited about schooling the kids and getting back in the flow of other homeschoolers. So, this is going to be interesting...Now, I'll only have myself to blame! ACK!

We've been getting into the Muppets lately. We watched the youtube version of the Muppet Movie. Boy, that brought memories back. My mom took me and my sister to see that on my 7th birthday, I believe. It was in downtown Hollywood and there was a toy store near the theater. I got a Hawaiian Barbie doll. Boy, that was a cool toy store, as I recall. Just so much fun in one day. I just love that movie...and the ending is so much better than I remembered. This has a great philosophy about how when bad things happen, sometimes we can find the good in the rubble. At least, that's what I got from it.


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