Good day

Finally, a day without whining about what to eat. My youngest is very picky about food and I finally had the right combination, apparently (sour dough bread and soup).

Anyway, I feel exhausted...I did about 4 loads of laundry which doesn't sound like much until you realize I hung them out to dry (going up a flight of stairs 8 times or so). We had a hot and humid weekend with the fair event we did for the museum. It was all right...our food was all right. I think the Cajun corn was just not quite that great (way too spicy and I got heartburn from it). The Mexican corn Jon and I love, would have been better but would have required a bbq for that. Oh, well. The walking tacos were too greasy and compared to the other foods served, we should have stuck to really simple things like slushies, water and chips. Oh, well...lesson learned. I'm just a bit embarrassed at our unprofessional on certain occasions. But it's a learning experience (thought a costly one as we barely made a profit). I really think these things need to have at least 20 or 30 people and each has a briefing of how to behave (wear the plastic gloves and don't open containers with your teeth!). I'm laughing at this now, but at the time, I was rather ashamed.

It was so humid that day as well and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the heat. I didn't stay too long...maybe 2-3 hours and the last bit was hanging around the kid stuff as I had kid duty. Jon stayed the whole day and did way too much as there wasn't more than 3 capable adults to do the work. This was stuff like lifting 250 pound science stuff and putting it in the trailer...honestly, this stuff should be made out of cardboard for all the lifting and hernia ripping involved (esp. with only 1-2 volunteers).

I found this whole thing annoying and if could have helped I would but it's the same old thing as the UU place when we were there. Spreading people way too thin and expecting them to do the job of 30 people. I REALLY hate that. I guess I'm worried because we have 3 day event come September and I'm like, how the heck are we going to do this? And we don't have any sponsors yet. This is becoming a bit scary...

I'm hopeful but very practical when it comes to these things as it comes down to money in the long run and burning people out. Both of which, I can't afford. We shall see...Feels like we're diving into the deep end of the pool with very little experience in basic swimming. lol...


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