Sunny days

It's sunny and warm and perfect for hanging laundry out to dry. However, I'm getting a really bad case of itchy skin because (I believe) the laundry is picking up pollen and what knots from the grass. I am very allergic to grass, though much more under control. It is awful. It's either the grass or the fabric softener which is needed or else we have cardboard laundry. So, I may have to go back to drying in the basement (at least all my stuff and some towels). We have to dry it on a line as the dryer is out right now...and we're probably saving a bunch of money on electricity but still...ugh!

I swifter mopped the floors (haven't done that in ages) and now my feel irritated from the chemicals in there. I have to use a damp rag to wipe away that stuff or my skin will get really sensitive and start to burn. It was awful this morning...Maybe I should just use a vinegar/water solution.

I can't use any of my allergy medication and have been pretty good so far, but man there are times when I feel really cranky from skin irritations and my sneezing. Thank goodness it's past Spring. Once Fall hits, I'll be much better.

I painted the back door of the house yesterday. It needs a coating of some sort of sealer as it looks dry. I love the way it looks...has sunflowers and a blue sky. So much better than the plain worn out white it was...I've been meaning to add some color back there and this gives it the punch and cheerfulness it needed. I want to paint the front porch but this seems like a huge task...every time I feel like I'm going to start it, I chicken out and lay down for a nap. Terrible. I've got the paint (periwinkle blue) and I think I'll add some yellow stars in the corners...that would look really cool.

If I could I'd close up half the front porch and extend the front room making an extra bathroom. Maybe next year we can aim for that. What really needs to be done is the windows...they really need attention but that will have to wait as well.

Museum things that are happening...I'm trying to get as much info out about the Children's museum and our various events. We're having a tea party on August 30th and I hope people sign up for this. I tried it once but I guess it was too short notice and nobody RSVP'ed. That was annoying and a bit of a relief as I was over stretched with time/etc. Also, it was a good test to see that I REALLY need to plan a month ahead for these things.

Speaking of museum, I need to get the notes together...It's been a bit hard with the kids here and me feeling tired. I'm supposed to be the director and yet, I'm doing 10 other jobs! Hopefully, this will be remedied soon.

Deep breath...

My one cat needs to go to the vet's soon...poor thing has a huge cyst thing in her ear and she keeps scratching it open. Really yucky and I hope, not painful. I hope I can get in tomorrow.

I gave Mr. Nelson a haircut and bath...but I did a lousy job on his one leg. He started to get tired of the trim...I don't know if my razors are cheap or something or I'm doing the grooming wrong, but it takes me so long to do 1 quarter of him. I'm stuffing him with biscuits to keep him calm (he is really, really sensitive to hair trimmers) and this helps. I have to get his rear end still and even out the blotchy parts. Poor guy. At least he looks white again.

Otherwise, the animals are all doing well...I feel okay and have some energy to move around. Plus, we had a huge rain storm and it cooled everything down abit. It knocked out the power at my mom/dad-in-laws place for 2 hours. Otherwise, a nice weekend and Monday.

Some garden news, I think my turnips are nearly ready to be pulled! I could see the tops of them and I hope they aren't mini-things. My raised plot isn't very high and things tend to grow squat in there...Hopefully, this isn't the case. I'm going to try and make turnip soup. My mom made on when I was a kid and I must admit this was a turning point in my love for vegetables (as in I had none before this).

Well, it's a long day and I'm tired. Looks like we might get another storm tonight...


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