Swollen feet

I can't believe that one simple serving of vegetable soup did me in. But it did...I had some soup (the condensed canned kind) and next thing I know, my feet are swelling. I feel like I'm walking on puffy cushions and tight skin. My toes were sticking out in a very unwholesome way. Ouch.

So, I'm nixing any salt (oh, I did sprinkle some on a boiled egg...dang) and am going to use limes from now on. I used this on my omelets and it was quite good, actually.

Also, my wrist swelled up, not so much from the pregnancy but from crocheting with fabric strips (I'm making another small throw rug, though this one might be a bag as it's a bit too 3-D, hmmm). Oh, well.

I feel like I did a lot but looking around the room, it's a mess. Also, we got word that our relatives are moving in tomorrow! We're having a party and now, I'm like, oh, Good God. Well, it will be an interesting couple of days with this and other things going on. Just part of life...

In the process of all of this, I'm working on new mini-paintings; about 20 or so. I think they're going to look rather charming. Lydia is making me purge my big collection even more and sell them on eBay...I was planning to anyway but it's a lot of work. Also, I have more to mail out from last weeks sales.

I wish there were more of me...esp. to hang the clothing on the line. I think this is why I got so tired out as well.

I figured out I'm about 20 weeks now (though I feel like it's more than that, honestly). I saw a photo of a sweet pregnant woman and she was normal sized. At 22 weeks she was quite "large", so I felt better. I often worry that being big already, I'll get confused for just being large or else, people will make fun of me behind my back. I just feel, being a larger person, people are overly judgmental. Sigh...

Well, it's nearly 8 pm. I hope the gals will be ready to go down soon...thought they just demanded some video game. Sigh, again...


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