Sunny skies and lovely rain...

What a day! The temperature is just and warm-ish. Love this feeling. Plus, I'm really diggin' these rainy Eastern summers. What a blessing...and the smell is so wonderful. That was one thing I always yearned for in S. California...rain. I still find it amazing that it rains on my birthday in July. When I was a kid, I was pray for rain on my b-day. Never happened. Now...amazing.

I'm doing the "starting-too-many-projects-at-one-time" again. But, hey, it's much better to be doing something than nothing at all. I started to get mentally overwhelmed with all my ideas for things I want to do...I'm going to have to revise another master list.

Every Friday, I've decided to donate to sewing. We're at the museum pretty much all day and we sew and make things on that day...very relaxing and fun. Things are starting to pick up in people coming over and I may have to make some big exhibits to keep things fresh...besides the "Magic Birds". I'm making about 5 of them but they are taking longer than I thought to make because I ran out of liquid starch and for some unknown reason the market has decided to stop selling it. VERY ANNOYING. I'll check one more time as I need masking tape too. I have these visions of beautifully sparkly birds in various locations that kids need to track and find.

Besides this, I'd like to make a boat...something the kids could either use as a prop for a "play" on the small stage or else more permanent. They could have fishing rods with magnets to catch fish and so on. I think that would be cool. This and an astronaut spaceship/mission control. This would be so dang would have to have space suits and helmets.

I also need to get bigger costumes as some kids are older who would love to dress up or just a bit bigger and need a bit more room. I'll see what I can do...

I'm in a good mood as I ran outside in the rain and tried to find a luck but it was fun trying to find anything. The sun is shining and the rains are pouring; very cool!

I'm in a good mood and wish I was taking kick boxing again...I just feel like doing some kicks. Of course, this probably isn't a good idea when you're pregnant. Oh, well...

I made meatloaf with turkey last night. My goodness did it come out good. I was shocked. This is probably the second time I've ever made one. I used a basic recipe of turkey (3 lbs), an onion (minced), couple of cloves of garlic (minced), seasoned croutons (1/2 pack), two slices of bread, a 1/2 cup of water, some mustard, Worchester sauce, 3 eggs and mixed it all together, popped it in the oven for 1.5 hours at 350. Man, it was good...too good as I ate too much. At 2 am I had heartburn and was a whiney baby. But it was so good!! lol.


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