A hot day...

Hot and muggy, actually. It feels like the air from the dryer if you open it too soon and the laundry is still semi damp but warm. That's how it feels today. We only ventured a little outdoors...just too overwhelming. I hope tomorrow isn't as bad as there is the presentation that seems to be outdoors. I hope it's a bit rainy or at least cool.

We finally got our stimulus check. It's all going to bills or fix up of Jon's car (the breaks are HORRIBLE). My brother's tried to tempt me into getting a Wii (pronounced "wee"). I kept calling it a "why". Kind of fitting, I guess. I was interested in the Wii because my older of my two younger brothers lost 23 pounds using the Wii fit. So, I was impressed by this...plus, he sent a BMI page from the Wii and I was surprised to see how detailed it was in progressing weight/exercise management. So, it seemed tempting. But not for close to $500 for the damn thing! My goodness, I was shocked at the price. I guess I'll have to wait for something else to make this happen...something like, more money! lol.

So, for now, I'll just think about it for next year or save up, slowly...very slowly. I'm not a fan of video games so, this is a stretch to say the least. I'd rather just go for a walk (just when it's not so muggy).

Anyway, I did do some painting today. I worked on my doll and she's coming along nicely. I think I made the eyes too punk-ish as in Brazt looking. I might change it. I also have to either paint the body black or add a layer of black fabric to line the dress as I wanted to use lace for her outfit (I'm imagining a Victorian feel to her). The doll is bigger than I thought it would be...about 2 feet long sitting down. It's going to be a good witch woman on a broom. I think it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

Well, the gang came back with yummies for dinner. Pizza and some Italian stuff for Jon and a chicken salad for me. Mine comes with fries...this still impresses me (this a big surprise as in CA nobody would put fries on a salad!).


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