Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rain and snow candles

Had the most rain in one day...if it had been snow we'd be digging out of it still. Amazing. But depressing and kind of annoying too. Reminded me of Southern California...starting to feel the holiday blues, I guess. At the same time, I'm wondering what I can do to get myself out of that funk. I already know the answer to that one. And I'm doing it. What I'm talking about is setting little goals for myself.

One goal is: when it snows I'm planning to make several snow igloo's like I did last year.

My goal is to do about five of these in honor and memory to all those who have died in Iraq. It will be my little part in remembering those who have died. I hope others will do the same. But I will do my own candle ceremony nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Reclaiming the word...

Well, it was bound to happen. In sharing the information about a local "Stitch and Bitch" meeting in regards to Knitting for Needs, we were told that Stitch and Bitch is was not to be...but Stitch and Knit would be used instead.

And I can understand, totally why there is concern. The word bitch is often used in many degrading and derogatory ways towards people in abusive situations. However, that being said, it is not being used in this way, in the least, with our knitting group. In fact, in using the word bitch (in this case, to bitch or talk about stuff in life that's annoying) in a different form, we are reclaiming it and making it new and our own.

One of the most interesting magazines I've read, Bitch Magazine, has an excellent reason as to why it is called Bitch Magazine:

For as long as we've been publishing Bitch (magazine), there's one question that gets asked over and over. And over. "Why did you choose that word as the name of your magazine?" While we're aware that our title is off-putting to some people, we think it's worth it. And here's why.

When it's being used as an insult, "bitch" is most often hurled at women who speak their minds, who have opinions and don't shy away from expressing them. If being an outspoken woman means being a bitch, we'll take that as a compliment, thanks.

Furthermore, if we take it as a compliment, it loses its power to hurt us. And if we can get people thinking about what they're saying when they use the word, that's even better.

And, last but certainly not least, "bitch" describes all at once who we are when we speak up, what it is we're too worked up over to be quiet about, and the act of making ourselves heard.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Snow pics and beautiful me...

Mr. Nelson enjoying the snow...sort of.
Mr. Nelson was stationed at the porch steps. Reason: He likes to trips people under 3.5 feet tall.

Norrie about to go sledding...
synopsis: Tried it once; that was more than enough.

Happy to be home playing for once.

Lydia sledding
Did not want to go in after sledding six or so times. Coco and popcorn were used as a compromise.

Snowman of November 2005

He's a cute snowman/woman
Originally intended to be a she snowman... A snowwoman.

Stuff for the Stitch and Bitch 2005
extreme close-up.

Typing with Jane

Smile, Jane!
Jane is the rat. I'm the beauty... (hint: read below for my beauty secrets)

a bit pale (Before Photoshop beauty treatment).

Never underestimate the power of Photoshop
for a beauty treatment (After pic)

Jon says I still look tired...he's means sultry, I'm sure.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Collection of Robert Frank

Robert Frank Collection

Also, interested in ,
Jasper Johns again.

Robert Frank...

Just browsing various photo galleries on and someone mentioned Robert Frank. Did a search and am amazed at simple juxstapostions with surprising deminsional meanings. Very compelling work...
Robert Frank

a little about "The Americans"


Wales series was inspired by the novel "How Green was my valley". I'm going to have to read this. "How Green was my valley" was made into an excellent film and so very meaningful to this very day...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I refuse...

I refuse to acknowledge the snow outside. Yes, it's there. Yes, it's cold and yes, I almost broke my ankle the other day shoveling that stuff. But I refuse to acknowledge it. I did take one digital was at midnight (much like around this time). For a moment, I was beguiled by the soft whiteness and the way our lamppost seems to glow from under a snow cap. And it did look very poetic at times, falling in big clumps like powdered sugar. However, I do not think it's wonderful as I am very afraid of driving in this stuff. The slip and roll of my car on ice is not romantic and peaceful. I dread leaving the driveway...our alley needs to be salted and I'm going to have to find out how much that will cost and see if the neighbors will contribute.

Snow. If I don't have to leave the house, it's wonderful and peaceful. Last year, Jon and I stood in the snow around midnight. We enjoyed the quiet. And we watched as a little white car tried to drive up our hill five times(!) and slid down each time. It was awful. Thankfully, nobody was behind them.

Snow. I still don't get why people don't drive with chains on. I'm thinking about getting them on my car...even though it does have four wheel drive. I don't care if it tears up the streets...I don't want to slide down any hills! And it happened to me, once. I was driving up 4th, I believe, from the post office. Didn't see that patch of ice and down I started going. I gunned the car and got out of that but what a panic feeling.

I love and hate snow. It has inspired me, I admit, but it has equally vexed me as well. I'll probably feel better about it once I can go sledding. I'm going to try skiing too. I just hope I don't break anything. Cross country skiing sounds interesting, hard, but interesting.

Anyway, on to warmer subjects...

Here are some pics of my new rat grrls: Jane, Daisy, Abby and Fergie.

Daisy was once named Emily. I was going to name her Emma, but Jon thought that was still too close. Ah, well.

It's to go to bed. Supposed to be in the 50's on one of these days...I guess I should take a few snaps for posterity...I feel so "Princess Bride". ; )

Friday, November 25, 2005

Gallery mouseover...

Christmas Cards...

I did some and they are available at

I think they're pretty darn cute too!

I think I'll do more of these for other holidays as well. I like the way these turned out...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Talk about a white Thanksgiving! Beautiful but now nobody wants to travel. Lol! Also, ironic as I put up the snowflakes falling on my screen...boy, is that ever fitting.

The rats are doing good, Mr.Nelson is happy, the girls are nibbling on chocolate rice krispies and the house smells like boiling potatoes (that's going to be part of my contribution to the dinner). I want to go and try the rosemary turkey that Julie is baking right now. I think we'll try to venture out into the cold and snow.

I feel really good as I didn't forget to take my medicine and am feeling fine. I'm also very happy Jon is home even if he has to work tomorrow : P.

I'm also happy that Jon's parents didn't go to Boston, MA and are safe at home. Phew! I was stressing out about that.

Also, hope my art students are feeling better and the mom's who are sick too. Hopefully, everyone will recover soon.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone can say one thing they are thankful for. For myself, I'm thankful my families are safe and even though we are spread out through the world, they are still close to me in my heart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm sick. Art box.

But I got to sleep for a bunch of hours. I think it's partially migraine/early cold symptoms. And when I looked outside to see my dearest Jon go, my God! It snowed! Everything is white and blue.

My left ear and left side of my face is unusually tender and there is pressure behind my ear. I just took two Motrin’s...should help.

Art Box.

Just read
  • this article off of
  • boingboing It's an installation where people put an object in and out comes a handmade reproduction of it. Very interesting and humorous. I viewed all the little photos and the sushi one

    was my favorite. Apparently, they're going to come out with a book...even so, this is such an interesting happening.
  • Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Am I getting sick?!

    Dang! I think I am. I feel hot, tired, irritated, swollen ear/eye, and just plain lousy. I DON'T WANT TO BE SICK. Okay, for that matter, nobody wants to be sick. And yet...

    Well, I've got some new additions to the house of Gottshall. Four to be exact. Are you ready? We have four little rats who are named (unless there are changes) Abbey, Jane, Daisy and Fergie. I'm hesitant on the name Daisy. Originally her name was Emily. And though I feel honored by sharing my name with Ms. Rat, I feel it's good to try a different name. I actually, as a young girl, once named a pet pigeon of mine, Emily. I just thought my name was the best plus, being 10 helps too.

    So we now have four little rats and my girls LOVE them. They want to feed them constantly, see them, play with them and are just totally enamored. Plus, rats do not shed (or it's very small amounts), are a little like big sized hamsters and baby opossums and really are smart. I like that they are sure footed and clever.

    We're going to build them a maze to play in. I think we'll all like it.

    Two of my cats have found the cage and have stared intensely at it. But no harm or damage is happening, thankfully. The older cats are probably the ones to worry about, sort of. They were the definite hunters in the pack in their day. I have countless stories of various critters they'd bring back to me...apparently they thought I was their baby, or something. Kind of cute, actually.

    Let me tell you, a small animal in a double cage is lots of interest for the girls. They love it and as Jon said, "It's better than TV!" And it really is.

    Plus, I'm having all sorts of inspiration as an artist. It's funny how having live animals can create new interactions between objects and seeing their shapes in those relations is fascinating.

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    Monday, Monday...Sunny Monday...

    Well, actually it's kind of gloomy and chilly out there. We woke up late after a fun Sunday. Went to Church, saw a dead cardinal (very sad), watched the ducks, saw the sun glint across the reflecting pond, got naughty fast food and watched old Betty Boop cartoons, then tucked everyone in bed for naps and I stayed up to watch "Saturday Night Fever" (which is fun to watch on TV because most of the swear words are voiced over...even though there certainly is a lot of violence in this film, it was all right). I quilted while I watched TV without worrying about the kids seeing something gross/violent. This is the main reason why I don't watch TV. This and commercials. I don't like my kids being exposed to countless repetitions of commercials. Saturday morning is the worse. Fortunately, this is the only time they watch regular TV. Thank the stars, there is PBS. I wish there were more shows like Mr. Rodgers, Sesame Street and the like.

    Then, we trudged up to Grandma/pa's and then home again, home again jiggety jig. Midnight slipped upon us, faster then you would believe possible and the kids fell asleep in their soft beds.

    Today we are getting rats. Four pet rats. Why? For fun, to study (do illustrations of) and because I like having animals around the house. Did you know I used to have a pet crow? Her name was Bumpkin. Everyone (but me) hated that name. They wanted to name her exotic things like Merlin (before we found out she was a she) or Natasha. But Bumpkin was Bumpkin. Eventually, she learned to fly and flew away. She returned once, but never came back after that. I still miss Bumpkin. I'll try and dig some photos of her up. My main regret is I wish I had known how to feed birds properly (like giving them grit). This would have helped so much. sigh...

    Anyway, I'm definitely going to take good care of the rat girls. Four cats, four rats, one Mr. Nelson, and two toddlers. What a house hold. I love it!

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Found fortune cookie saying:

    About time I got out of that cookie.

    (This was on an actual fortune)

    Observation of the day:

    Young couple kissing in the parking lot. When my headlights fell upon them, they didn't even budge. It was a good night for is SO very cold out there.

    Bundle up, everyone and start kissing.

    Better than expected...

    Stitch and Bitch went better than I thought, thankfully. Not too many people and I felt like I wasn't too stressed out. I just wish I had brought some tea to drink as my mouth got all dry and my lipstick got gooey. I hate when that happens. sigh...

    Anyway, there was about eight or so people and one little gal (3.5 years old) all together. There was a very brave man who gave it his best shot at knitting. Actually, two very brave people as they had never even tried sewing in their life! I was very proud that they tried. It's like jumping on the ice and trying to skate even when you're falling on your rump...good learning experience.

    I,however, was happy it was a small turn out. Phew! Now I'll have to get more needles and start advertising. What a relief not to have 50 or so people there. I work best in small groups and this was right up my alley.

    Thank goodness I had my mom-in-law there to help, too. She was really good and was able to encourage people to keep going.

    What a busy day I had; piano lessons, art class and then knitting. Not to bad, really. It's really good doing what you like to do...not waiting around for it to happen. I guess when I was younger I thought things had to happen to you...Now, I realize you make things happen. I'd like that on a bumper sticker: You make things happen. My capitalist mind is rolling as I think I'll put that on a bumper sticker in cafepress! : )

    In fact, here is the link:

    Illustration Friday...

    This is an old piece I did ages, life times ago...

    It was partially about children and commercialism. I was exploring using random clippings/words and this is what I came up with. I think I'll try this with my classes next.

    I wanted to do something fresh and new but haven't any fact, I should be leaving for my knitting class (Stitch and Bitch 2005) but I'M WAITING FOR MY PRINTER TO FINISH PRINTING directions for knitting!! Ugh.

    And of course, now that I wanted to have my husband there...the kids are passed out. Fortunately, mom-in-law will be there. I hope it goes well. And I hope only four people show up without needles as that is all I bought for now.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Blog birthday!

    Well, actually it's November 25th 2004. One year old. Wow. It's a nice start to blogging. Blogging, journaling, diaries...these have always been a part of my life. Or rather, journaling has. I remember when I started my first journal in grade school. I still have it. Lots of "I like him", "I have to do homework" and of course doodling. I remember my sister and I used to write in diaries and then "sneak a peak" in each others. We were so silly. I had this doodle page titled Doodle page. Then the following week I peaked in my sister's diary and she had a doodle page too. Can you imagine the outrage I felt, the injustice of it all! Of course, it didn't dawn on me that I was a sneak too. : )

    So, I've kept an ongoing diary for nearly 23 years. I have a little wooden chest filled with my writings, tears, inner thoughts, my most profound insights and past fanciful loves. Boy, I spared a lot of people a sore ear! Lol! And don't let this blogging fool you. I still keep a journal and write there too. I am ashamed to say, I'm down to only a few times a month. I used to write in my journal every three days.

    I think writing, however you do it, is one of the best ways to express yourself. For me, I feel as though once my thoughts are on paper, they are some how smaller and easier to handle. I guess that's why it's important for me to write down my goals. They don't feel beyond my grasp, they are tangible and real. There's proof of that goal existing for it is on the paper and in my hand.

    So, this month I am officially a year of blogging. I must say this past year has been quite good and I have been so blessed to met people both on-line and off. Amazing.

    Bubble people

    New stuff at Cafepress

    Panda Bubble

    More to come!

    Simple Plan: Welcome to my life

    My friend, Jodi, told me about this group...Simple Plan. Pretty cool and right on with the words.

    You can see the video in the above link. May have to get their CD...

    It's funny. Ever since I've given up on the whole TV stuff...just watching videos/dvds and maybe an hour of TV a month, I feel a lot better about life. Funny how that works. Yes, I do a lot of internet stuff (so I'm not totally out of it), however, I find my self able to cope with the doesn't seem as slanted and "crazy". ; )

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Cold days and then warm...

    True sign of Fall, I guess. Back and forth and back again. I've got an ear ache...from the allergies or TMJ. I think it's an ear ache as it's the entire ear and comes from the top not the bottom by my jaw. Very annoying and makes me annoyed.

    Working: on some dog portraits, ACEO's, paintings, and Christmas presents for family.

    Time: Stretched thin but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd rather be a bit busy then bored. But can you really be bored? There is so much to do and time is always running away from, boredom is for the unimaginative. For those people who have never dreamed or shut their dreams in boxes, boredom is there. Unleash those dreams and suddenly there isn't time enough in the day...

    Emotion: Wish I had two of me! Now that would be scary...Mostly wish I didn't have to sleep, could be part genie and make the house clean in an instant. Now, that would be something. But mostly, I feel pretty good.

    We went for a drive today. Went to Surplus city and I tried to find the material I needed to finish some curtains. No such luck. I was sad but expected them not to have it. Ah, well. I'm not sure what to do now. I could stop the curtain idea and just make a quilt or else add the last of the yellow fabric with some new stuff and see if it looks odd. I don't know. Very frustrating.

    Reflections: Amazing how much you get done without watching TV. I'm constantly amazed at what is gained. Certainly, I'm on the computer a whole lot. However, that is primarily my business stuff and art. Plus, it's a great learning tool esp. for business sense.

    Otherwise, things are pretty much parents are safe and comfortable, my brothers are working hard but working and my sister is doing very well even with her bad allergies. These are reassuring things to keep in mind. My family is healthy and Jon's folks are doing good. Remembering the blessings around us is a good way to relax as well.

    Now, on to cleaning that bedroom...or at least try to! : )

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Mr. Nelson

    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    A little lite supper at the table. ; )

    Last weeks walk...

    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Had to get a shot of these lovely trees against the blue sky. Don't know the name of them but I call them "cheery cherry reds".

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    A little something about me...

    I've discovered, when given time, I tend to think about things. I think and think and then I know what I need to do. This is in relation to lots of aspects of my life, but primarily it takes shape in my artwork. I have lots of "clutter" and piles in my house. And for some reason, it seems to move about my bedroom...which isn't easy when you've two toddlers and share your room with your better, much better, half.

    But I have clutter and scraps in boxes and stacks. I sometimes worry or stress out about what others will think of this chaos. But I'm starting to realize this is how I work, to an extent. And hate it or love it, this is how my mind works. So, I guess instead of clutter, these are my thinking piles. That being said, I'm still going to organize my thinking piles so I can at least find my x-acto knife/blades which have been missing for an unseemly long time.

    I’m going to try and make sorting my bedroom the goal for the weekend. I believe if I divide and conquer (sort into keep, throw out, recycle boxes) I’ll be able to clear off my dresser/desk and get that room in order. Wish me luck…

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    New Goodies at Cafepress!

    Dolls of Happiness!

  • Doll Cards

    These are little wooden dolls I've painted and photographed. They are for Christmas and just because... : )

    I based my photographs on the basis of
  • Tasha Tudor's
    work...a simple homemade Christmas feel. Hope you like them!

  • Doll Cards

  • eBay items and Cafe press!

    Lots of new paintings on eBay!

    Some have Christmas themes!

    My Cafepress store has some new items like:

    as posters and mouse pads!

  • Emily's Cafepress Store

  • Monday, November 07, 2005

    Portrait Tuesday..

    Actually, there are two pics...This is what greets me in the morning on those rare sun filled days:

    Why is this a self portrait? Because this is a quiet moment of time for me and I am the only one up to greet the sun filling in my window.

    Art Gallery

    Art Gallery
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Some of my work is on display at a local gallery called Albert Michaels Gallery. Very interesting and unique gallery/studio. More pics coming soon!

    Plus, they are having a Christmas art showing...lots of goodies!

    Illustration Friday: Night

    I love this topic as I have been thinking about these mythical night creatures or I should say, bringers of night. They are, of course, the Horses of dusk which legend says roamed the earth constantly, bringing on their hooves the approaching night. Their hooves are light and as they gallop across the continents one can see a purple haze left by their trails across the sky. Sometimes, there may be a bit of rose, other times green and blue across the horizon. They say, the stars are released on clear nights. And if there are clouds, the Horses hoof prints can be seen as the moon peers through...but only for a moment. And so, I present "The Horses of Dusk"...

    Saturday, November 05, 2005


    Julie puppet
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Finger puppets, that is. Stuff for the kids...

    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    My Shop...

    Lots of new stuff up at !
    Such as:



    November 2005

    Trying to straighten up/arrange the room in a practical child friendly atmosphere. Tomorrow is the toddler hour. Should be lots of fun, noise and lots of glitter. I'm excited and I'm the instructor! : )

    Something about having your radio (internet) station tuned to classical music all day. Very relaxing and joyful. I usually stress out about having people over and the house isn't, I'm okay with it. I'll just do my best and that's it.

    Mr. Nelson is sitting on the green Queen Annes chair I have. I think he thinks it's all for him. Actually, he's not sitting...rather lying down in a very comfortable dog way.

    I'm so glad the cat scan is over. I have a deviated septum but nothing more serious than this. I was hoping to become enlightened about my hearing. I guess to the audiologist I will go.

    This month should be a bit more relaxing. I have a few projects but to my relief it will be slowing down a bit. A flurry of activity is nice but I like things to be calm after awhile. I guess it's good that Winter approaches, laying her fingers upon the eyes of Fall and sings her song of icy sleep. Ah, Winter approaches.

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

    ~Martin Luther King

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Beautiful Fall day...

    Tad chilly out but the trees are just the right colors someone seemed to mix on a painters palette. Amazing.

    Had art class today. It's surprising and wonderful watching kids paint. They have no inhibitions about color or form. They just let it flow. Sometimes there is a nervousness about painting but that is over come with encouragement. Lovely to see people bloom with their work.

    I'm really lucky. I have my in-laws helping out watching the kids. This helps SO much. I really am lucky as they are only two blocks away and we can walk up when the weather is nice, like today. It also helps they are mostly willing to be there when I need them. Such a blessing.

    I miss my art aide. She's getting ready or has already left on a trip to Las Vegas. Fun spot and lots of places to eat and shows to see. Hope she has a good time.

    Friday is a big day but only for an hour. Should be lots of fun and mess. I'm teaching toddlers an art class. Actually, it's going to be three art projects and there will be some mom's there too. This is a stress reliever, to be sure.

    I have so many art projects but I feel like I'm strapped for time. I've been getting stuff tested on my allergies. Allergic to grass and dust mites. And I had a cat scan to see what my sinus' were doing. Hope it helps. So, I've been going to the doctors A LOT. Very annoying.

    But I have several plans now. I have ideas for advertising my work and making a brochure to get a sample view to people. I may have to do several versions as I have a couple of styles. I'll just do two and see what happens. Thank goodness for computer programs!

    Also, have to get the flyers ready for the "Stitch and Bitch" or Knitting for Needs group I'm setting up at the campus. The goal is to learn to knit and donate the proceeds with monetary contributions to a local group. I'm thinking Family Services of Altoona would do, as a friend mentioned.

    Other than this, nothing much else. Just the hum drum of life...dishes, laundry, sketching,art projects, playing with the kids and clean up. Not too bad, really. : ) Oh, I may take up the jazzercize class at the Y. Sounds like fun.


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