November 2005

Trying to straighten up/arrange the room in a practical child friendly atmosphere. Tomorrow is the toddler hour. Should be lots of fun, noise and lots of glitter. I'm excited and I'm the instructor! : )

Something about having your radio (internet) station tuned to classical music all day. Very relaxing and joyful. I usually stress out about having people over and the house isn't, I'm okay with it. I'll just do my best and that's it.

Mr. Nelson is sitting on the green Queen Annes chair I have. I think he thinks it's all for him. Actually, he's not sitting...rather lying down in a very comfortable dog way.

I'm so glad the cat scan is over. I have a deviated septum but nothing more serious than this. I was hoping to become enlightened about my hearing. I guess to the audiologist I will go.

This month should be a bit more relaxing. I have a few projects but to my relief it will be slowing down a bit. A flurry of activity is nice but I like things to be calm after awhile. I guess it's good that Winter approaches, laying her fingers upon the eyes of Fall and sings her song of icy sleep. Ah, Winter approaches.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

~Martin Luther King


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