Sunday, November 27, 2011

Magic flute

We decided to stay home from church. My ear is just starting to feel better (no headache/pain for the first time in 5 days), Jon is coughing and Harrison is starting to feel better after severe diarrhea yesterday. Poor child. It's terrible when babies get this and along w/ a rash. So, we just stayed home, relaxed, ate leftover Thanksgiving food and let everyone feel better from the past few days.

It is good to have time to rest and putter around the house doing a little of this and that. Yesterday, I was feeling better and did a little too much, I think. By 11pm I had a sore throat, I am purposely taking it easy.

Well, I was all excited about sewing some things and sat down at my machine. As soon I took 3 stitches, I broke the needle. I couldn't believe it. I took everything apart and sure enough, it was clogged w/ dust/thread residue. I cleaned that up. Set it up and started to sew...broke another needle! I was really getting upset and took it all apart again. I fiddled with it for an hour and my fingers started to feel numb and painful. Fortunately, my sis-in-law called and made me take a break. We did Christmas talking (without the little ears of the giftees). She told me to try working the machine the next day. I listened and did just that...and it worked! I did the exact opposite of what I needed to do, and wouldn't you know that was what I was supposed to do. sigh...

While I worked on the sewing machine today, I had the Magic Flute by Mozart playing. I felt inspired. My dad always says that Mozart brings out the genius in people...I'm starting to think my dad is on to something here. :) I'll see if it works while I do my art. lol

I'm just so pleased I got my sewing machine working, again. What a relief. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy~ Have a good Sunday.

Oh, and because I live in a small town, tomorrow is the first day of hunting. So, everyone gets that day off. Isn't that weird? lol I'll spend it baking w/the children and making pretzels. I'm actually happy about it because I missed so many days of activities w/ the children because of my ear/sinus infection. So thankful for having medicine available and minor health problems.

Friday, November 25, 2011

art projects...

I remember doing this one project in college for a design class. We were given several words in an envelop. We had to use at least 5 of the 8 words. I remember it was challenging and quite fun making something unique with our words of choice.

Well, my new project is writing words down and putting them into a jar. I will pick 5 to 8 words and work exclusively from them and see what I come up with. It's exciting and fun as it's freeing having a place to jump off from instead of feeling like you have to think of everything right at the moment. I'm going to do mixed media pieces and see what happens.

Health-wise, I still have a headache and pain in my ear/nose. It's the ear infection and I do notice I'm hearing much more then I was, I must be healing. Everyone (my dad and aunt) are telling me to try probiotec as well as the antibiotics. I guess I'll eat more yogurt.

Otherwise, I don't feel too bad. I got 2 naps, Jon got one and things are mostly good with the kids (cold-wise). I just want to have a happy weekend with nobody sniffling/sneezing, etc.

Next weekend is the boutique. I hope I can finish up a few projects to sell there and do a lot of selling. It's a little nerve wrecking because what you hear from the news is people want/need practical things and my art is for fun and whimsy. I'll figure it out by selling at different price ranges, etc.

There is SO much coming up, honestly. I feel overwhelmed by it all. I still have to get some fabric to make a few gifts for my kids and their friends. I haven't made a single gift for anyone, yet. I'm trying hard to go the make it route this year. I usually make about 75% of my gifts, every year. That's just the way I am...and I love doing it.

90% of the people I make gifts for tell me they love it and will display their gifts, etc. The only person that didn't like my gifts was, of all people, my niece. When she was 4, I made her a stuffed animal...a little princess (she loves princesses) stuffed toy. She threw it away from her and cried. The next year I just gave her a kitty notepad and pencils. Honestly, I don't know why she is like that...her parents seem all right. She just acts so spoiled. I was very surprised at how she treated her dad (yesterday). She yelled at him in a super snotty/whiny voice to get her some milk or something of this nature. I was like, oh my gosh. I would have gotten so angry at my kids if they had talked to me like that. Then, her dad said something snotty about it not being his kitchen and what can you do. He totally didn't tell her to talk nicely or anything. Geesh! At least my sis-in-law would have told her not to talk like that. I admit, I gave my niece a dirty look when she acted like a stinker.

Anyway, I don't know what to think about my niece. I'm trying to like her and be nice but there is something that rubs me the wrong way about her attitude. Maybe she needs chores or something to be responsible for like washing windows or scrubbing down the counters. Have you ever heard of the expression "Belly Button of the Universe"? She's got that syndrome. lol Hopefully, no family will read this and give me grief later.

Otherwise, everyone had a good time and were mostly sedate. The nice thing is the weather is warming up and this is a good Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, all week long I've been blah and sick and low energy. Finally, I got to see the doctor after trying to juggle schedules and get a time in. Apparently, I have double ear infections. For some odd reason, my tonsils seemed to be missing or or hidden...I honestly think my throat was just so swollen you couldn't see anything clearly. Anyway, I'm on antibiotics and can feel things drying up a little. Most of all, I don't feel so sore and plugged up.

I still felt low and not too excited about everything (dinner). Jon took care of the food stuff (baked yams) and we got to relax w/ some family. I felt very positive and thankful...even with health ickiness. My aunt called last night and I was like, wow. Thank you for reminding me of all the good things (even if my dad's health isn't 100%) that have happened. Miracles can happen. My dad has made peace with my brother-in-law, my sister is getting a relationship with our parents and everyone is being normal. Thank God! That is all I wanted and I feel like this is the best Thanksgiving...the best year, we've had a in a long, long time.

My dad called this morning and we had a great talk and I felt so blessed to hear him talking and being coherent and loving. It really made me feel good. Honestly, it was like a I got all these overdue Christmas presents from one conversation. :)

Then, we went to Jon's parent's and had a really, really good turkey for dinner w/ all the trimmings. I felt a little tired ( and still do) but it was so worth seeing everyone and visiting. We missed our sis-in-law as she was working but all in all, a good time.

The only sad thing is our dog Penny got a weird rash from her new dog coat. She wore it during the rainy days we had and it rubbed off a bunch of fur/made a scratch mark on her ribs. I was shocked. Thankfully, I bathed her and put witch hazel on it immediately. She seems to look more comfortable but if it's worse, we'll take her to the vet. Poor baby.

I have plans black Friday wise. well, being broke, you're kinda limited, anyway. lol It's not bad, really. I hope people do shop at my Etsy shop and get some nice gifts that are homemade. :)

However you spend your day tomorrow, have a great day. Hopefully, it will be sunny and pleasant and filled with leftover turkey! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Still sick, waiting for the doctors to call and so on...

My throat is killing me and my ears hurt but otherwise, my spirits are actually upbeat. Things are going well with some issues I had family wise. It's good to communicate, even if there are rough spots. It's worth getting things out and organized.

It's really annoying the doctor hasn't called back...the nurse was going to recheck but nothing since 11 am. I called at 9 or so. Geesh.

Jon is feeling lousy too. Norrie threw up yesterday, Lydia has a cough, Harrison fell asleep while snacking (not normal to do since giving up naps) and I feel sluggish. However, I feel so glad about certain things that I feel like we can handle it all. It's all right and we'll get past it.

Oddly, everyone else has been calling dad and mom (twice), our rector for the newsletter, and I think someone else but I forgot who. So, I'm popular. lol

I would like prayers for my dad...he's being stubborn about going to the doctors, again. So annoying. But I think he'll listen once he has an appointment and doesn't feel like he has to go to the ER.

I had 1 blow out w/my sis but it turned out to be a good thing. We got stuff aired out and I'm glad we're in a better, more understanding place. Isn't that just the way with sisters? :)

Also, I figured out how to revamp my little felt guinea pigs. I'm so excited they look really cute with their accesories and I think they will sell a lot better now. Sometimes, you have to make some mistakes and see how you can make something better...

Oddly, with having to take naps from this cold, it's made me have some new ideas, art wise. How funny to get inspirations between that area of rest/sleep and dreams. I have gotten quite a few inspirations this way. I'm sketching them out.

The biggest thing is getting the newsletter put together for Church. I see it as a challenge to get that cranked out as fast as I can. Usually, this depends on the info reaching me but once I have all of it, I like to plunk it in. Now, that I know a little more about design, it's becoming more interesting to see how the layout looks, etc.

Anywho, all in all, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm glad we got sick before the big Turkey day. I admit I've been thinking about turkey for the last few days...We're not making one (my in-laws are doing it) but maybe I'll defrost ours anyway. It certainly would make everyone (pets included) drool. :)Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving banner

A decoration I did last year. :) Hoping everyone finds something to be thankful and grateful for. I'm definitely grateful for my family (near and far) and for a little warmer weather. Feeling blessed. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

throat aches

I feel like I'm getting a sore throat...started about 2pm. Thankfully, I didn't have to pick up the kids today as it's choir singing. :) I did spend a lot of time with Harry and prepping some crafts for Sunday school.

Plus, I did some art work. I'm a little annoyed only 1 thing sold on eBay. I guess it's harder at this time of the month to buy goodies. I'll try relisting at a lower starting price and free shipping, I think. Otherwise, I'll bring my crafts to the Holiday Craft Fair that is happening on December 6th in support of a church friend. More on that later.

I was praising my self for not losing my patience but I had a fight w/my sister. Sorry!! (hope she reads this soon).

Anyway, gotta do some sleeping soon. night

Lost glasses and feeling like Macgyver

So, I, or rather someone in the family, has misplaced my glasses. Last seen in the bathroom on the shelf, according to my hubby. When I searched & cleaned up there, no glasses. I then, checked my room and dumped out all my boxes of stuff and nothing. I did find the broken pair of glasses w/ one ear holder. I was like, ARGH! I had to drive the kids to school in 5 min. So, I grabbed a Chinese chopstick (for your hair) and taped it on. It worked, okay. I felt like a total nerd but I got to school w/out having to worry about my eye sight. Geesh!!

The only thing I can think of is, someone little and under 3 might have gotten a hold of them. My biggest fear is the toilet might be involved. It has been flushing weirdly but glasses would not go all the way down, would they? I really, really, really, really hope they are in this under 3 years old kids room. sigh. I will be there, soon, cleaning that out.

All I know is I need to find my other pair that are also missing. Plus, a pair of green rain boots and some other stuff. What is my house becoming? I vortex of lost things? I don't understand how so many thing s are going missing. Sometimes, it feels like we have house elves that don't understand the concept of house work.

To top it all off, the dogs pooped in the house, again. I couldn't believe it. I still haven't found a pee spot but why are they doing this all of the sudden?

Thank God today was the last day of kid stuff/education week. I haven't had any time to do anything but come home, go back to school, come back home, go back to school and pick up the kids. Even Harrison couldn't stand it and fell asleep in the car. I mean, he fell asleep as soon as I put him in the car seat and before I even shut the door. I have never seen a kid do that before!

I need to list new things on eBay, gotta go to the post office and mail some things out and basically do chores. I just want my glasses back and be relaxing in a tub with bubbles.

And why does my back hurt? I finally did some workouts this week, nothing too intense but I think it did make my back hurt. I'm just a big complainer, yes, I am.

I need another cup of coffee. The great news is my brother got some materials sent to me and all before the next day. He is AWESOME!! :)

Also, my dad-in-law is AWESOMENESS too. :) There is a lot of good things happening and I'm so blessed.

And another great thing, it's sunny! :) Beautiful sunshine sky w/ clear blue hugging that sparkly star. :) What a terrific Friday. Even if the soil is crunchy from cold/ice, it's so wonderful to be able to see/hear/smell and embrace Fall. I think I feel like this because we also went to the park w/ these grand ol trees and there is nothing happier than well tended trees. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fitful sleep

kept dreaming about my dad and his health. Praying all is okay. I'm still waiting for my brother to email pics... Why is everything such a challenge????

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cooking has got me tired...

It's 3pm so, it's not too obvious as to why I feel sleepy/tired. I did a lot of cooking...made 2 soups and got veggies prepped for snacks. I also did some house chores and a walk w/ the dogs & man cub. I think the weather is making me sleepy too. Jon got today off from work and was a good sport by volunteering some time at the kids school for career day. He talked to 2 classes and they actually asked really good questions about his job as an editor at Penn State press. I was surprised at some of the questions Jon said they asked...about the coach and pres of Penn State and whether they would be writing a book about it. Interesting how kids are so aware these days.

I didn't realize that Thanksgiving is on the 24th this year. It seems like it was on the 26th or something last year. Oh, well. Geesh, I want a nap so badly.

Oh, and tonight is a church meeting too. So much stuff is happening. Why do we cram so much into a little fragment of time? Why do I do that??

I need to pull out of a bunch of supplies and start making things for gifts and new items but a nap is needed first. I do not want to carve up my hand or stitch a finger because I'm tired. I hope the little Mister will let me sleep on the couch while he has TV time.

I'm glad I got a lot done and I feel motivated. I also feel optimistic about helping my parents in PA and I'm not just a lump on a log. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trying to get things done...

I feel like even though I'm way over here in PA, I'm getting things accomplished in CA for my parents. Wow. :) Good feeling and hopefully, it means something. So far, it's phone calls/emails to get people to look into what's been happening w/my dad's fall and esp. to get representation. I'm just really, really nervous about my dad's health and praying he get's better every day. I'm worried as he sounds different and this is very scary.

I'm trying to be patient w/ certain relatives but they are bugging me by their passivity. I thought I was passive but they take the cake. Oy! Enough said...or my eye is going to be twitching all night long.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Deep breath<<<<<<<<<<

I got so frustrated, I wrote some macbra stories. Actually, they've been there for ages and I just needed to write them finally. I've got an idea of doing b/w illustrations and self publishing them. Wish me luck!

I'm so relieved to have the Rack art out of the way. Now, I can get busy with other projects I've wanted to do and gifties I need to finish. I'm so happy to do things for people I love and want to share things with people.

On a shallow note, I want to go thrift store shopping and look for goodies to cut up and make new things. I have to see if St. Vincent De Paul's is having a sale any time soon. I need to find some fabric to make some stuffed toys for some kids in my life.


Honestly, I've been so overwhelmed w/ the news lately...all the horrible stuff happening at Penn State in State College, and just the general yucky saddness of news, I just don't want to watch or see any of it. It doesn't help that my mom-in-law gave me 7 murder mysteries and they are just making me more or less freaked out all the time. Jon's like, get a romance novel and read that. lol Now, a part of me is like, I'm a tough cop and I can handle gore (yeah, right).

Also, all this week is kid/parent conference/education week something in other. For some reason, it's very heavy on the music stuff. I've got 3 music dates this week. Jon is, bless his heart, going in as a volunteer to talk about his Penn State Press stuff. He got them a pen's from marketing. The kids should like this. Actually, I think it's pretty cool too. :)

Plus, Jon is volunteering as a basketball coach 2 days a week. This is from the guy who is not a sporty guy...but it's a good experience for him. I hope he likes it. :)

Then, I have to talk to Lydia's speech pathologist on Thursday (a little lisp) and then Friday is choir. Geesh, when and how did my life get so crazy?

I'm tired because we went to the market and the kids were about 60% okay. Norrie started to get all obsessive about touching things and this drives me up the wall. And then, they got into a fight about ceral. I just wanted to shout but basically told them to sit down on a bench. Which they did. I swear the 2 yr old is better behaved then they are at times. I should have gotten them some fries or something (we went directly after mistake...unfed bears will go on a rampage, duh!!).


Sunday, November 13, 2011

pokemon monster

 pokemon monster by Emilyannamarie
pokemon monster, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Rack Art for the Season of Sharing by the Altoona Mirror! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art stuff

I've finally updated my ebay shop and have new things up as well as sale items! :) Take a look here.

Also, lots of goodies in my Etsy shop with 50% off quite a few items. :)

I'm trying to get some final details on the news rack finished so I can have it ready to bring in on Sunday. Going to be fun and playful this year.

The other good thing is I'm getting my self organized and freshening things up at home. I really like the way the rooms are feeling. I'm starting to see how I can fix a few things as well (computer table/art table in the dining room). On the whole, things are starting to feel more spacious and not so drab-like.

With the news full of sad stuff (thinking of Penn State), it's a relief to absorb ones self in domestic matters instead of getting too involved with all of that. It's just hard when you hear in the news/newspaper and from various people you know. I'll write more on that later.

The good thing is stuff is being cleaned out, thank goodness. For my own self, I can't believe what a difference a coat of paint does for a room. Just amazing and under $20. I'll take some pics soon. I still need to do some touch up on the fireplace and finish the mantel. I can hardly wait to get another can of paint to do the walls in the living room. :) Even with all this work/sore muscles/dust/cleaning, it's so worth it to see a good change in your living space.

I need to do more work but am tired...we did Toddler Time at the library and got some books. Then, market shopping and then home again. We were supposed to do singing practice but I'm like, no, I'm just going to relax and work on getting the house organized. Glad I did that. The kids were very happy to hang w/ me and watch a movie. I just wish I wouldn't get so anxious and yell. Is that a mom thing to do? Plus, Jon had a meeting at church and I'm glad we could just relax and have waffles for dinner.

I'm also glad that my brothers and sister and I are all on the same page about family stuff. It's a relief and I'm glad we are communicating. It's a true blessing. :)

Well, I've gotta get ready for bed. I want to get up early and hopefully, get some painting in before the gang wakes up. It might snow tomorrow but I'm all right with that as we have the day off.

I had this plan of going to Bedford over the weekend, but I have a feeling I won't be able to do that. Time is just got away from me w/all the colds going through the family. Oh, well. I'm glad we're getting better...that's what matters.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One last thing...

I have had this on my mind for a long time...people think, when they see me, oh, she doesn't have a worry/care/problem in the world. I don't wear black or am skinny as a rail or act out in public. I don't do those things because I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. However, I do feel things like everyone else. I just don't think it's normal to have a scene because bad things happen. Hell, they happen all the time and are we supposed to melt into a pile every time? No. Plus, it's not how the world works...we deal with it, we treat the problem and cry in private.

I will think about this story when I deal with people who judge a book by it's cover and can't let go of the past...

Monday, November 07, 2011

wishing I could send our worries away on a cloud

We're still getting over colds and what nots over here. I feel tired, stressed and anxious about everyone. My mom went to the doctor (thanks, to my brother bringing her in and covering the parents don't have insurance), finally. So, this is good and seems like she is being treated for something. I still don't have the details.

My dad is doing all right but is down because of issues w/ his car insurance, etc. I have a feeling it will work out and all will be well. I'll not worry and stress about it, too much.

The kids are all in various stages of colds/crankiness and what not. I thought I was getting better but my ear is clogged, again and I feel tired. Of course, I did a lot today, raked (with a face mask), painted the living room trim and am getting things spruced up a bit.

I wrote the above yesterday and now, I'm stressing all the more about my dad. I just don't want him to get too upset about things because he could have a stroke. It's frustating because things were going well w/ the insurance until a 3rd party person said they saw everything and gave a different opinion. I just don't know what to think...esp. when both the other cars said they were at fault. Either way, I just don't want my dad to stress out about it and get into further health problems. The good thing is my sis, sis-in-law, brothers and brother-in-law are all stepping up and helping with everything.

My feelings right now are to get my mom and dad to seriously think of moving back here w/ me and taking it easy/enjoy the grandkids and have some peacefulness in their lives. I sound like a broken record (said the same thing last year) but this year seems worse with all the cancer/falling down/potential stroke issues my dad is having. Just trying to pray and do the best I can from over here.

Good stuff is going to happen, I know it. I feel it in my bones; it's a matter of things going up after being down for so long. Deep breath.

Compared to my parents, my life is boring and routine like. I'm so thankful that Jon's job has health insurance and all the good things we have going on in our life. Money is a minor thing and we will find ways to help out my parents. I'm not going to stress out about it...too much.

What I need to do is not get depressed. Been there, done that and boy, can it eat up your time and energy. It's okay to be weepy and there is a time for that but not to let it swallow up chunks of time. I have to put on my big girl pants and pick my self up. I'll let my self cry for 10-15 minutes while I journal but that's it. lol

Okay, gotta get some stuff done. Gotta make a fresh pot of coffee and seize the day. Love to you all!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Busy Bee Industries

That should be my blog name or if I ever start a company, I'd name it the Busy Bee Industry. I feel mostly back to my self (even though, all the kids are sick and have colds in one form or another...caused by yours truly. Sorry kids!). I've been organizing and cleaning like crazy the last few days. It's good to get back into the groove. The bad thing is with sick kids, there is just that much more stuff to do...But they seem to be on the mend...just some sneezing and coughing. Hopefully, they will clear up soon and the weather is nice so we can enjoy the fall.

Actually, what the fall has shown me is our yard needs extra care...trimming back and raking seem to be in the forecast. If I do any raking, I'll have to wear a face mask. I'm not going to repeat last years inflammation of the lung from the leaves. scary. I wonder if this bothering me even now when we go on walks. I hope not but I have a feeling it has something to do with my headaches. Even if I'm annoyed by snow, at least I don't have to have breathing problems with that.

I have several projects that I need to get done. One is the Newspaper rack for the yearly's a charity. And then, there are some more with making new art for Etsy and going to Bedford to sell at some shops there. It's all good.

Plus, I want to have a sale and move some items on eBay. I'll see how that goes as it's a matter of time to get things listed, etc. That is something I am lacking quite a bit these days w/ a very curious kiddo. With my gals, they would play with each other but having only 1 child, you're the other kid/interest in their life (thankfully). However, it does make it a challenge. I think Grandparent time is coming up soon. Esp. since I need to get a hair cut and have to do some appointments coming up.

The good thing is we are plugging away and have gotten past Halloween. Now, there is prepping for Christmas. We usually go to one of the relatives for Thanksgiving, so not too much pressure, there. Christmas might be different as I wouldn't mind having people over and this means get things readied up...such as painting our kitchen and working on the bathroom. Which actually means, me doing all of this. I'm glad I'm mostly finished w/ the dining room but it was 99% me. Not easy, believe me.

I'm also painting the fireplace. I couldn't stand the dry brick look and went with creamy white. I'm thinking of doing a harvest theme for designs on the brick...I saw this in a Mary Englebriet magazine. Looked very charming. Cherry red mantle, as well. Eventually, I want to paint that room too, a warm golden orange color with white trim.

I love making a room pop and this will certainly do that. :) I have a quite a few plans and now to just do them.

In the meantime, I need to do a few other things that are long term plans. More on that later. I just have to see how things move in terms of applying.

One thing I just learned, if a toddler is throwing a fit, do not, DO NOT, act like him. This seems to throw salt into the wound. My, oh, my.

Well, I have to go fly off and do some more hive stuff. Have a great weekend!!

Noggin - Moose A. Moose "Falling for Fall" Autumn Song

Lavender Blue- Michael Jackson(RareSong).


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